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  1. For the single attack/function, I see these as more just thematic flavor to spells and not need of any special rules. You just may want to create a list of the visuals for specific effects to help jog memory when casting. You could put in gates for learning the specific ones or needing materia to cast as a component but beyond that nothing much.
  2. Your thoughts on this way of handling magic: arcane, divine and primal are more about the magic source and also change the associated skill. Arcane is Int for a wizard/scholar type while or Presence if for a sorcerer type. Divine is Willpower for the power of belief or Presence for the power of driving the masses (though honestly, I think a clerical type would depend more on the diety followed). Primal is Cunning (animal-like) or WIllpower (channeling natures power) Second is I use a sort of specialty system. I do not limit what schools people have access to, but what happens is they get ten schools to chose from: Attack, Augment, Barrier, COnjuration, Curse, Dispel, Divination, Enchantment, Heal, and Illusion, The player then gets the square of the base knowledge: magic skill as dots/ranks to apply towards specific schools (not to exceed the base skill). It is the ranks in the specific schools that are used for rolling. For example with two ranks in arcane, a player has 4 dots choosing 2 in attack, 1 in barrier, and 1 in illusion. So arcane, divine and primal become more roleplaying tools, and boost/setbacks are gained from how the player tries to cast spells and the situation (you may give a druid person using primal a boost when casting something on an animal, but a setback when in a crypt.
  3. Definitely cannot wait to see your Kiho abilities. I am doing a magictech/kitchen sink world and am seriously considering Rokugan to be a secluded country.
  4. If I give someoen a chunk of xp to start new characters, I tend to put a tier 3 and rank 3 limit on xp spending and all the xp just to be used, none banked (or maybe 5 xp banked depending on choices left)
  5. The proof is that D&D FORCES you on upward progression with each level increase. Genesys allows many for horizontal progression and very little change in power.
  6. I think treasure/rewards you can simply categorize as a "wealth rank" based on your campaign setting. If they gain something, make a wealth roll with wealth as the skill and maybe intelligence or cunning based on whoever manages their funds at a difficulty of the next rank to see if they have improved their status. If they buy something above their wealth, make a roll . Upgrade the check for each level of wealth exceeded to see if they deplete their funds. Failing means they drop a level... I am considering making some charts that involve boons, investments, debts, theft, etc. but the gist is use the story system, maybe even some skill challenges to handle wealth.
  7. If you give players another more definite option to die, better believe they will exercise it. Be prepared.
  8. 1. The same thing that prevents players with an insane amount of money from buying the best magic items: supply (DM choice). Second would be you still use items, large chest, piles of gold, whatever as ways to increase and decrease. This is the same as White Wolf's background in the World of Darkness. Something to keep in mind though is that wealth needs to have some situational modifiers based on how far away you are from your "home base" as that can influence available cash.
  9. Any chance you are going to put this into a doc or pdf? Copy-paste from the net into a doc causes some formatting headaches! Thanks in advance!
  10. awesome! Just in time for my game tomorrow
  11. This would be my suggestion as well. Use some of the D&D items like bull rushes, charges, and couple those with the genesys big-hex approach for a more tactical combat. Most of this can be done narratively through the use of athletics or coordination. I think even making someone take a talent for flanking really should not be necessary. You can have it be a leadership role to coordinate an attack. I recommend finding ways to use skills in new or improved ways in combat rather than stack another (sub)system onto the narrative dice system.
  12. I am getting anxious about the release! My group may decide to abandon the current arc (as characters) to pursue other activities so anything here may come into play sooner than later!
  13. Excellent, I love "incorporating" other people's ideas
  14. I see, interesting Who you say that stacks with dual-wield? Edit: though based on the dual-wield vs linked, not much of a difference. One is a combat style the other is a weapon property
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