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  1. I know it'll never happen, but it would be neat to see the same "power levels" set up retroactively applied to all the Star Wars enemies.
  2. Anyone looking for Skill Challenge rules probably already knows, but the 4e D&D DM's guide 2 has a great chapter on them. Not everything is 1 to 1 for Genesys, but it's a great overview with some very interesting, and complex, examples.
  3. This is what I'm going to do for my game, though I'll probably tweak some talents here and there to either remove "Star Wars" specific stuff or to shift the flavor of what I'm going for a bit.
  4. No, I'd keep the "it has to be a Tier 3 Talent into a Tier 3 spot" requirement, just offer players a little bit of choice and flexibility in what makes up their Tier 3.
  5. I'd add 4. Cuts down on player min/maxing 5. Doesn't overload new players with 100+ things they can pick between I kind of almost like the idea of Talent Trees with "open" spots where you can select any "Tier X" talent to slot into the spot, with the only caveat being they can't select something already in the Tree in a different location. It could open up some interesting design space. Now if only I could find a good tool to create Talent Trees with.
  6. In the thread discussing the book's pending release date. If you want, I can message you a write up of the new material so it can be added to this document.
  7. Honestly, the Adversary creation rules (with the new "Challenge Rating") is all I've wanted for a long time. Now, personally I would have liked to see a mechanic like Duty or Obligation added into Genesys as I think they are interesting mechanically and from a story telling perspective, but I agree. At this point I feel the core rules are feature complete and my poaching from other sources (non-narrative dice) is pretty much over. That said, I've thought of a spell type I'd like to see, Animate. You can kind of do it with Conjure I suppose, but using magic to bring a broom to life or make a spoon stir a pot of water or cause a statue to spring to life feels like the last major thing "missing."
  8. My copy arrived several days ago.
  9. The Expanded Player's Guide has twenty new talents as well, all Magic focused apart from one that improves Animal Companion.
  10. Vehicle creation rules encompass four pages or so. For the most part it consists of tables with different prices for various silhouettes, speed/handling ratings, and hull ratings, and the explanations of that material. It's reasonable enough. There are also around ten pages of example vehicles.
  11. My copy has arrived. After doing a quick read through, the two stand out sections are easily the Adversary creation rules and the new Magic based Talents. Both sections are pretty crunchy, especially the Adversary rules. The Magic talents will make some people happy (Teleportation, Druid Animal Companion) and the three new spells are amusingly enough pretty similar to the versions I created way back, though Predict is rather different. All three have a nice "+3 difficulty" option that make them feel distinct from other spells. I think my only nitpick is that there are no new non-magic Talents, but considering the sheer number of talents in the Star Wars books that people have already converted over, I don't really feel that is a problem.
  12. Tracking is finally working for my order, should arrive by 8pm Saturday. Perfect arrival, right at the start of vacation, giving me plenty of time to pour over all the new options. Of course the best part of new RPG books is the smell.
  13. Received an email this morning that my pre-order for the Player Guide has shipped and should arrive in two days. The 11/29 release date feels like a pretty good date to hold a "general" release too, though I bet some local stores might just stock as soon as they receive their orders.
  14. I'm already picturing how horrible this will turn out at my table.
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