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  1. Now he's entered some proper combat in the name of the Alliance here's an updated look for Div Ipburn the Chadra-Fan Heavy/Commando/Mechanic! After his squad's successful performance in the battle of Xornn he received a promotion to Lieutenant, and acquired himself a set of Rebel Heavy Battle Armor to replace his jumpsuit and dusty old tac-vest. Now looking more the part of a Rebel operative he feels a new rush of confidence in his abilities and career in the Alliance. Drawn by myself this time, been getting back into art in recent months so SWRPG has been great practice! Enjoy!
  2. I really enjoyed it. Gave a nice bit of worldbuilding post-RotJ, ran with some interesting concepts with droid sentience, probably the darkest B-Plot villain in SW so far (at least the most grizzly), and had some nice pre-ANH Lando and Han scenes. Peepka the Ewok is fantastic, her introduction made me laugh and she cements Ewoks as a primitive but mentally dexterous people able to pick up new things quickly (in-line with the FoD shorts on Youtube). The Gungan introduced was a nice meta-moment, nice to see more L337 content and Han dealing with his anxieties as a dad is a good mirror for how he reacts to his son going dark many years later. Han grew up as a street orphan, it makes sense a lot of his emotional baggage he hides away beneath the surface and refuses to admit, but he still needs to adapt to living a now-normal life in Leia's world as opposed to the more high-octane life of a smuggler on the run he's been so used to. It's nice to read, has a good amount of goof to offset the frankly morbid villain, and if you like Han or Lando there are some fantastic snarky exchanges between them (Bonus cameos from Sanna Starros and Maz Kanata that are fun to see)
  3. Imagine the opposite of cybernetics on organics basically But it IS possible, so it would be interesting variety for some gruesome enemies
  4. Basically look at Hondo in TCW. Profiteering from both sides, plenty of work available from desperate factions willing to jack up prices for loyalty ect... War means profit for the scum of the galaxy, and being busy with all that war stuff means that the galactic law enforcement aren't quite as vigilant as usual. Meaning you can push your luck until you're a big enough nuisance to draw attention from either side's military, getting a visit from Mr High Ground, or General Tuberculosis...
  5. Someone might only own Dawn of Rebellion and only be interested in the Post-Clone who will have been doing other things after the war and so may have a different career. Makes sense, and nice of them to not make you buy both books for the full experience. I mean that's like saying you can't have a Corellian or a Mandolorian who can't take the Retired Clone tree even though they're technically human. It's clear enough that they qualify if you pick them.
  6. Well yeah, as a GM if I'm designing a ship for my PCs I'll usually tweak stats to my liking and give reasons, such as reduced passenger space in favor of encumbrance. I don't have a flat conversion for this I just imagine roughly how big the area it's replacing would be and eyeball it from there to whatever makes sense. With narrative rules there's plenty of narrative solutions over just reworking the whole thing into a sub-system.
  7. Then that just gets way more crunchy for me. Just saying "Oh, this is x encumbrance and you have x left" is so much easier for me and complicates things less.
  8. Piloting in this game is what you and your GM make of it. Unless the GM is running a pilot-heavy campaign you should always have a sidespec to run with to make a satisfying character. Piloting is very fun when done right and a lot of the talents allow you to pull off more garish and fun things when your time is due to do so. You won't be 100% relevant at every point in the game but when is anyone? Like with anything in this game it's not a simulator it's a ruleset to allow for narrative roleplay.
  9. Mechanic agitator would work really well actually, that or enforcer?
  10. Going back to the point originally at hand, I think the trouble is you'll need to play the long game to get to Rick levels. The dude has high intellect, cunning, and Willpower, as well as whatever combat benefits he gets from his cybernetics and such, by default he's an endgame character. Tree wise maybe start with which aspect you want to play with the most (Scientist, mechanic/outlaw tech, cybernetics specialist ect) then pick up the side stuff as you go along to build up the concept.
  11. It's rather imbalanced. You would need to remove XP or begin changing other aspects or it will be unfair/overpowered. Might be best to leave it in for balance reasons right now.
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