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  1. In tournament play we should be expected to use crit reminder tokens, even if they aren't particularly useful for ourselves. Crits and their triggers are the responsibility of both players, and while we might always check the entire board state, our opponent may not necessarily. So it's a courtesy to our opponent, a guard against human error, and a way to avoid being accused of cheating should we forget a crit and gain an advantage.
  2. For sure. Go to the 'Decklist' tab on the top of the SWDestinydb site. Then go to the bottom of the left hand menu and hit search. From there you can search for deck lists from any faction or format, and containing any specific character(s) or card(s) you're interested in.
  3. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to run Rey and Poe against Kylo and Phasma. Here's a list for Rey Poe. And one for Kylo Phasma. I didn't check, but if there's overlap in the cards the decks ask for just share and sub out with other similar priced cards from the starters. Technically Phasma has had her points bumped up for competitive play, but between the two of you those decks should be relatively balanced for starting out. When expanding, drafting packs and combining the cards with the Rivals starters is a fun way to deck build and get a taste of a wide range of cards.
  4. It's not even the worst ship in its faction.
  5. I think this falls under the things that FFG needs to appropriately bake into the cost of the ship itself. All else equal, a 2 ATT ship w/ and w/o access to secondary weapons should be costed slightly differently. The trickier thing is getting the cost right for potential munition carriers in relation to initiative values. It's a precarious balance, correctly costing the increasingly higher initiative pilot's naturally increasing effectiveness with munitions, and doing this without forcing them to bring munitions to be remotely efficient. I don't think we want to force Wedge, Fenn and other 'aces' into Alpha-strike only lists when it comes to competitive play.
  6. Nice, always like trying to make thematic competitive. And I agree that LW/Kanan is a match made in heaven, though I've been using it one Dash. One small change I'd suggest is lose the Falcon title in the interest of Hotshot gunner. I think that'd improve your list's durability (Luke included) more than the conditional second re-roll.
  7. Still decent. But there are more ships around firing less accurate shots, so he's not what he once was. You'll be glad you brought him whenever you see proton torp spam across the table, otherwise you'll probably wish you brought Duchess.
  8. This seems alright in a casual setting. But I'd agree with the general consensus that the YTs are overpriced at the moment (maybe not Lando, I'm not sure yet). Still, I think this could be fun at least. Chewbacca — YT-1300 84 Trick Shot 1 Cluster Missiles 5 Jyn Erso 2 Ship Total: 92 Lando Calrissian — YT-1300 92 Trick Shot 1 Perceptive Copilot 10 Nien Nunb 5 Ship Total: 108
  9. Let's just take SOTLs suggestion that Rebel Han is 9 pts (10%) overcosted. That's a 29 pt difference down from 38. Add in the 2 Shield Upgrades and that's a 21 pt difference. If you offered me the option to add +1 Attack to Scum Han for 21 pts I'd still almost universally say no. The old 1.0 Punishing One title turned an overly efficient JM5K into a point sink. It was only worthwhile on Dengar and his insane ability. Scum Han's not crazy undercosted, but he's at least a little undercosted.
  10. All that tells me is Han Pilot isn't undercosted enough to replace Han Gunner on Boba.
  11. whynotboth.jpg You're a competitive guy and your running him. That's at least an implicit assumption that he gives you good bang for your buck, undercosted in other words. I don't think the Scum and Rebel Falcon need a big bump towards each other. A few points each should be fine.
  12. Would you ever pay 38 pts to give Scum Han +1 Attack and +2 shields?
  13. Thane will never become a real problem because his ability does nothing initially and then kicks in as the game winds down. So it's usually useless when the game is in the balance, not balance-breaking. There'll be rare games where Thane pulls victory from the jaws of defeat, but they'll be just that, rare. It is too bad that he's another nail in the coffin holding all the big ships atm. Between stuff like him, bullseye arc abilities and a lack of mobility on most big ships, there's no real reason to bust most of them out until the points shift.
  14. I would still take the Advanced Optics, Vanguard title and (most importantly) Autothrusters from 1.0, but the fact that it's even close (and I agree that it is) is concerning.
  15. Supernatural Kylo is going to be trouble. Whether they need to increase Supernatural Instinct's cost, build a (steep) tax into Kylo and any other Force-sensitive Silencer pilots, or both, I'm not sure. But as someone who loved him unequivocally in 1.0, seeing him coming into 2.0 essentially unscathed is a bit scary.
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