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  1. That's correct. Every unit activates. If you don't want to move / attack etc they still activate. Plus, as Jyn's ability happens at the start of a figure's activation, she can quick draw before the imperial player decides what action(s) that figure will do.
  2. There's a fair bit of material they could explore from the comics of they wanted. Would be interesting to see some missions set on Mon Calamar(?) haha.
  3. I imagine when they're testing the new expansions they just stick to that particular expansion and the core. So, if you're playing with the heros/class deck from the expansion in question then I guess the missions are as balanced as can be? Otherwise, as has already be stated, there are too many variables going on which is great. ?
  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. Guess I'll just have to get it then it seems. ? Fears alleviated!
  5. As the title says really - how fun /intersting a campaign is Hoth now in the grand scheme of things? I've got Jabba and HotE and i'll be purchasing ToL soon. So just wondering if Hoth is still worth getting or if we'll find the campaign a bit lackluster after being spoilt with the last few expansions. ? Cheers.
  6. Come on guys you can't even buy IA on their own website.... IT'S OVER? ? I jest. But it all seriousness there's probably some poor designer who's been tasked with designing Yoda and who knows that ****'s gotta be good so is taking their time and doing it properly. Also some of us need to catch up with some past waves... ?
  7. No Yoda... not yet anyway. I feel like they won't wrap up IA without Yoda (and maybe Ewoks) so as long as he doesn't appear there's always something else to come. But when he does come. Yoda AND ghost Yoda.
  8. Merc: Doctor Aphra Imp: Magna Tolvan Rebel: Sana Starros Dream team.
  9. Article. Boom! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/22/new-recruits-2/
  10. If the rules state that the tokens are figures then you can't share a space with them. ?
  11. Joystick Chevron and Magna Tolvan for the win! But seriously I think there's some pretty good stuff that could come from the comics atm. Maybe more Mon Calaaaaaaa?
  12. An academic/scientist trait? Maybe their comand cards could help give bonuses / modify attack & defense through their 'research'. An engineer trait could be interesting too. Maybe they could modify maps somehow by adding difficult / blocking terrain.
  13. What if TC14 is actually 0-0-0 and was happily leading Qui Gon and Obi Wan to their deaths? Unecessary and tedious link established.
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