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  1. I for one am excited for some Imperial line troops outside of Storm Troopers. Plus, they will be a lot more fun to paint... I hate painting white.
  2. I do hope at some point I get imperial officer models. Don't really care if they are a commander slot or just a support unit/add on of some variety.
  3. Its just an MG42 model. There are a ton of WW2 bits out there that can be made to look in place with a small bit of work.
  4. First off, as long as you use a box or booth you should be fine. The particles that get away are very fine. That being said, I would get small respirator at the very least due to those small particles. Amazon has some pretty cheap (under $100) spray booths that will suck up the finer stuff in the air as well. But in terms of actually getting paint on things, as long as you make a small cardboard booth you should be fine.
  5. It really is, I live in DC which is cold and windy during the Winter and Summer is just humid as ****. So its just rattle can disaster. Plus, you can airbrush indoors if you get proper equipment.
  6. I'll probably do some layers of satin varnish on the armor. I hate gloss varnish.
  7. For those of yall discussing brushes, while more expensive, the Kolensky Sable brushes are worth every penny, especially for fine detail work.
  8. Star Wars has the worst ground vehicles when it comes to non-Walkers. If there is one place I hope FFG gets some leeway, its in creating new armored vehicles.
  9. Meh, honestly infantry focused games need to have a decent element of chance involved. Otherwise its just overly complicated rock, paper, scissors.
  10. I'm planning on using 1:48 which already looks okay for terrain with true 28mm figures. Certainly will be fine with Legion's slight larger models.
  11. My stormtroopers are going to be given a look like they have been deployed on campaign for awhile, rather than the pristine garrison/fleet deployed units. Probably use some weathering techniques that I typically reserve for vehicles, put some blaster scarring, maybe make some camo cloaks or random tid bits out of green stuff. Might even try to figure out discreet unit patches.
  12. Yea, the lack of basic ability to customize is kind of sad but its clear FFG is targeting the base they have built with X-Wing, etc rather than the hardcore wargaming hobbyist. I am hoping by the point we get further down the line and though they will branch out a bit. It doesn't have to be a huge amount of customization, just give me the option for Veers style helmet or officers cap and then E-11 or a pistol and I will be happy.
  13. Eh, thing about Legion and a lot of FFGs products is that they are going to attract an entirely new and different player base. Which in my mind is always good because the more people in the hobby the better. Lord of the Rings got me into the hobby and without it I probably wouldn't have even really realized it was around. X-Wing kind of got me back into the hobby after almost a 10 year hiatus, the announcement of legion got me fully back in. Now my room is covered in Napoleonic and WW2 minis, an airbrush, work table, god knows most of the Vallejo range, etc.... So I am not terribly worried about it... although I also have the luxury/sad fact that miniature war gaming in DC is rather sparse unless you involve massive amounts of travel. So i'm not really limited to what the local group is going to do. As for everyone jumping ship to 40k due to lack of content... First off I would guess that the vast majority of new folks brought into the hobby are going to be attracted by the IP, and just because both are Sci-Fi Fantasy I think everyone would admit 40k IP wise isn't necessarily for everyone. Also, GWs prices will be shocking to new folks and even with the simplified 8th edition its not exactly going to be as simple to get into as Legion.
  14. Rebels have taken care of Death Troopers only being with Krennic so we should get them regardless.
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