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  1. Yes. You always take the hits and optionally choose whether to pay to keep the weapon. Of course, equipped armor can absorb hits to reduce this.
  2. I just noticed a sentence in LtP that strongly implies interpretation #2:
  3. The rules reference says There are two interpretation of "exchange any equipped cards with cards from inventory" Two cards must be actually exchanged (e.g., to unequip my armor, I must swap it with different armor from inventory) Any equipped card can be moved to inventory and vice versa (within limitations of inventory size and equipment slotting) Normally, I would assume the answer must be interpretation 2. However, this make the BoS Outcast very powerful early game, because the survivor can unequip their armor to regain full movement, then re-equip for encounters and fights. This comes at the risk of being attacked without the armor equipped during enemy activation (and possibly dying and losing it), but it's a small and manageable downside compared to having 2 armor and effectively full movement.
  4. The Brotherhood Outcasts are from the existing Fallout canon - http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Brotherhood_Outcasts That wasn't contrived for the board game.
  5. Yes! We ran into the same issues when playing the Far Harbor scenario. Regarding your first issue - eventually there is an encounter card added to one of the decks (settlement I think?) that allows a player to purposely place a shield at their current location. I still agree this is confusing and unclear what should happen when a shield is placed due to activation. Would *love* an official ruling from FF on how to resolve. (Until then we are going to play with only the explicit encounter-based turn-in). We also had 6-8 active quests by the end. It slowed things down a bit because everyone had to review them when deciding how to spend their turn. However, it didn't ruin the game for us and it feels consistent with the Fallout video game experience, where one can easily have a ton of active quests available at a time. Also, all 4 scenarios in one day? Nice :-)
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