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  1. To quote the next sentence: "When making the check, the character selects one target they are engaged with who is not incapacitated. The default difficulty of the check is Easy (D)." - GCRB pg. 217. My reading has always been that the Heal spell action defines the difficulty to heal Wounds. The additional effect "Heal Critical" allows you to heal a Critical Injury with a +2 increase in difficulty. So a Heal spell with no additional effects is an Easy (D) check, and Heal spell made to heal a crit is Hard (DDD).
  2. I am not a ccg fan either, but the premise of keyforge hooked me. Each deck is mathematically balanced against every other deck, so you don't need to buy more than one to be able play with people and stand a chance of winning. Takes the pay-to-win part out of it. That said, I have bought two decks, because I honestly loved the art and the flavor text so much I wanted more. Plus its hard to play with somebody if they don't have a deck, so two comes in handy.
  3. I haven't given that section a proper read-through, but on first glance it seems to be more prep-heavy. Æmbercraft checks are made to create Æffects for armor, weapons, or utility purposes. Using the newly crafted Æffect requires an appropriate skill check. I'm not clear on how spell-like Æffects work, but from what I can tell so far it seems like the same process, except you craft a spell that you use later instead of a weapon or piece of armor. Somebody who's had more time to read through might be able to correct me.
  4. There are some community-made resources here: And here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GenesysKeyforge Or, you can use the excellent RPG Sessions app: https://rpgsessions.com/ You can also find some pay-what-you-want (free) options at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/6/Fantasy-Flight-Games/subcategory/36_33276/Genesys-Foundry I highly recommend RPG Sessions if you use a tablet/phone/laptop for ttrpg, although if you want paper and pencil one of the pdf files is probably closer to what you're looking for. Hope this helps, and welcome to the community!
  5. Have you played any Keyforge? The flavor text on the cards helps round out the feel of the game. Most of it is pretty cartoon-y, but some of it (notable the Dis, as mentioned above) has a very menacing tone. It kind of reminds me of a mix of Warner Bros. and Tim Burton.
  6. I think I read the same article. The author seemed to think that playing a character with relatable needs and desires (in Secrets of the Crucible) was a demotion from playing an inscrutable god-like being using those characters as pawns (Keyforge). If he prefers the card game over the RPG setting, that's fine, but there's no need to tear down the hard work and creativity that went into this setting book. Having played Keyforge and Genesys I can assure you the two don't map to each other well at all. If the author of the article wants the same kind of experience in Genesys, the closest setup would be two GMs throwing NPCs at each other. Archon's are basically in-story GM masks, there to provide a narrative excuse for deus ex machina type plot adjustments or quest changes. That kind of thing probably wouldn't fit so well in another setting, but in a zany everything-is-possible setting like Keyforge it makes perfect (non)sense.
  7. Excellent! The work you guys and @SkyJedi do is top-notch. I can't wait to see what you do with what he's put together!
  8. I love the flavor of this talent, but I have a design question. Given how different the mechanics of Genesys are compared to Pathfinder, would it make more sense to have the talent read: "Once per Session, you may make an apposed Brawl vs Resilience check (minimum Hard[] difficulty) against a target you are engaged with. A successful check lowers the Critical rating of the next Brawl check you make against this target by 1 to a minimum of 1 and adds the Vicious 4 quality to the attack." I suggest this because I prefer to reduce the number of checks needed to move the story forward. The opportunity for advantage, threat, triumph, and despair to sneak in on unnecessary rolls can derail the narrative and bog down play. That being said, I also enjoy the suspense created by the save or suck checks in Pathfinder, and this is your baby, not mine! Just my two cents! Whatever you decide to do, just know that I've gotten a huge amount of enjoyment from your conversion! My friend and I are wrapping up a conversion of the first book in the Wrath of the Righteous AP tonight, and I've used a LOT of your work as inspiration (i.e., I stole at least half of it 😅😇) for converting checks and determining difficulty. Thanks for sharing all your great work, and keep it up!
  9. This. Is. AWESOME! Thank you so much for putting all of this together!
  10. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that Masterful Casting is intended to work only for spell effects (the list of options underneath the spell descriptions) that are added to the spell at the time it is cast, thereby increasing the difficulty of the spell. If you haven't added the Deadly spell effect to your spell when calculating the difficulty, then you cannot use a Triumph to trigger a Critical Injury along with two other spell effects. You CAN use a Triumph to activate a Critical Injury on an Attack spell as normal, but Masterful Casting would not come into play. I think the issue is how a spell effect is defined. The GCRB uses the language of "additional effects." On page 215: "Before making a magic action, the character may choose any number of additional effects to add to that action (these effects are listed on an associated table)." That, combined with the last sentence of the talent, "These qualities or spell effects must be ones that can be triggered by spending advantage or triumph," means that only some of the additional effects of a spell may be open to use by this talent, since some additional effects are passive and require no advantage or triumph to be spent.
  11. One of my favorite sections in the EPG is the Expanded Magic Rules, especially all of the new magic talents. Masterful Casting on page 97 is particularly great. I do wonder though, whether the qualities or spell effects being activated by the talent need to have been selected before casting the spell or not? I realize it is a tier 4 talent, and Triumphs are powerful, but even so I worry about balance if the effects can be added after the fact. Conversely, I worry about playability/usability if the effects must be added beforehand (and thereby greatly increasing the difficulty). I'd be very interested to hear about the design decisions behind this talent (which I love, and want to make sure I'm using properly)! Thanks!
  12. Concerning the inclusion of Talent Trees: Would it be balanced to have a campaign with some players using the trees, and others using the pyramid? Could a player with a pyramid purchase a tree? Is there another way to work this new option into an existing campaign, or would players need to rebuild/respec if they want to take a tree for a pre-existing character? Thanks so much for all the amazing advice! And thanks to Sam and the rest for all the wonderful products to play with!
  13. This is great! Thank you! I notice that the links between talents are clickable, but when I do nothing happens. Are they supposed to highlight, or am I overthinking? Am I doing something wrong? Not a complaint, because "Free resource! 😍" Thanks again!
  14. I only see a link to the character sheet (which looks great, btw!). Is there a link available to the setting for us to look at?
  15. FFG products, magical as they are, are much like wizards. They are never late. Neither are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
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