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  1. I'm mostly curious how you're planning on implementing sorcery, powered armor, mecha, Tagers, and Engels, and might share your ideas here. Or if you plan on using any of them at all. CthulhuTech is one of those settings that has a lot of great ideas kicking around it, but I have not liked the previous execution by the publisher. I see where Genesys holds a lot of potential, and CTech could make a really fascinating test bed for the system. So while I'm not really interested in playing, I am really curious how you're going to handle it. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, it's not something I'd be interested in right off the bat when trying to better learn a new (or new version of a) system. I think the doc you provided here is really all you need, and your work is excellent. But it would make for a nice system stress test later down the road. If the group goes for some Genesys Fallout, I'll certainly post about it here. We record our sessions anyway, so I'd have some AP audio to go along with the posts.
  3. Very nice work! I'm inordinately pleased you threw the Laser Musket into the equipment, btw. It's one of my favorite weapons from the series. I've got to make some a list of pitches for my group's next campaign. I think Genesys Fallout might just have to go on that list! Y'know, Genesys could probably be hacked pretty well to make a more in depth Fallout conversion if one wanted. More so than many game systems. You could make SPECIAL the Characteristics, use the skill list from the Fallout games (with some holdovers from Genesys RAW to cover some tabletop considerations possibly), and create or rename Talents to fall in line with FO Perks. You'd have to tweak a few things, like deciding how Thresholds would be calculated, and figuring out what you'd do with Luck (link it to Story Points and Critical Injuries somehow, I'd say). As long as Characteristics and Skills interact the way they do in the RAW, the mechanic should stay more or less intact no matter what you label them. Could be a pretty great hack!
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