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  1. While this advice sounds very good in theory, my experience with the shadow rune so far shows that most maps are just too small to do that. First encounter of "a fat goblin" makes me run towards the heroes. Second encounter has too many corners to get a good line of sight, and is very narrow. Castle Daerion forces me to actually go towards the heroes to get the peasants, while their targets don't move and they just need one opportunity to use Syncrael's feat, stamina and two movement actions to get to the last bonfire. And because I can only reinforce at the end of my turn, I can't react as well as I need to. If I don't kill enough peasants the second encounter is already lost, because I can't block Sir Palamon from just running towards the exit in the first rurn. The Masquerade ball... well... I actually won that, thanks to fast goblins and my charming vampire lady just convincing the heroes to step away from the door to the dungeons. And once the first encounter is won, the second is pretty much a win by default. But when we played that, the heroes only had one XP and no equipment. So the runemaster was pretty much just where he was in "first blood". "The Shadow rune" again forces me to go towards the heroes, because If I don't they just heal up and slaughter the next group of monster. But I won that, thanks to them not having any hero with more than 2 perception, and a few traps that let Syndrael run into a very nasty ambush while the others couldn't follow. I'll see how well I can use your advice in act II and in other campaigns. Goblins I didn't really consider that useful, thanks to them reinforcing so slowly, while reinforcing a Barghest or a Dragon actually brings back a lot more power to the table.
  2. Thanks for the replies and suggestions so far. Yes, I am playing against just three heroes. And I know I don't have to kill the heroes. My problem is how hard it is to block them with the runemaster dealing so much damage, so consistantly and possibly even to more than one target. Big monsters don't survive long, thanks to pierce and 2 extra damage. Small monsters get blown to bits by explosive rune and can't reinforce fast enough. But I'll have a look at the suggested expansions and try new tactics. Also the shadow rune campaign seems to massively favour the heroes, from what i've read. I'll see about other campaigns too. I am just suprised that the runemaster doesn't seem to be able to run out of stamina, and doesn't really have any weakness. Barghest's aren't really helping either, because the Knight (Syndrael) doesn't need as much stamina, and Tarha and Avric pass most of the willpower tests. But at least they do damage and are numerous enough. If at least she couldn't use stamina she got from surges in the same attack, that would at least keep her from going to full fatigue and make a barghest prevent at least a little damage. But from my investigetions regarding that, it is possible.
  3. Hey I'm overlording for my group, and one of the heroes plays Tarha as Runemaster. Now I don't see any weakness to this character, especially if paired with a Knight Syndrael and a Disciple. The Runemaster has rune mastery since the second quest and the heroes got lucky and got to buy mana weave after the first Quest. Now that bastard never runs out of stamina, because he can always just exhaust those cards to regain stamina if he doesn't throw enough surges, so he never runs out of stamina or has to rest. Plus the disciple gives him another yellow dice (without using an action) and the Knight protects him from attacks. Since he is a ranged fighter he can also hide just one square behind the Knight, making it impossible to throw him with Ettins because I can't get on an adjacent target, so I can finally get him away from the knight. This makes him rain (explosive) death on my monsters without me having any way to prevent it. He easily kills the toughest monsters in one turn. Arcane Bolt Gives a blue and a yellow dice (since he is Tarha he can reroll the blue dice if he gets the X) 1 surge gives pierce 2 Potential for two surges and 4 damage Disciple Gives an additional yellow dice potential for 1 surge and 2 more damage (3 surges and 6 damage so far) Mana weave and rune mastery 2 guaranteed surges (potential for 5 surges and 6 damage) Surges Runic Knowledge (adds two guaranteed damage and suffer one fatigue (or damage in case he has no stamina left, but he gets healed every round by the disciple anyway) pierce 2 recover one stamina (or health when close enough to the disciple, making runic knowledge cost nothing, even at full fatigue) End result: An attack with a guaranteed damage of 3 with pierce 2 and propably blast too, with no fatigue costs and the potential to have it cost 1 fatigue and be an 8 damage pierce 2 blast... for ONE action. A second attack follows, where he regains another stamina thanks to his guaranteed surges (at least only two potential surges from rolls here, but nevertheless he usually gets back all of his stamina, unless he uses exploding rune, in which case the potential damage goes through the roof and which presence alone forces me to not put my monsters together, making many monsters almost unplayable or very weak in tight spaces) So this character rarely runs out of stamina, cannot be dispatched quickly and gets healed for 1-3 points every turn unless the really tough knight takes a harsh beating (but why would I want to attack the knight? The amount of damage I would need to bring him down AND attacking the Runemaster before the Knight is up and running again.) and kills multiple monsters each turn. The massive amount of surges also make shadow dragons useless, Ettins die even faster, small monsters get killed by blasts. I don't know how to deal with that group. The only weakness they have is that every one of them has only 2 perception, but that rarely does anything for me. And tips about weaknesses I overlook here? A monster that would be great dealing with her? So far I am only playing the base game. Any particular expansions you would recommend to make it a little harder for this character?
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