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  1. ZebioLizard2

    Lion and Identity

    At least we are getting some new Bushi specific cards. A perfect cut is wonderful for Lion!
  2. It's been a while and we've gotten a bunch of new cards.. But mostly what I'm curious of is what everyone thinks Lion's primary identity is. It originally seemed like bushi swarming with their stronghold and a few commanders, but over time Unicorn took over that aspect and did it far better while Lion has pushed out into various other things. As it is the only real unique mechanics to Lion are graveyard manipulation with their Shugenja and their "win more" abilities with winning in conflicts (even if without the ability to actually win them as well). I'm surprised we've got courtier specific cards but mostly nothing for Bushi. If Lion is meant to do offensive military victories it doesn't do it well so it'd be interesting to see Lion tactics or orders that would allow for them to do interesting things with their Bushi.
  3. ZebioLizard2

    Clan Descriptions

    None of the jokes really clicked and as a result many of them just felt either forced or a badly done insult piece.
  4. ZebioLizard2

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Tauntaun Scout is referring to the Legends Imperial Army Trooper, whose uniform is basically the AT-ST pilots one. So.. We've got Vehicle driver (something that wouldn't be on foot) Imperial Army (which never showed up in the OT movies), and Mud troops (which seems to be from new movies he doesn't like given he called DT from the comics)
  5. ZebioLizard2

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Which troops are you even talking about? How about an image?
  6. Ah yes.. Mantis players tend not to favor this system, given how often it was used to basically screw Mantis over.
  7. ZebioLizard2

    Article - Commands

    Actually given the generic commander there's the potential to change the loadout on the generic commanders with various upgrades or equipment cards allowing for an interesting dynamic that the special characters lack. I mean sure you'll never be a jedi or otherwise but you can equip the generic how you desire to fit the teams you'd prefer.