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  1. Not really. Ever since the big shift in company communication they've done quite a bit better for customers overall. Even if their prices still horrify people.
  2. It really is irritating. It seems like nobody speaks for Lion on the team so when there's a strong card people are quick to slap a million modifiers to weaken it but there's players for Scorpion, Dragon, or Crane who otherwise get cool, strong cards which are quite playable straight off like Daidoji Uji. Strong stats, powerful effect with an easy trigger within Crane proper to trigger for example.
  3. Tacticians camp felt like it was built for Crane, but given to Lion by mistake. Honestly that's pretty much Lion's cards in a nutshell.
  4. It isn't a problem in Lion and is a major problem in Unicorn due to their swarm based tactics. Lion would love to have it back as currently we have to run Charge! In order to help push for a good game state.
  5. Actually that's one of the more practical reasons you don't mess with monks. Many Samurai monks still retain some ties to family, and discovering you've basically bullied a former Daimyo is grounds for that family to give you some very harsh issues at you picking on those that have retired from the Samurai life to a life of enlightenment and peace.
  6. They did shrink down the AT-ST and Speeder a bit to fit the game.
  7. Spoils of War really seems like a Lion card rather then Unicorn.
  8. Also true, but Samurai still die less then the hordes of Ashigaru they've brought.
  9. Is it? That's kind of odd as well since once you are past childbirth the life expectancy is much longer. Especially given all the Samurai who retire to become Monks later on in life, there's even a large number of elder characters in the game proper as well. The Peasants might live to 35-45, but that's because they constantly work till they die with their only medical treatment being from monks. While Samurai live content, training filled lives that have access to Shugenja and other proper care with better food access.
  10. I am surprised by the change to the Nezumi's age now that only certain ones can reach beyond a decade. In Old5R they could live to 30, 45 being really old for them. It feels weird to have their lifespan even shorter then before.
  11. At least we are getting some new Bushi specific cards. A perfect cut is wonderful for Lion!
  12. It's been a while and we've gotten a bunch of new cards.. But mostly what I'm curious of is what everyone thinks Lion's primary identity is. It originally seemed like bushi swarming with their stronghold and a few commanders, but over time Unicorn took over that aspect and did it far better while Lion has pushed out into various other things. As it is the only real unique mechanics to Lion are graveyard manipulation with their Shugenja and their "win more" abilities with winning in conflicts (even if without the ability to actually win them as well). I'm surprised we've got courtier specific cards but mostly nothing for Bushi. If Lion is meant to do offensive military victories it doesn't do it well so it'd be interesting to see Lion tactics or orders that would allow for them to do interesting things with their Bushi.
  13. None of the jokes really clicked and as a result many of them just felt either forced or a badly done insult piece.
  14. Tauntaun Scout is referring to the Legends Imperial Army Trooper, whose uniform is basically the AT-ST pilots one. So.. We've got Vehicle driver (something that wouldn't be on foot) Imperial Army (which never showed up in the OT movies), and Mud troops (which seems to be from new movies he doesn't like given he called DT from the comics)
  15. Which troops are you even talking about? How about an image?
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