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  1. Another example of Asmodee ruining another company. Half the mythos packs are out of stock/print, TTS mod is taken down and now you're telling me to man up and buy a webcam instead!? Absolutely ridiculous. I've been buying FFG products for over a decade but won't be anymore.
  2. Best I've come up with so far, no particular synergy, but a lot of force tokens! Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Mace Windu - 57 •Mace Windu - Harsh Traditionalist (46) •R4-P17 (5) Calibrated Laser Targeting (6) Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Luminara Unduli - 50 •Luminara Unduli - Wise Protector (44) Calibrated Laser Targeting (6) Delta-7 Aethersprite - •Saesee Tiin - 50 •Saesee Tiin - Prophetic Pilot (44) Calibrated Laser Targeting (6) Delta-7 Aethersprite - Jedi Knight - 43 Jedi Knight - (39) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  3. My favourite list using him so far: MG-100 StarFortress - •Vennie - 88 •Vennie - Crimson Cutter (67) Trajectory Simulator (3) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Skilled Bombardier (2) RZ-2 A-wing - •Tallissan Lintra - 47 •Tallissan Lintra - Deadly Approach (35) Heroic (1) Proton Rockets (7) Advanced Optics (4) T-70 X-wing - •Temmin Wexley - 64 •Temmin Wexley - Snap (54) Heroic (1) BB Astromech (5) Integrated S-foils (Open) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I was unsure about VTG to start with but I've managed to get the second shot off at least 2 times each game. I actually prefer Wexley to Poe, but that's probably due to lots of time flying defenders!
  4. I've become a real fan of Krennic and Tarkin on the same Lambda. General idea is to use Jendon + Tarkin to ensure you can lock another target if your initial one dodges and/or free up actions. Does mean you can't use Sloane though...
  5. I think I4 is a sweet spot at the moment and I really valued it when running tie aces. I really like this idea and hadn't thought of it at all! I'm not a huge fan of Turr so will go for the crack shots. I'm playing a game over the weekend so I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. I've recently flown a list with Soontir and had a great time, but I think I liked the chassis more than the pilot. Their dial combined with their solid stats and manoeuvrable actions had me thinking back to old school Vader. I've quickly knocked up this list. Am I better off going Soontir, Turr and maybe another chassis or do you think this could work? TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 40 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 40 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 40 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 40 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 40 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  7. Very true, However, I've been playing 4 tie punishers each at I2 and haven't had much arc problems vs generics. In 2nd edition there are far fewer re positional abilities and those that we have seem to be strapped to aces (who would move last anyway). The fact you want to engage at range 3 with ordnance really opens up your arcs too. The strength is in the expose. You're rolling 3 red dice with focus vs a maximum of 3 green dice and maybe a focus/evade. This means that most shots should result in a faceup damage card (once you get through shields!) which can be devastating and depending on the list you can focus down one ship or cripple several. You could then do a 5 speed straight next turn and boost to set up for the next round of missiles.
  8. I really like this, might have to give it a go next time I play. My only addition would be why not add Minister Tua to the shuttle for 7 points (or something else), you're engaging at I7 so you don't need the bid.
  9. List I saw on the net a while back which has become one of my faves. Use Kanan to provide cover for Fenn who bolsters defence + gives focus tokens through coordinate (don't forget Rey can keep multiple on her) as well as stripping enemy defence tokens. Rack up 2-3 stress through Maul if needed and hopefully hit to remove one, but definitely keep at least 1 focus token for defence (if unneeded can always go on Rey or TLT). Then use TLT to remove (hopefully) 2 stress. PILOT: Kanan Jarrus 38 SHIP: VCX-100 Twin Laser Turret 6 Rey 2 Maul 3 Sensor Jammer 4 Tactical Jammer 1 Ghost 0 Total Points: 54 PILOT: Fenn Rau 20 SHIP: Sheathipede-class shuttle Flight-Assist Astromech 1 Adaptability 0 Hotshot Co-pilot 4 Total Points: 25 PILOT: Ezra Bridger 20 SHIP: Attack Shuttle UPGRADES PTS Selflessness 1 Phantom - Total Points: 21 Total 100
  10. I do like the idea of a 4 ship list, which definitely means ditching the Upsilon. Unfortunately, I've only got 2 tie/fo and one striker. Combining your ideas with the ships I have has given me: Pure Sabacc (Snap Shot, LWF, AA) Epsilon Ace (targeting sync) Vader (VI, ATC, EU, Tie/x1) then 19 points for last ship. I was thinking maybe Zeta Ace with VI to pair with Vader or Howlrunner with VI and have vader roam while the other 3 stick together.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, seems like VI + missiles are really popular on Vader so will definitely try and squeeze at least cruises in there. Also seems like Hux might be a tad ambitious, but I have had really good results with upsilons before. If you start in a corner and hold position as much as possible, which the baffle would be great for, it seems to work well. I really do like the sound of that Epsilon Ace build (only really run it naked before) but think I would miss the coordinate too much.
  12. I've had some success with Duchess with ptl, engine upgrade and title. That ship has bonkers manoeuvrability when needed. Problem is in my meta are a lot of PS 9+ which means I usually regret not going the vanilla (and cheaper) VI, LWF, title build with her. IMO strikers need to be kept lean as one little mistake (with a very difficult ship to fly!) often ends in them exploding!
  13. I think harpoons would be a great addition too, I've never got much use out of the shuttle but could just be my playstyle and lists I've flown against. I'm a huge fan of budget B/O (trick shot, PA, collision detector, autothrusters and title) and bringing along loads of debris fields for him to dance in/around. This would free up room for the almost auto-include systems officer on Stridan.
  14. Hey, I've recently picked up my first OT expansions and was looking at combining them with some first order ships. As the striker's biggest weakness seems to be lack of re-rolls, I immediately thought of Stridan shenanigans. I thought he might go well with an intensity Vader too. Major Stridan - 32 Pattern Analyzer - 2 Systems Officer - 2 Hux - 5 Collision Detector - 0 41 Pure Sabacc - 22 VI - 1 LWF - 2 Ailerons - 0 25 Vader - 29 Intensity - 2 Adv. Targeting Computer - 1 Twin Ion Engine - 1 TIE/x1 - 0 33 Total 99 Any thoughts/suggestions would be great! Thanks
  15. Thanks guys! Just played my first games with the above list, first against Poe, Pava and a Red Ace. Blackout was phenomenal, think he may be a staple in my lists from now on. Took down Poe in 3 turns (with some upsilon coordination). The Epsilon Ace didn't do a whole lot on paper but helped chip away at targets and only lost his shield all game. The Upsilon was very interesting, as Rampancy said it was basically there to chuck out coordinates, tank shots and occasionally throw out an attack. It did really well in this role and even dished out more damage than it took (score to settle + Kallus is horrible!) If the game had gone on longer/I hadn't rolled well it would have been in trouble. Second game was similar, Poe + Falcon where StS + Kallus was even better! Blackout was amazing again and some lucky damage cards + debris field took the falcon out early on. Poe got behind the Upsilon but didn't even chew through the shields before being finished off. I can see really capitalising on the few shots you do get in, but I think he would need more than 2 wingmen and at that point I would probably go Hux + Stridan. Definitely worth looking more into though, but would have to build a new squad around it imo.
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