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  1. I'm already picturing how horrible this will turn out at my table.
  2. This is very similar to how I've been writing my adversaries up. It's a great, quick way to see everything quickly.
  3. Instead of talents, I'd love a far more comprehensive list of suggestions to use Triumph and Advantage on. I know there are a few community created resources, but I think a more in depth listing would really help newer players.
  4. I've been using it for a Dark Sun game I'm running to simulate the Defiling/Preserving mechanic. I blacked out an additional white pip, since Defiling is by default the easier of the two. Any spell cast rolls the Force Dice along with it. Black Pips allow for "Defiling" and can be spent as either Advantage at a one to one or as Success at two to one on the spell. Yes, this means spells have a ton of Success at times, but it also moves characters along a Defiling track similar to the Dark Side one and has massive story consequences. Meanwhile, Preserving returns an additional 1 Strain after the Spell is cast per pip. It's rough and I'm going to be tweaking it, but it hits the dichotomy of casting in Dark Sun well.
  5. You know that moment you end up feeling super stupid? That's me now. I wonder if a far more limited version, perhaps a specific spell type, could pass balance muster, either as a Tier 3 spell with the Story Point or as a Tier 4 without it. I like the idea of combining Spell effects a good deal though. I think just adding the difficulties might be "balanced" enough really. Attack+Augment becomes a Hard check, and that's before any other "effects" are added on. As an attack, that's not all that impressive. The real fun there comes when you start rolling Threat and Despair. Sure you damaged the enemy, buuut those Threat also mean they are the thing you Augmented.
  6. I like "Two-handed stance" as an incentive to not Dual-Wield, use a shield (fantasy), or use a Two-handed weapon.
  7. For Vampiric touch, one of the implement materials in Terrinoth allows you to recover wounds. Speaking of combining spell effects, would anyone else want to see Talents that allow for "fast" casting? Things like Barrier and Augment are neat, but it sort of sucks for a player to have that be their entire turn since they don't get to do any 'damage' that round.
  8. Though I already created spells for what I saw as lacking (Divination, Enchantment, Illusion), I'd like to see the group discuss what spells they would add/feel are missing from the core rules. It would be very interesting to see if they think anything is "lacking" or if you can't achieve various effects from other systems (D&D) with what is currently in Genesys.
  9. Cyvaris

    Recovering Strain

    The Strain system is really great and is a much better approximation of how books/movies usually handle spellcasting. Reading books set in D&D realms has always amused me because the authors bend over backwards to include the utterly asinine Vancian system.
  10. Cyvaris

    Recovering Strain

    I am stealing the "1 strain per , 1 strain per and 3 strain per " for my game.
  11. Cyvaris

    Grid Combat

    For my table Engaged-in adjacent square/hex Short-out to 5 squares (25ft) Medium-out to 10 squares (50 feet) Long-out to 20 squares (100 feet) Extreme-40 squares (200 feet) I know this clips off the ranges a bit from core, but it feels "good" and allows for easy conversions of "can move up to short range" on a grid.
  12. This is all looking good so far. It's a lot of fun reading this thread because it really reminds me how much I enjoyed the series. It's not some pinnacle of fantasy fiction, but it's just the right level of fun. I'm really split right now since I have a great idea for a game set in the immediate (or at least five or so years) aftermath of the Void war that I want to run but none of my players have read the series. Of course that just means I can straight steal the books plot for a game but....
  13. I....honestly can't remember. Probably should be equal to . Enchantment I've been playing around with for awhile trying to find something that is mechanically distinct from other Spells enough to justify its existence. I want something similar to FaD "Influence" power, but with at least some sort of mechanics to it. Also tempted to have it downgrade the difficulty of the next social check in some way, shape, or form.
  14. I probably killed it be accident then when I was reworking/reshuffling stuff in the GDrive. Attaching it here. I need to go back and tweak some parts of it (Signature Spell is a talent now and Prepared Spells are WAY stronger than I wanted) but the three core "new" spells I made I still really like. GenesysSpells.pdf
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