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  1. It's a pity though because Charge practically kept Lion afloat currently, no clue how they'll drop without it.
  2. Sounds like how Sentinels of the Multiverse made an entire Villains mode of their villains that work together. It was a really good idea.
  3. Thinking about how the Green Goblin set has two different scenarios for him. I'd think down the line it'd be great if we could get alternate scenarios for the base game characters. Would help spice things up as they'd get new cards and other things to enrich the base core experience outside of just the modular sets.
  4. I may have misinterpreted things it seems, but I don't know.. We really need to see more of the PLS to see what will occur.
  5. Except then the Peasants become equal to the Samurai.. Which even the Crab don't agree with by any stretch of the means. It's why most of the Samurai in the Perfect Land Sect are Dragons due to their odd thoughts on things.
  6. Of course those rules are what keep you part of the Celestial Wheel, so it's reasonable to keep honor when it keeps your soul from being pulled down.
  7. Given how the Lion tend to treat their peasants.. The fact that one willingly went over to the Lion over the Unicorn shows that they really did not like the Utaku's rule in that case. But yeah, another Lion jobber story.
  8. Yeah they pretty much are mook level despite their strength being enhanced by Asgardian level powers. Their plans tend to be even less sophisticated then Rhino's in that they break out of prison, get their gear, and tend to rob the nearest place that has a large amount of money. Or are used as pawns by a smarter villain.
  9. We already have Daisetsu already disdaining Bushido in his own thoughts so he doesn't really need the Perfect Land Sect start pushing things forward.
  10. You could say that Leadership is the best at being generalist compared to the others. The others have their very strong niche and can't really be beat when it comes to such power but Leadership is able to do a little of everything when they have allies.. Of course the problem comes out when they have none as all the Leadership cards revolve around them, and cards like Inspired gets less value compared to the other aspects boosting cards because said characters will eventually leave play. They also don't have any answers to minions, attacks, or anything else outside of their Allies so you'd best make use of them!
  11. And at the same time.. Hoshi is the known son of Togashi by a few of the Togashi Order, and took to his Half-dragon form in the temple.. While Togashi himself would be hiding in mortal form until something required him to actually break things. It would show that the main reason why the difference between mythic and creature and the other lacks is because the other isn't willing to attain that form yet.
  12. Not really. Ever since the big shift in company communication they've done quite a bit better for customers overall. Even if their prices still horrify people.
  13. It really is irritating. It seems like nobody speaks for Lion on the team so when there's a strong card people are quick to slap a million modifiers to weaken it but there's players for Scorpion, Dragon, or Crane who otherwise get cool, strong cards which are quite playable straight off like Daidoji Uji. Strong stats, powerful effect with an easy trigger within Crane proper to trigger for example.
  14. Tacticians camp felt like it was built for Crane, but given to Lion by mistake. Honestly that's pretty much Lion's cards in a nutshell.
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