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  1. Victarion13

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    The younger, because he will marry Shahai, and Unicorn will ride he empire XD!
  2. Victarion13

    Players in Japan

    Also, I am open for some RPG with the L5R new edition (that I like very much). And because we are all in the same time zone... why not try?
  3. Victarion13

    What do you think?

    I love Battle of Rokugan too. Too bad I had too few game with it
  4. Yeah, it was a joke ^^; I just things that some Unicorn cards are too expensive for what they do or for they skill compare to other clan, so just making fun of it. Still not all, but many. For example I also think that Shahai is pretty cheap for what she does
  5. Victarion13

    What do you think?

    I think Dragon can't splash with Scorpion and Lion (in a novella Hitomi pass in a Lion territory thinking its Crane, and making a mistake That's huge! And... how long is one game at Battle for Rokugan? (lol)
  6. Victarion13

    Wedding at Kyotei Castle (RPG at Gencon 2018)

    Still hope for a pdf version on the website or similar
  7. I voted honor. Just thinking of her with 3 glory with a curved blade attacking... a +6, like that, lol I like some of the choice, I just hope no leadership! Unicorn don't need it!
  8. I was just reading and writing on the forum, while this idea came up in my mind. I started as a role player for the old L5R, and I started the card game only with the FFG (more easy to purchase in my home country now). So, what made me like this game, first of all, was the story and its evolution. So the story for me has always been more important than everything else. So... What about a restricted splash list for clans, according to the story of the various novellas? For example, Unicorn can't splash with Lion (because of the war), and also can't have any Phoenix cards (because, well, Meishodo and inquisition). I don't think about it to as a rule for tournament, but a kind of house rule, or it can be an house rule for not official tournament. I know that a rule like this in a competitive system will be a wrong decision; but I would like to know other people opinion about it, or similar idea from other people as well. I really like deck with a kind of BG inside, following the story of the game. Also, based on this idea, which clans can not splash with which clans, in your opinion?
  9. Victarion13

    Restricted List Updated

    Lion Splash? WHAT? Are you against your clan? Did you not see what Lion did to our Hisu Mori Toride?
  10. I think conflict or dynasty deck, and if conflict deck with or without influence... and maybe male or female (this second one is not so important if it's not an unique character).
  11. Victarion13

    Restricted List Updated

    I use only charge and with SoW I splash Crane, so... my deck doesn't change :P
  12. Victarion13

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    I remembered for the old lore, but I am not sure about the current
  13. Victarion13

    Shadowlands 101

    I think Unicorn with Crab can be good Think about Master of the Swift Waves, that can help you to move the Oni without lose honor (Because you will lose a lot of honor with the conflict deck). When you splash you have different Crab card good for a Shadowlands theme (Darkness!). Also Unicorn does not have too good conflict character card, so you can use the Goblin. I also think as for province you can use the Blood of Onnatangu: if I remember well in the RPG is described as a lost cult, with inquisition against it... can be related to one big Maho Tsukai?
  14. Well, I voted Ide, came out Utaku I voted for exploration, and I see Gaijin I voted for Balanced: I got what I wanted! Yeah! But I am very very very very very happy that card will not be a ronin, I am so happy for it!