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  1. kaffis, fickegreendice, and tunewalker make great points. In my opinion FFG has done pretty good with the synergy of named category, and appreciate the direction the game is headed. Also, I don’t think Seventh Sister or just any other character should be able to maximize one of the best if not the best weapon in the game as well as Maul himself just because they’re blue. From what I understand we have this nerf to Maul’s lightsaber mainly in response to slow down the “OTK” decks. Correctly limiting an upgrade’s full power potential to their named characters could be a way to keep cards of these types in check, and give other future higher costed characters more value. Maybe I’m bias in my thinking because I think the main (e.g Luke and Vader) characters that have the supporting facts to back up a character’s capabilities or power usually (not always) should be In the best decks with the best pairings. Not saying anyone is wrong or that other characters shouldn’t be able to shine either.
  2. Does anyone think that it would have been fair to make the power action on Maul’s Lightsaber still free if attached Maul? Think this type of text adds to the benefit of using named weapons with their named characters, and could keep some problems from happening.
  3. Awesome post! Hoping we get a new lightsaber forum in the next set and can’t wait to see what we get from Fantasy Flight in Destiny as the game progresses. Obi-Wan is my favorite character, so I love the Soresu and Ataru training. Maybe we’ll even get some 3 cost mastery forums also. Theres also forums 5-7 to look forward too, which are amazing as well. Hope you post more lightsaber forums in the future.
  4. Completely understand how a lot of you feel its too soon for Legacies, but me and my brothers might be the only people that cannot wait for the new set to release. Looking forward to playing with all the new characters. Does anyone know if FFG announces the day the new sets will be available/release date?
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