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    lbwoodard reacted to c__beck in Genesys Gear Creation/Price App   
    Greetings all! I made a thing! I took the armour and weapon creation guidelines and made them into an app!
    The site is still a W.I.P., but if you find any bugs or have any questions please post them here!
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    lbwoodard got a reaction from slope123 in Release date for GM screen and Player's Guide   
    FFG products, magical as they are, are much like wizards. They are never late. Neither are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
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    lbwoodard got a reaction from GnosisNoise in Release date for GM screen and Player's Guide   
    FFG products, magical as they are, are much like wizards. They are never late. Neither are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
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    lbwoodard got a reaction from Archellus in Release date for GM screen and Player's Guide   
    FFG products, magical as they are, are much like wizards. They are never late. Neither are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
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    lbwoodard got a reaction from KRKappel in Genesys Foundry Spotlight: Ready....Fight!   
    Congrats! And thank YOU for dreaming up, creating, and sharing such fun stuff for us to enjoy! Also: Lucas is awesome! That is one inspiring backstory. Thanks again for all your hard work and generosity!
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    lbwoodard reacted to KRKappel in Genesys Foundry Spotlight: Ready....Fight!   
    Wow, so my book won the first Genesys Foundry Spotlight! So much gratitude, which I'll expound on in a ridiculously long post below (but stay until the end for a special prize!) 

    So Ready....Fight! (my first book on Genesys Foundry) has had a **** of a week! Between earning the Electrum sales metal last Monday to earning the first Spotlight article from FFG yesterday, there's just been a huge outpouring of support and love for the book that I can't appreciate enough.
    So a big huge thank-you to everyone who picked up Ready....Fight!, and an even bigger one to those who rated, reviewed, and passed along good word of mouth about the book.
    And, of course, the book wasn't a solo venture, so huge thanks again to my team who helped make the book better at every stage of development. Sean Vrabel's art, Ryan Brooks' layout, and Peter Thompson's Rumble City map have the book looking even better than I could have ever imagined it in my head. And of course Alyx Ross and her army of playtesters for all the valuable feedback and hard work! Not to mention all of Alyx's hard work on Twitter promoting the book!
    Of course the book wouldn't exist without the initial work of Jay Little, the Fallout hack of FFG Star Wars by Phil Maiewski, the Genesys Core Rulebook from Sam Gregor-Stewart and the entire team that worked on that, and Tim Huckelbery, for shepherding the Foundry program through launch. All four of you are awesome!
    I've also gotten loads of help from two Genesys podcasts, like The Forge (shout out to Ian Houlihan and Chris Witt) and Finding The Narrative (Tony Azzmodeus Fanning, Stephen Dragonspawn, and Chris Holmes) for having me on, promoting the book, and just generally saying all sorts of nice things about it, and referencing it in several episodes since its release.
    It's really humbling to have the top selling product through the first three months of the program launch, and hit a lot of these milestones, especially considering how many other great products came out at launch and have released since.
    There are a lot of great books on the Foundry right now, and even better, they're made by good people, people I have bothered incessantly for the past few months. They all have incredible products on the Foundry (which you should all buy immediately). Of particular help were Scott Zumwalt, Chris Hunt, John Dunn, Sterling Hershey, Darren West, GM Phil, GM Hooly, and Brett Bowen (and I'm certain I forgot several more). Your support, and just being able to bounce ideas off you all and draw on your experiences in similar programs from the past was invaluable. It's made the whole experience feel far more collaborative than competitive, and I look forward to next month when it's one of you getting the Spotlight.
    Regarding the future of Ready....Fight!
    I plan to keep supporting the book from now until at least August with a metric ton of stand-alone adversaries for the various settings in the book (Lucas Hankiao is already up!). And if we hit Gold before August, I'll explore one of the settings in a spin-off product! So keep telling your friends, and sharing your stories of getting Ready....Fight! on the table!
    And also, in celebration of all this, I'm giving away 50 copies of the Lucas Hankiao adversary for Ready....Fight! The first 50 people to visit can download a copy for free! Use the link below (it should work) to get the special discounted price!)
    Or use the discount code: 9da146a6aa
    Consider leaving a rating or review of one or both products!
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    lbwoodard reacted to emsquared in Assassin's Creed Setting   
    So, first and foremost, I may be wrong about this - apologies if I am, but it appears you've created a god-stat in "the Brotherhood" skill. Am I understanding that correctly?
    Is the intent that when you use a Brotherhood Talent, you use the Brotherhood skill (and Willpower Characteristic?)? Basically replacing everything from Stealth, to Perception, to Vigilance, to Coordination, to Athletics, to Knowledge skills, etc. without using an aggressive Strain cost-dynamic of "normal" magic, and thereby completely destroying any potential need for different character builds and play styles and party interdependency? Why would anyone do anything besides stack Will and Brotherhood?
    Is that what the Brotherhood skill does? Again, apologies if I've misinterpreted.
    Also, it's very odd to me, very un-Genesys-like, how you've keyed Talent requirements off of the number of Ranks possessed in a skill, specifically of course "the Brotherhood" skill.
    I could easily have missed it, but it doesn't seem like this is something that has any precedent in the Genesys system (would be happy to be proven wrong here), and is something that is normally instead handled by the Tier system and, a "Basic", "Improved", and "Supreme" Talent progression.
    As implemented, it seems like the Brotherhood skills is, if not a god-stat, at least most definitely an "XP-tax" that would then serve no other purpose than to implement a mechanical restriction, where a narrative one would do.
    Your game is about PCs who are Assassin's right? Why not just say, "These talents are only accessible to Brotherhood members." Done. Key the Brotherhood Talents off of the logical, normal Skills and Characteristics that they could obviously be associated with. Done. And use a normal Tier, Basic>Imp>Sup progression to control PC power-level/access to them. Done. All looks like Genesys. All plays like Genesys. Why force everything into this new, super-skill thing?
    Also, if you use an XP-tax like this, where everyone needs the same thing, and everyone just has to therefore pay for the same thing, and so you just have to award more XP to advance players to the same point than had the XP-tax not been there. What have you gained?
    Just seems like all of this could easily have been done without the Brotherhood skill, as Genesys already is designed to handle these types of things, and it would flow and feel much more natural, much more in line with the Genesys approach that everyone knows and expects.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Terefang in Assassin's Creed Setting   
    the brotherhood skill serves as the "power" activator for this setting as much as Magic/Arcane servers for fantasy settings
    because Templar may also learn about the brotherhood and some of its powers ...
    also rouge assassins may continue to learn about their former brotherhood ...
    as i read it you still have to roll all those skills and not substitute the brotherhood skill
    an alternative would be to have a simple dependency of the brotherhood skill and tiers of Basic/Improved/Supreme.
    on the other side having the availability of greater power (talents) tied to your understanding of brotherhood lore is an understandable limitation.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Terefang in Assassin's Creed Setting   
    please continue by improving it, this is quite interesting.
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    lbwoodard reacted to GM Hooly in [PODCAST]: THE FORGE: EPISODE 7 - The Wise and the Wilful   
    For those interested, here are the species Chris and I completed for the episode.
    Feedback welcome.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Khoram in GM Binder and Genesys   
    Oh man, lol I didn't even notice those were missing! Thank you
    Updated doc.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Khoram in GM Binder and Genesys   
    Well I'm not expert enough at CSS and markdown and whatnot to know what's missing, but it looks great to me! I did up the default font size to 11.5 though, but that's just cause my eyes are old.
    Thanks again for the work! 
    Here's the current version of my doc using your theme.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Joress in RPG Sessions App   
    Update 0.10.0 is live! VEHICLES!
    Updated site navigation New Vehicles site area Create/Edit/Share your own vehicle creations
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    lbwoodard reacted to c__beck in Setting things on fire... with Magic!   
    I'm a bit confused on the logic here. Because the Burn damage over time is based on the base damage of the spell, why don't you want to guarantee the damage at least the one time (when you hit)?
    If you want to be more sure of triggering the Burn effect, then take a manoeuvre or two to aim (and grab them blue boost dice) and use a magic scepter implement (adds a blue boost die to all spellcasting checks using it). That's two or three blue dice, which should give you enough advantages to trigger Burn.
    Or have a chat with your GM and workshop a talent that works like Grenadier (spend a Story Point to trigger Blast).
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    lbwoodard reacted to Archellus in Setting things on fire... with Magic!   
    @bharrington73 you could just decrease the difficulty by 1 to to leave out the base but it gets a bit wonky to activate burn without a actual hit. 
    I would suggest you make something that is not an attack spell but uses conjure. Conjure a fire around the subject so base is 1 purple, size of the target if its a humanoid is 1 so medium summons adds 1 purple and you would need to add range accordingly. Since you are sorta doing a thing it was not intended to you might add 1 more purple but ill leave that up to you. 
    The rules for Fire you can find in the GCRB page 111. I would suggest the rating of the fire is = ranks in knowledge (what ever you use in your setting) 
    This would mean the target suffers rating in damage each round they are inside the fire. In the GCRB it says "Fires burn for as long as they have a
    fuel source" which in this case could call for a concentration maneuver. You can roll out of it with a hard or easy coordination check depending on the circumstances or you could opt to use the standard Hard athletics check what ever works for you.  
    IMO this is easier then trying to hack the attack spell but but things could work. 
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    lbwoodard reacted to drainsmith in Core Rulebook template for Affinity Publisher   
    @lbwoodard I will be updating it soon with the Foundry stuff. Right now I'm trying to come up with a solution for the sidebars since AP doesn't do object styles in the way necessary to them exactly the same way they are in ID.
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    lbwoodard reacted to drainsmith in Core Rulebook template for Affinity Publisher   
    Here it is! Affinity Publisher template to make CRB style documents. The zip contains everything you need. AP is currently in free beta. You can download it here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/publisher/
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    lbwoodard reacted to IamGazrok in Errata? Talent - Threaten or Coercion?   
    I know something you don't know.....I....am not left-handed.....
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    lbwoodard reacted to SavageBob in Sad to see the Dice Pool Podcast go   
    Very sad to read this announcement. Seems that the Dice Pool Podcast has come to an end due to "creative differences." The hosts always seemed to have such a great rapport; it's sad to see that they came to some sort of impasse regarding how the podcast would proceed.
    The Genesys community is lucky to have other podcast options out there—Finding the Narrative and Excess Advantage are both great resources, and we have several great actual plays to choose from. But I've always viewed the Dice Pool Podcast as our community's podcast flagship. Sorry to see them go.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Archellus in "High Magic" Alternate system balance question   
    So again guessing is that there are different magic approaches in your setting one being high magic ?
    I like @GM Hooly suggestion in upgrade. Again advantages is where the power comes from usually so maybe 1 free advantage per upgrade. 
    Or in SW rpg they had some talents like Double or Nothing. 
    "Suffer 2 strain to perform the Double or Nothing incidental to increase the difficulty of the next
    check by one. Then, after canceling opposing symbols, double the amount of remaining advantages"
    That might work. This would make the cost of the spell 4 strain but yield higher results. There is a improved and supreme version of those talents as well lets you double your success and triumph and despairs for the supreme. 
    They might work for what you asking for. You can adjust the tiers to whatever you like. 
    Tier: 3
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: No
    Suffer 2 strain to perform the Double or Nothing incidental to increase the difficulty of the next
    check by one. Then, after canceling opposing symbols, double the amount of remaining advantages
    Tier: 4
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: No
    Your character must have purchased the Double or Nothing talent to benefit from this talent. When performing the Double or Nothing incidental, after canceling opposing symbols, also double the amount of remaining success, 
    Tier: 5
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: No
    Your character must have purchased the Double or Nothing talent to benefit from this talent. When performing the Double or Nothing incidental, also double the number of  1 triumph and 1 despair.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Richardbuxton in "High Magic" Alternate system balance question   
    Usually High Magic is described as rare, powerful, but slow to actually cast. So perhaps you could simply introduce a talent that emulates that:
    High Magic
    Tier: 3
    Ranked: Yes
    Activation: Manoeuvre 
    Your character may perform a High Magic Manoeuvre, reduce the difficulty of the next Arcane Spell Action by one, to a minimum of Average. You may perform this Manoeuvre multiple times, even over multiple rounds, but the total difficulty removed in this way may never exceed your ranks in this talent. If your concentration is broken, such as being knocked unconscious, you loose all benefits of this Manoeuvre.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Richardbuxton in High XP Play   
    Genesys characters definitely get more powerful much quicker than Star Wars characters, especially when Heroic Abilities are involved. I’ve been reading FFG’s Legend of the Five Rings rules and I think there’s a couple of features there that could be brought to Genesys to really reign in the power creep.
    Fist off L5R divides talents into categories, then careers have a limited list of available categories. This immediately makes it harder to “optimise” talent selection.
     There’s also a ranking system within each career, with a small list of themed talents and skills that cost the normal price, anything else effectively costs double for a character of that rank. So instead of there being a fixed list of career skills there would be an evolution, and even limits. An extra benefit of this is your able to have more careers that are focused.
    For example a Knight of Rank 1 may look something like this:
    Rank 1 - 60xp to complete:
    Skill Group (Combat) Rank 1-2
    Ride Rank 1-2
    Resilience Rank 1
    Discipline Rank 1-2
    Quick Draw
    Toughened Rank 1
    Parry Rank 1-2
    Tavern Brawler
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    lbwoodard reacted to sevick in Pathfinder to Genesys Conversion Formulas and Setting   
    I think since a lot of time seems to pass between uploads I think it would be a good idea to let you know what I have been working on. That way I can get feed back.
    ---Magic Item Charges--
    Wands: wands will no longer have charges per-say, but you may spend a Despair for a wand to run out of charges.
    Staffs: Same as wands except you may spend 3 Threat or a Despair for it to run out of charges
    It seemed to make the most sense use charges as ammo, since it's one less thing you need to track. The difference between wands and staves; pathfinder staves only have 10 charges and wands 50, it makes sense they staves are more likely to run out.
    ---Improvised spells vs. Known Spells---
    I have deiced for awhile know to make the Genesys spell casting system merge with pathfinder spells. I have come to realize that most people would just try to imitate a known pathfinder spell using the Improvised rules. To discourage this I have added an intensive to people who use  known spells. Which is, whenever a Despair is rolled when making a spell check with a known spell the caster may flip a story point to avoid the narrative effect of the Despair. The Despair, however still adds a failure to the pool.
    This could also be explained that known spells have been carefully studied and crafted and proven to avoid some of the more common pitfalls. Yes I could have made the Improvised spells roll an automatic upgrade to their difficulty, but I don't want the Improvised spell caster to feel like I am unfairly putting restrictions on the spell casting from Genesys.
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    lbwoodard reacted to Archellus in High XP Play   
    Its the age old topic of scaling Genesys some like it others dont
    Short summery. 
    Crits are your friend
    Design your encounters. Especially the environment. Just adding more of the same type of monster does not scale well in Genesys. 
    Adding other things to an encounter does. Cover ? poor visibility. Mobile foes, magic foes. 
    And then there is the monsters themselves. FFG has very little space to provide monsters they give us some short and sweet examples those can be modified to your hearts content. 
    Take your giant. In pathfinder modules a giant was rarely just a giant to give them a umpfh they where givin fighter levels. Same can be done in genesys. 
    Give em a few talents. At 200-300 is xp bump their advesary talent to 2 or 3. Give them better weapons and use some fun talents from ROT like shockwave or other stuff
    Invent your own ability like maybe. 
    Giant Swing: may increase the difficulty of next meele attack by 1 if succesfull may spend 2 advantages to move opponent away 1 range band. 
    Now make the encounter across a narrow bridge or ravine and have the Giants punt the players over the cliffs once in a while.
    With that said yes with super combat optimized pcs and heroic abilities the power level rises fast. Remember to let your players shine still let them have the cool moments where
    they turn invulnerable but try to use environments and special abilities for monsters. 
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    lbwoodard reacted to sevick in Pathfinder to Genesys Conversion Formulas and Setting   
    Bare with me but I think I may finaly have it. Strain exspenature seemed unavoidable but then I came up with this. Let me know what you think.
    You may roll a magic die with your attack roll once per encounter per +1 enchantment bonus. With the magic die you spend white pips to add success or advantage to your roll.
    For example if you have a +3 Longsword you have 3 magic die expenditures per encounter.
    You may roll a magic die after an attack targeting you once per encounter per +1 enchantment bonus.
    With the magic die you may add failure or threat to the attack targeting you after it has been rolled.
    For example if you had +5 Scalemail you have 5 magic die expenditures per encounter.
    These expenditures may be spent throughout the encounter or used all at once.
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