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  1. There is a difference between an Attack Arc and a Firing Arc. The Attack Arc is the arc being used in the current active attack. Only the attacker has an attack arc during an attack. In the screenshot, the handmaidens can use their ability because they are in the arc of Grievous while he is attacking. If Grievous was somehow using a bullseye only weapon in this attack (like Autoblasters), neither of the handmaidens would be in the attack arc and so would not be able to use their ability.
  2. This is nonsense. "Any portion thereof" means exactly that. You want to try to insist that anything that isn't literally printed and distributed by FFG is not allowed? That somehow taking information from an official document and reproducing the information exactly as provided by FFG is somehow illegal, just because the format changes? Ok, then all the information that you have in your brain that you've memorized? Not an official document. Can't reference it. A fanatical judge might catch you thinking about X-Wing and issue penalties. Official documents include "those found in an X-Wing product". The dial for a ship is included in an X-Wing product. The dial for a ship is an official document. You are allowed to reference an official document. You are allowed to reference any portion of an official document. As far as point values of ships and upgrades, the total point value of a ship with included upgrades, the half point threshold of a ship/upgrades, and the half point value of a ship/upgrades, all of this is also part of an official document: The official squad builder. The squad builder contains and displays these values (build a squad, click share, click PDF). You are allowed to reference an official document. You are allowed to reference any portion of an official document. End of story. Putting several official documents next to each-other on a single page does not change that. A theoretical fanatical judge giving penalties for something that isn't actually against the rules doesn't change that.
  3. From a balance perspective rather than a game mechanic perspective, possibly. But 1) it isn't just turning it off. You're still taking a stress and risking a crit on a shieldless 4 hull ship, and 2) If you get into a position where you can tractor yourself onto a debris cloud and also be in a position where the stress/crit is worth it, I'd say that is good flying and obstacle placement. And there is counter play to it.
  4. I disagree. You may do X to do Y. The tractor X is the cost, in order to do an action Y you normally can't do. Just because the cost can have a benefit (like with stress on Ten Numb or Braylen) doesn't mean it isn't a cost. Just because the effect can be detrimental doesn't mean it becomes the cost.
  5. I think that if you can fail a red boost/barrel roll (effect) and still have to take the stress (cost), then you can take the tractor beam cost and end up on a debris cloud where you then fail the rotate action effect.
  6. No. If this is the case, given FFG's release rate, it will be years before all the old ships even have a chance at having a turn in tournaments. And I think that as long as Hyperspace Trials grant invites to Worlds, that the Hyperspace format will be relevant. There is room for both. If Worlds is extended, everyone who flew Hyperspace lists to qualify can still fly their Hyperspace lists at Worlds. But if Worlds is Hyperspace only, then people who qualified with Extended lists do have to change. If people are winning extended tournaments with Hyperspace legal lists, I don't see how Hyperspace can be considered irrelevant.
  7. It has generally been accepted that "any portion thereof" means that you can have print outs of official material such as dials.
  8. The new rules reference clarifies that this is incorrect.
  9. And I had a whole post worked up about tide pod Finn and RAW vs RAI too. Lot of debates put to rest in this. Finn does not immediately remove strain using his ability on defense Rigged Cargo Chute does make the ships it is dropped on suffer the effects (lots of new references to this. Not sure who was still arguing against it.) Palpatine vs Padme 7th Fleet/Ric and Predictive Shot max dice limitations Nantex tractor chaining The ability queue clarification also looks like it clears up the Snap Shot/Foresight vs Afterburners/FTC: Player A has initiative Ship A with Afterburners/FTC executes a maneuver and is not in Ship B's Snap Shot/Foresight range/arc Ship A then uses Afterburners/FTC to boost/barrel roll and ends up within Ship B's Snap Shot/Foresight range/arc Ship B cannot then use Snap Shot/Foresight because the requirements were not met at the time the maneuver was executed It does seem that Ship A could Afterburners/FTC out of Snap Shot/Foresight range/arc and escape the shot.
  10. Similarly, if the Jedi with initiative moves and then chooses to FTC boost/barrel into Foresight's bullseye arc, the inquisitor would be able to take the foresight attack, correct?
  11. Correct. Or if you have two engine failures, your blue 2 hard turns become red.
  12. If sentinels were to cost < 34, you could have 6 in a list. 18 red dice across 6 ships that are very unlikely to die to one shot seems a bit much. Would have been a great place for the dots indicating no more than X of the ship could be used, like with the new droids, but likely too late to do anything other than price them high.
  13. Absolutely! Put C1-10P on Mace or Obi-Wan, use the charges right away, and then spend the rest of the game at close quarters giving out jam tokens, and still have force for mods. Bonus: Fine Tuned Controls can trigger before C1-10P's jam.
  14. Stalling is when you are intentionally playing slowly; taking too much time to set dials, decide on actions, etc. I don't see how self bumping (as long as the bumping ship isn't staying stationary, a-la fortressing) would be considered stalling, as long as you are setting dials and choosing actions reasonably quickly. There's nothing about avoiding engagement in the floor rules.
  15. You don't reveal a dial when you're ionized, so the conditions for skipping your execute maneuver step are not met. And the 1 straight ion maneuver counts as executing a maneuver, so the struts then flip back to closed.
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