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  1. Victarion13

    Unicorn Splash

    Depend on strategy. I am not sure yet if I will use the new stronghold for example.
  2. Victarion13

    Children of Tradition

    Sad and also empathize for Sotorii. Still, he is not the one I would like to see as an Emperor. The reasons why he has no friends (or someone who respects him not only because he is an Hantei) are all his fault. He has only himself to blame, or as we say in Italian "Chi e' causa del suo mal, pianga se stesso".
  3. Victarion13

    Children of Bushidō

    And after read this, I want both Daisetsu and Sotori's cards :D, lol Anyway, in a possible civil war scenario, who will stand for Sotori? So many people in my opinion... For example, if Unicorn will follow Daisetsu, you can easily have Lion going on the other side (maybe also naming a new champion over Tutori?). Maybe also Phoenix will support Sotori, for stay on tradition (first heir). Crab and Mantis could move for power or "money": Crab need more jade, Mantis could ask for be a great clan. To be honest, except for Unicorn and Scorpion, who will, in my opinion, support Daisetsu; all other clans are on 50% and they will choose what they think is more profitable in their opinion (power and influence)
  4. Victarion13

    L5R Miniatures game

    Thanks to all who answered. I probably will check e-bay and similar place.
  5. Victarion13


    Maybe in my Crane deck on FiverngsDB? Just for win with honor
  6. Victarion13

    L5R Miniatures game

    There is a way to buy the miniatures I want without make any subscription? Because I can't find in the web site. I must be blind...
  7. Victarion13

    Card Sleeves

    I use some sleeve I found on internet with Japanese styles from different companies. You can search on amazon and see if you like them too (Hokusai waves, Tokugawa mon, and so on)
  8. Victarion13

    Mantis Theme Deck Suggestions

    Maybe, but there are no many history of pirates from Ryukyu (Okinawa). And it was mostly know for how pacific they were: big culture difference, but can't relate to Mantis clan (at least for me). In Shikoku I found out they had the Murakami pirates, and that the Momotaro legend and the Island of Oni are legend made for fear pirates and the Island around Shikoku (Oni Islands is in Kagawa prefecture). There are also some museum dedicated to Murakami Kaizoku (pirates). I just suppose it anyway, because I just found out this interesting stories recently and did not get deeply in all details.
  9. Victarion13

    Mantis Theme Deck Suggestions

    I just found out that I live in the Mantis' Island (Shikoku), and so I became more interested in this topic. There is a list of the Mantis clan cards?
  10. I think against the waves will go back in the RL (you can do very well with Shahai and that card), and of course curved blade will be on the RL. Let's see what else, lol
  11. Let's wait at least a week or so, and let see if they announced it too. I really want the novella too
  12. I know. It's great to read Heian jidai poems and wonder if they are talking about the sky or the sea or just grass XD
  13. For no, nothing. Let's wait Anyway, you can already find editable pdf file
  14. Don't you think you are getting a bit too much angry? Also, because, the novellas are well written in the end? Also, don't even Japanese know their own language, so... I don't see the point to get angry (Many of them can't even tell you why green light in the traffic light is 青, so blue, in their language). Should I be angry because so many Japanese (or and some American too) think Cappuccino and Pizza are from USA.? You know, as an Italian, when I explain them they are both Italian words, and also both are Italian dish and drink, they look at me like if I am an alien or a messiah (depend on people). But to be honest, I don't care... and if I care I should be angry with all the ignorance in every part of the world, lol And also, it is a fiction. If it will be real feudal Japan, they also need to use Jodai, or other form of classic Japanese. It's like to play a roman empire game and pretend people who writes novella need to be perfect in Latin... Not even people who study it know the exactly pronunciation of the Latin words... So, just enjoy for what it is: a fiction based on some history. Not real one. Like 300 or similar movie or comic or books.
  15. Yes. I was surprised to see no Talisman on the RL. I think it will be next