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    FatRathalos got a reaction from Taylawlz in First game impressions and a couple questions   
    Thanks guys! I only had 3 Influence when playing solo and was doing quests fairly often but never got any additional Influence cards and ended up increasing Shield to max power and ending the game. 
    For question 7 let me reword it. If I complete mission one and it says Trash. Does the card goes into the discard pile and not able for other players to complete or is it still "public" to them?
    More questions
    Do you roll the dice once and take all hits to yourself then re-roll if you are allowed and take more hits if you roll another hit?
    What if the creature is still alive does the attack end or do I roll again and rinse and repeat until one of us is dead? 
    Does the combat stay active until my next turn and that is when it continues? So I would flip a card an move blank enemies into combat if it were the case?
    Keep in mind I play solo the majority of the time, conflicting schedules with friends.  
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    FatRathalos got a reaction from Taylawlz in First game impressions and a couple questions   
    So I didn't do the suggested campaign like the learn to play suggested, I'm a Fallout Vet is what I told myself. I did the Capital Wasteland mission(FO3), I wont go into spoilers. It plays pretty close the video games as far as mission progression. I played as a super mutant for the XP for every rad you take (both good an bad) As I progressed I ran into a couple of questions: 

    1) Can multiple enemy tokens occupy the same space? 
    2) Do enemies fight each other? like a bug and raider or your allegiance faction and you vs raiders 
    2) How to gain more influence? 
    3) How to change out the Shops inventory? 
    4) Junk Cards do I get a free item from the Store or just discard piles? 
    5) Do you start with more than 3 caps and special token? (like an Item or perk) 
    6) Can you go into the same ruins/city in different turns for do you have to leave then come back? 
    7) For multiplayer do quest stories stay public for everyone and everyone does the story on their own like I could be on Mission 2 and another on mission 1 even though I did mission 1? 
    8) Where do the power-armor symbol cards go? 

    I played for a couple of hours, ended up losing for not having enough influence and trapped more or less. I couldn't take any more rads or die, and every space near me was a Rad spot and beyond that was multiple gun enemies. So rather than die I ended up stopping there, it was 2 a.m. 

    Couple of House rules that made it more enjoyable for me. If you have Strength token you can carry 4 items in inventory and you can have 2 Items equipped in your hands like old school fallout 1/2 and tactics. So choose the weapon for the attack. I had a ripper and a pipe pistol and would choose to shoot if in an adjacent space or melee in the same space.
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