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  1. Portrait Version Landscape Version The Word document is attached. You'll also need the two attached fonts to see the symbols. I got them from the forums here. genesysCheatSheet.docx EotE_Symbol-Regular_v1.otf Genesys.ttf
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I'll fix guarded stance when I get home, also fix cover under environment which I noticed is slightly wrong. I'll upload the word file also if you want to do your own edits. Portrait mode should be pretty quick, might get a little less organized though, with sections spilling over. Magic / hacking and other rules are on my list, but won't have time before my game tomorrow (and I don't use either in my setting.) Anyways, please point out any other errors!
  3. Hey, so, part of learning a system for me is creating a hyper detailed GM screen. Not sure if anyone else will find this huge chunk of data useful, but it's here if you want it: Genesys Hyperdetailed GM Screen
  4. Do you say the same thing about RPGs that get released in PDF format only?
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