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  1. Hello, all. I would love to start an online game of Cthulhutech using the Genesys system. I am not sure where to look for players since I wish to use Discord only. So I thought that I would start here. If there is a better place for this, please let me know. The basic idea I have right now is a group made up of civilians and soldiers who will be assigned black ops missions. Cthulhutech is a futuristic setting based on Cthulhu mythos. The Mi go tried once to wipe out the human race by creating an "alien" species with a false warrior culture. This war ended in a stalemate and they joined Earth. The Mi go have returned to strike, but the forces of other forbidden gods have decided now is the time to act as well. Magic and technology exist side by side and even together. Humanoid mecha stalk the battlefield, along with normal forces of war. I am thinking of running this on Tuesday night est, but I am open to other possible times. I can not start until the new Year. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in playing.
  2. The campaign idea I have is to set things after the final dragon fight. Where the last dragon has gained all of the pieces and then left this world. Unfortunately, all of the fall out has massively tainted the world. The PCs have recently been chosen to find a location for a new outpost. Right now I am not sure if I should try to convert all of the races, or wait to see what the players are interested in.
  3. Is anyone else familiar with the Iron Kingdoms setting, by Privateer Press? I would love discuss my conversion ideas. Not to mention what I want to do with the setting.
  4. Nohwear

    GM Screen?

    I find it more likely that the only screens will be for specific settings, especially ones that have special rules.
  5. What problems, if any, do people foresee with directly porting the force powers from Star wars into a Genesys campaign? Aside from needing a special die that is.
  6. I think it is the fact that the board game felt like it would be best as a role playing game.
  7. If I am in the wrong here, then I apologize. Beyond that, I think that I will take my own advice.
  8. You know what? I do not care who is at fault here. Both of you please just walk away.
  9. Nohwear

    Larger than life

    I have been looking through the book while playing around with ideas. I was looking at the No Mere Mortals rule option and this caused me to think. Would this rule work for characters who are not really supers, but are larger than and a cut above the rest? I am thinking more about pulp heroes and street level supers.
  10. Alright, time to tackle Knowledge skills. My first thought is History, Streetwise, and Culture. As always, feedback is appreciated.
  11. So to answer the other question, you would say either as equipment or both?
  12. I am working on a cyberpunk setting where the characters are all part of a PMC that has stationed them in the Alaskan Quarantine Zone. The setting is based on Interface Zero 2.0. While I plan to shamelessly steal mechanics from the Star wars games, I am in sure how to handle cybernetics. As far as I can tell there are three ways to handle them. One is to have them be equipment that you buy. Two, they could just be flavor for talents and such. Or I could use both. If they can be bought as equipment, then I am unsure of how to handle it, especially if I want to include some sort of limit on how much a body can handle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Nohwear

    Gear Prices

    I plan on just reflavoring gear from Star wars.
  14. I have not yet looked through the book thoroughly, but I think that any new skills are just new names to fit the game.
  15. In the Last City, certain criminals are chosen to be put to death and have their souls bound into special gems. These gems are placed in living constructs that are sent into the wasteland on missions. Most of these missions are for gathering resources. The world is one part post apocalyptic, one part fantasy. The Last City uses a lot of technomancy. Wands take the form of guns, and most upgrades are runes. This is all I have so far. Feel free to give feedback and ask questions. It will help me to develop my game.
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