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  1. @drainsmith I downloaded this a while back and never got around to telling you how great it is! I was also wondering if you've made any updates to the template since the Foudry .indd was released (Cover styles, contents page, etc.) ? If not, would you be okay with me sharing those updates once I've finished them? Thanks for all the hard work you put into making this community such a pleasure to be a part of!
  2. The difference between "High" and "Low" magic settings is usually less about the difficulty and more about the scarcity or abundance of magic. If what you're talking about is supposed to be "super magic" then I'd suggest lowering the cost for activating additional effects. Many of them require 2 advantage to use, even if you successfully cast the spell. Otherwise, a talent or set of talents along the lines of what @Richardbuxton or @Archellus suggested above is probably the easiest way to go. In any case, if this kind of magic is more powerful, then it should almost certainly be limited by cost, either in strain or XP spent on talents. If you want to make things more customizable and more limited, you could make this a talent that gives access to a heroic ability or an ability tree of your own design. I'm doing something similar in a campaign I'm converting from Pathfinder that involves Mythic Abilities, which grants some god-like powers to players.
  3. What if known spells got an automatic Boost die? Or you could decide that known spells are basically Signature Spells, which get their difficulty reduced by 1. If you went that route, I'd remove the Signature spell talent from the setting.
  4. That's understandable. I haven't read or played 2nd edition, but I have listened to a few live play podcasts that showcased it, and it does sound a lot closer to Genesys in its design ethos. Thanks for all of the hard work you've put into this project and for sharing the fruits of your labor with us! I've had a lot of fun using your work as a guide for my own conversion of the Wrath of the Righteous campaign (Still in progress).
  5. I'd say it really depends on the kind of game you want to run. If you want a fantasy or sci-fi game, the choice is pretty easy. If you have something else in mind, then I'd ask what kind of tone you want the game to have. If it's going to be more light-hearted or a classic good vs. evil story, I'd go with RoT. If you want a grittier, more realistic feel with moral grey areas, I'd go with SotB. If you really can't choose, get the PDFs. Also, share your ideas with us! We all love this system because of the fun of creating new settings, so we'd love to hear about what you're doing. And, we'll have better suggestions if we know what lines your thinking along. There are also a lot of homebrew settings that have been shared already in the Genesys Master Resource List and the Your Settings subforum.
  6. I don't have any players using Summon very often, but this template might change that! This is fun, useful, and I'm thinking about using it myself for creating quick enemy stat blocks that still feel unique. Thanks for sharing your hard work!
  7. Is it possible it's just the resolution of the screen you're using? Or eye strain? I'm not wearing my glasses right now, but I have no trouble seeing the space between setback symbols.
  8. This is excellent! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to using this closer to Halloween!
  9. This is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing so much of your hard work everyone! ❤️
  10. Thanks for sharing! Your minis look great. Can't wait to see more! 😍
  11. They both seem fine, to me. The nice thing about the ranked version is it makes it possible to get to 3 divine spells per encounter, but only if the player is willing to spend a tier 5 talent on it. As a fan of having more options to play with and agonize over as a player, I'd enjoy that one more. As a fan of making my life less complicated as a GM, I'd probably prefer the tier 3.
  12. This sounds more like lightsaber crafting in SW, I think. The weapon is crazy good no matter who holds it. Their skill with it is going to be the determining factor for the effectiveness of the weapon. I don't have Keeping the Peace either, but the GCRB already has a spell with mechanics for additional effects: Barrier. If you want to rename it Ward, that's basically it. You may want to add an effect for permanence so the caster doesn't have to keep concentrating, or just increase the base difficulty by one or two depending on what you feel is appropriate.
  13. I really like your Fortify quality! I may have to steal that. Thanks for sharing.😃
  14. I'm still seeing the setting builder, strict seems to still be working, and there's no vehicle tab in custom data.
  15. There are a couple of community-created resources already:
  16. I'd say it depends on what the benefits of the magic items are. If they're primarily useful in combat, then it won't be a problem since that's not a focus for the campaign. If they have a big impact on social checks (helping with strain recovery or decreasing difficulty to cast Augment, for example) I'd stick with just 1 item. Another option is to just create your own items that do exactly what you want them to, no more no less.
  17. What if the talent let you upgrade the check once, but on both sides of the dice? One green becomes yellow, and one purple becomes red? Make the results a little swingy-er that way to represent the potential tragedy or awesomeness of what is about to happen. You could add an advantage or a threat depending on the result.
  18. @Nirobu , there is! Go to Archetype Talents under the Custom Data tab. When creating the talent, select Yes for Modifier, and then select Career Skills. The free skill ranks are added on the Custom Archetype tab under Free Skill Ranks.
  19. I have used this before. I like the physical dice better, but it is nice having a combat tracker. In case you don't know about it, @SkyJedi has also created a character and setting creator that is very robust. Currently no magical item/implement tools, but there's enough functionality to provide a decent workaround for almost anything. https://genesysemporium.com/ Here's my character's sheet: Samor Helleslicht.pdf Also, here's the forum thread about it:
  20. I like the flavor of Wards, but I'm always looking for ways to make the existing rules work for me instead of having to build new rules. What about a tiered talent (Ward) that lets a character add 1 Defense (Melee and Ranged) per rank? For example: Ward Tier:3 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: Yes Your character must have at least 1 rank in Magic to take this talent. Once per encounter, the character may suffer 2 strain as a maneuver to activate a Ward for a target within engaged range, gaining 1 rank of Defense for a number of rounds equal to their ranks in Knowledge (Ancient Language). They may add additional ranks of Defense by spending 1 strain up to their number of ranks in Ward. A character's total ranks in M/R Defense may not exceed 4 (GCRB, pg 104.) Or, instead of a ranked talent, you could make Improved and Supreme versions. Either way, doing it this way makes sure there is a cost and a limit to how much it can be used, and you don't have to keep track of any additional numbers. The setback dice let you know whether the attack was powerful enough to get through the wards, and it can only last for as many rounds as their ranks in Knowledge, so a longer encounter will wear down that extra defense. As for the magic system being too weak, I'd have to disagree. I'm playing through a Pathfinder Adventure Path that I'm converting to Genesys for me and a friend, and my GM PC has a pretty easy time succeeding on magic checks. His casting trait is a 4, and he has 1 rank. Most magic checks base cost is just one difficulty. With implements to allow adding certain spell modifiers at a reduced cost, he can be very effective. Damage from attack spells is equal to their ability score plus 1 damage per uncancelled success. Plus, any advantage a PC rolls on their next check can be used to recover strain from their previous turn, so it's not quite as limiting as you might think.
  21. I like it! My only critiques would be make the Adult Dragon upgrade cost 2 ability points to balance the power of it's ability scores, and to leave story points out of Dragon Sight . I think treating it kind of like Darkvision (remove on perception checks) and granting a rank in Perception would be more appropriate. Any player can spend 1 story point at any time to upgrade their dice pool. Making them spend 2 story points to do the same thing effectively penalizes the player for spending the ability point.
  22. @Noahjam325 got to it long before me. Another option would be to an improved version that allows you turn one rank of Hold My Beer into and instead of and .
  23. How have I never seen this before!? This is really good. I love how it makes the Dark Side more tempting to use, too!
  24. I'd decide what kind of character you want the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor to be, first. You and your players will spend more time interacting with that character than the big-bad (unless they are the big bad?). I say this because the kind of professor you create can help you decide what kind of threat that year is. In the books, each DADA prof. is tied narratively and/or thematically to the overall plot. Instead of deciding on plot (narrative dice make that tricky sometimes, anyway) decide on the characters they meet first, and then create problems from there.
  25. Go to the second post, THE LIST, under Gameplay Resources. GM Sheets and Cheat Sheet 0.9.5 should have what you're looking for.
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