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  1. Old Teroch does not have a requirement for his ability. A requirement, in this context, is defined in the RR on page 31: Old Teroch's ability is not an attack, nor does it have a conditional if-statement. So a ship does not need to be at range 1 until the moment Teroch's ability needs to resolve, i.e. when it reaches the front of the ability queue. Edit: That same FAQ further clarifies Old Teroch: "If an ability instructs you to make a choice, such as choosing a ship, that is not itself a requirement to initiate an ability."
  2. Worlds 2020 should be limited edition, con exclusive ships only.
  3. I think this is where I fundamentally disagree. IMO, X-Wing is and should continue to be more than just FASBSMSRDOS. New mechanics are not bad. The pricing on them might be bad (1 point slave 1 is ridiculous), but they are not intrinsically bad.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree, but I'm curious which version (accounting for available ships/points) that you'd consider to have been the most balanced version?
  5. Yes, a valid target is required for ability queue attacks. From page 31 of the rules reference regarding Abilities and the Ability Queue, emphasis mine: So a ship executes a maneuver and lands outside the arc/range of foresight/snap shot, then at that trigger moment the ability requirements are not met and it cannot be added to the ability queue.
  6. On page 2 of the rules references. Under Card Interpretation, Use of “May,” “Can,” and “Must” And again, in the Floor Rules, the entirety of section 2.
  7. That is not even close to the original point of my post at least, but maybe you're referring to something else and didn't quote it in your post. Edited my post to say "instead of" the streamer/judge issue. I was trying to focus on the "should a judge intervene for a missed mandatory effect" question. A missed mandatory effect is not the same thing as a missed opportunity. Mandatory effects must happen. A judge can and should correct players when a mandatory effect has been missed. If nothing else, the floor rules make this clear.
  8. I want to emphasize the original point of this question, instead of whether a streamer can/should also be a judge. This line only specifies that a "player" cannot retroactively use an effect without the opponent's consent. It does not exclude a judge from resolving the situation. Again referencing the Floor Rules document, page 3, section 1.1 The Role of a Judge: While both players are responsible for maintaining a proper game state and making sure all mandatory abilities are acknowledged, players are not the only ones with this responsibility, and not the only ones with the power to resolve it. The "It is each player’s responsibility" line is there, for example, to put the responsibility on a player to not do something like "scummily rushing past their detrimental abilities" and claiming it was fine because the opponent didn't catch it. Not to somehow make it so that missed mandatory effects or incorrect game states cannot be corrected.
  9. A judge isn't necessarily also the Tournament Organizer. And typically the stream station is set up away from the players, in part specifically so that the players cannot hear the commentary. As far as not wanting someone splitting attention between commentating and paying attention to the game state, I get that. My own opinion is that commentating is not enough of a distraction to adversely affect judging.
  10. Mandatory effects must be resolved. That is literally the definition of the word "mandatory".
  11. Page 6, Section 2 of the floor rules regarding gameplay disruptions and resolutions, emphasis mine: When a player does not roll enough attack dice, the defender was given a notable advantage. From the rules reference about Range Bonuses There is no "may". It is not optional. Additionally, just because Dion is live commentating a stream, that does not exclude him from also being an official judge in the tournament.
  12. This. Doing more damage on the initial exchange doesn't necessarily mean you're in the better position. And aces, swarms, beef, control, etc, different archetypes have different midgame needs, and all of them are affected by the match-up, obstacle placement, and initial positions. What has helped me is to throw some obstacles on a table, put down a list I'm practicing and a list type I'm trying to beat. Really just need the bases and cardboard for arcs. Fly them at each other, get into the fray and the "mid game". Use average results for attack/defense. Intentionally block or arc dodge the primary list. Assess my positioning and options, and then wind back a few turns and approach it differently. Stay at the board edge a little longer this time, or 5 straight boost in. Give up a shot this turn to not be in range/arc of the secondary list, and get into a better position for the following turns. Hard turn + boost instead of k-turning. See how many arcs I'm able to keep on target over a couple of rounds, and how many arcs I'm in. Then rewind again. If nothing else it helps you get more confident with eyeballing where your ships will end up, which can help with tunnel vision.
  13. Exposing a damage card is not the same as suffering critical damage. So a fireball could have an existing face-up Fuel Leak, then expose another Fuel Leak from their ability after a SLAM. Or Thane/Rexler/Concussion Missiles could expose a second one without causing the ship to suffer a critical that triggers the first one.
  14. RAW arguments are fine when kept in the hypothetical, but not when bringing this kind of nonsense to the table. If he thinks that wording means he can take an action even when the Perform Action step is skipped, then he isn't even limited to one action. "You can perform actions" is plural, so he can take as many actions as he wants. And if this card lets you perform an action outside of the Perform Action step without a specific trigger instructing you to take an action, then what about the "and execute maneuvers"? Does he think he can continue to execute maneuvers throughout the rest of the round? For other examples, you can point him to the Dauntless title, and Zari Bangel's ability: Both of them give specific exemptions to bumping and still being able to perform an action. Neither of them, however, allow you to perform an action while stressed. They override one criteria of performing actions, but not all of them. Additionally, on page 3 of the rules reference is the definition of an action, and when an action can be taken: Contraband Cybernetics does not instruct a ship to perform an action.
  15. You could though have Edon Kappehl's starfortress decloak, and then drop a device in the activation phase after moving. Bonus, include Leia in your squad to make the reds white and drop a device after any (fully executed) maneuver on his dial including a stop.
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