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  1. Noldorian

    The Expanse

    It was a D20 Future campaign that one of the authors was running. Steve Kenson ran Expanse at OrcaCon in Seattle last weekend. I got to play. It uses the AGE system. Genesys for grounded sci-fi is a terrific use of the system. I would prefer it over AGE system.
  2. This is amazing work. Thank you so much for making this! It’ll be something the community uses for years.
  3. Tabulazero, for what it's worth -- i love your sheet. Though I will say, my group isn't at all character portrait oriented -- we have pinterest art, etc. but don't care about printing it out on the page.
  4. With those restrictions in place, why is there a requirement to spend a story point?
  5. Yes, Blades in the Dark and Leverage use a similar mechanic to that effect. It’s worth applying the same idea to many other systems.
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