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  1. I haven't been able to access the quiz... the page is displaying this message every time I load it: [os-widget path=”/strangeassembly/legend-of-the-five-rings-what-clan-am-i” of=”strangeassembly” comments=”false”] Any help would be most welcome. Thanks!
  2. Hey there DigitalChicanery, I was wondering if your Sabacc cards were still available for download... I tried using the links up above, but the site is no longer existent. Just thought I'd check, as I love the design of your cards. Thanks, and MTFBWY!
  3. Well, as I am new to RPGs, I have a limited understanding of how the storytelling and mechanics fit together. Having read the Terrinoth adventure before listening to your game, I had a feel for what the important points are and what needed to happen. I just really liked how you were in no hurry to advance the story, instead you let them work around things at their own speed, shaping the narrative in their own way. You didn't push them forward; you really just helped them with the story they were creating. I suppose in that respect, the adventure is really a set of guidelines with a few major plot points. Other than that, the story is up to the players and GM. It really helped me see how Genesys could and likely should be played. Super cool! Personally, I think anything done with an Aussie accent is so cool!
  4. Ha! No, I just felt intuitively like incorporating the dice results into the story. That's what I like about Fantasy Flight's RPGs.
  5. Wow, thanks! That is exactly what I felt like doing naturally. Cool!
  6. I was wondering if anyone could help clarify what the PC's are able to do in a given turn, and in what order. You know, actions, maneuvers, skill checks, combat... Is the order driven by the narrative, or is it pre-set like in the LCGs? The core book went into it in some detail, yet I feel like I didn't quite get it. Thanks!
  7. Just got my copy of Genesys and am exited to start creating my own scenarios and adventures. My first attempt is an original mystery centered around Agatha Christie's Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. It's a snowbound whodunit over the Christmas holidays with the classic Poirot showdown at the finale. I'm having fun plotting the mystery and developing clues for the characters to discover. However, I am new to Genesys and RPGs in general. I am an author, so the story narrative feels fun and natural. Yet, some of the mechanics of being GM and managing stats and encounters are new to me. Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions as to how I could develop a really engaging adventure for me and my pals? Thanks!
  8. That was great: You guys work well together! Also, you're a very patient GM!
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