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  1. 1/48 ish should be fine, especially for wreckage
  2. Bases? Either different terrain (snow, jungle, desert) or just a color along he side of the base to differentiate squads.
  3. his post is scattered with the plural "we" and ends with a comment about "keep[ing] the attention of miniature fans," so it seemed clear to me he thought of himself as speaking for a larger group than just himself.
  4. *sigh* Some real first world problems on display here. I hope you enjoy 40k! I'm glad there's a large base of friends you have to play with. I just find it funny to hear from all of these people that seems to know more about releasing games than FFG. I understand when a video game has an release date set and then gets pushed back its frustrating, but that's not even the case here. They gave a quarter, and then a specific date in that quarter. There's lots of valid concerns to have over any new, expensive game: Will it persist? Will power creep invalidate my initial purchases? Will there be a community to play with? Will it be any fun? And if you're really concerned, by all means don't buy in when it arrives. But when you complain and compare to the development and selection of a game like 40k, its just so absurd. How is that even a reasonable comparison? There's been 8 editions of 40k and how many different units? Does FFG mess up games? Sure. I still love Star Wars LCG and am disheartened to see it get replaced by Destiny (which had a poor release in terms of availability but is still super popular). But not every game is going to last as long as magic or 40k. You take the good times and experiences you had with the game and move on. Its just hubris to think that FFG is beholden to please APOLLO457 et. al. when it comes to things like how often they put out an article or what unit they chose to throw in their first wave. You don't get to define who the "core audience that spends real money" is for a game that's not even out. People are going to buy and play this game for myriad reasons: they like to paint minis, they love star wars, they like to make terrain, they want to play with their kids, they want to play with friends at a FLGS, whatever. You don't get to define to plays this for what reasons. I'm sorry 7 months has been too long for you to wait for a game. But when and if you come back, don't expect there to be some perfectly balanced game with all of your favorite character running around everywhere. I guarantee they'll be a FotM, some unit/faction everyone is complaining about being OP, some rules issues over some card. If you play a game, you should be playing it primarily to have fun with your friends. I hope you get that experience in any game you play.
  5. Think we'll have to wait to find out.
  6. uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg no plz. give me an obi-wan and ani, clone wars era.
  7. from reddit (Traj + genious was allowed) i dont think i could win a match in my weekly lgs tournies with this jank, but im psyched for the person who did so well with these low PS pilots! Inaldra — M3-A Interceptor 15 Crack Shot 1 Ion Cannon 3 Pulsed Ray Shield 2 "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) 2 Ship Total: 23 Thweek — StarViper 28 Autothrusters 2 StarViper Mk. II -3 Ship Total: 27 Karthakk Pirate — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 24 Tactician 2 Long-Range Scanners 0 Ship Total: 26 Cartel Brute — M12-L Kimogila Fighter 22 Long-Range Scanners 0 Ship Total: 22
  8. It's a Magic the Gathering reference. One of the earliest, and most powerful cards printed was called Time walk. It allows the player to take another turn, which is what this build of Asajj basically does. Someone mentioned it on a streas somewhere at sometime and it caught on.
  9. Your buildout of Poe is personally the most fun version for me to fly. With the current meta, VI is unfortunately stapled to Poe, as he needs his movement to come after PS10s in order to shrug off TLs.
  10. They're getting stressed from push tho?
  11. Hey, With the talk about ion in this current meta, I wanted to try to build something using ion turrets. My first thought was to use tie aggressors. I don't fly much imps, so this just might be terrible. Deadeye seems like a natural fit on both aggressors, giving Kestal a lot of flexibility with his focus. My initial goal was to fly this with the Silencer, but the points wouldn't allow for it. Vader can really fly in for a strong cruise missile strike on any ionized ship, especially when they cant drop a bomb on him. "Double Edge" — TIE Aggressor 19 Deadeye 1 Ion cannon Turret 5 Harpoon Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 29 Lieutenant Kestal — TIE Aggressor 22 Deadeye 1 Ion cannon Turret 5 Harpoon Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 32 Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 Juke 2 Cruise Missiles 3 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 Engine Upgrade 4 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 39 Total: 100
  12. C-3P0 adds an evade result. It's a modification to your defending dice pool, not spending an evade token. In is scenario, Poe and Han each have one evade token, Han has the guaranteed ability to either roll a natural evade or add an evade result via C-3, giving him 2.
  13. I'm not a fan of that particular Norra. Without FAA or vectored shes pretty immobile.
  14. this list looks painful to fly against. ouch. i think it looks great. i haven't flown much dash, but after flying hanpoe for awhile one conclusion i came to is that engine upgrade is practically a requirement. im not sure if that would be the case for dash at all given he's much less constricted due to his ability, but just a thought. edit: you could swap lone wolf for predator at that point to keep the cost the same and get the permanent reroll bonus.
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