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  1. Here is what I have come up with. Advice is appreciated. Meteor Snipe (49 cards) Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. -- agenda (13 cards) 1 False Lead 3 Meteor Mining 2 Priority Requisition 1 Private Security Force 3 Project Atlas 3 Standoff -- asset (6 cards) 3 PAD Campaign 3 Quarantine System -- ice (21 cards) 1 Archer 2 Caduceus 3 Enigma 1 Hadrian's Wall 2 Hive 2 Hunter 2 Ice Wall 2 Shadow 3 SYNC BRE 3 Wall of Static -- operation (6 cards) 3 Beanstalk Royalties 1 Mass Commercialization 2 Shipment from Kaguya -- upgrade (3 cards) 3 Oberth Protocol Download Android Netrunner DeckBuilder for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shuneault.netrunnerdeckbuilder
  2. How many Wayland players use Asteroid Mining to try and win the game? What are some good packs to pursue for this sort of deck? I currently have Revised Core, Daedalus Complex, and Blood and Water. I am new to Netrunner, and I have fallen in love with the idea of killing my opponent with a meteor.
  3. I know that the book talks about Tanhauser, but what are some other Weird War Two settings that you like? I am not sure if I want to use an existing one, or create my own. Either way, I could use some inspiration.
  4. Hello, all. Some people have started playing at my localist FLGS. I have decided to join them. Is there some sort of buy guide to help me decide what to get when I decided to expand beyond the new Core Set? If anyone feels like throwing out any other advice, that would be appreciated also.
  5. Nohwear

    The Last Noel

    Christmas morning, a meme goes viral called it uses a section of the song The First Noel to describe how the world is going to end on next Christmas Eve. The setting is a hidden urban fantasy. The apocalypse is supernatural in nature. I just needed get this idea down. I do need to flesh it out more. Thoughts so far?
  6. Hello, all. Progress report time. I have obtained Khazad-Dum and the first pack in that cycle. I really like the idea of a Dwarven Armory deck. The problem that I have been encountering is dealing with locations and questing. Is there any pack that has a Tactics hero with good Willpower? I do appreciate the help I have been given so far.
  7. I am very intrigued and would like to join such a pbp.
  8. If I remember right, Hero's Emporium in Indianapolis has it.
  9. This game has a lot of potential, but it will flounder with out support.
  10. Thank you everyone, I think that I will just use a pseudo currency. Although some valuable stuff will require other things to obtain.
  11. I am working on a setting that is a fantasy version of sub Sahara Africa, although I suppose this applies to post apocalyptic settings as well. The question is how to best handle a barter economy? Is it better to have the PCs actually be forced to trade stuff, or come up with a pseudo currency and describe it as small items that are in high demand and easy to carry. What is your opinion?
  12. I am just starting to get into this game, so yes please!
  13. I have an idea brewing called Route 666. This is the nickname given to a particularly dangerous route that is needed to bring vital supplies to a tactical linchpin to hold off a hostile alien force. This may or may not be set in the world of Cthulhutech. The PCs would be either drivers or security for the vehicles. I will continue to add to this thread as I develop this idea further. Questions and other feedback is appreciated.
  14. I think that it would be best to use talents to make the different fighting styles distinct.
  15. @widomknight, you seem to be in a very argumentative mood.
  16. I actually question the basic premise here, pound per pound, an elephant is not that strong. It is just big.
  17. Hello, all. I am just starting out. I have not played much yet, but it seems that it is hard to avoid a death spiral with out a lot of allies. I would appreciate some guidance on what sphere(s) of influence to take, and what expansions to buy. I like the idea of a small but elite group. Is this even feasible in this game? All I have right now is the core set, but I can afford an expansion or two adventures right now.
  18. Sadly, for some winning equals fun. How they win does not matter, as long as they win
  19. Hi, I plan on getting into this game. While I am fine with playing solo, I just thought that I would put feelers out there. If there are other people in the area that want to get together and play, please let me know. Game Time, Sinclaiire Games, and Hero's Emporium are the closest FLGSs to my house. Feel free to respond here or PM me.
  20. I would like to get into this game, the physical game incase it needs to be clarified. I will likely be playing solo. What would you recommend I get after the core set?
  21. I have been about races. While I would love to allow a Fetch character, I am not sure how to stat such modular race, especially a living one.
  22. @Kakita Shijin, this will be a live game using just voice. @Hecks, mecha, Taggers, and Engle will be either left in the background or converted when the plot calls for it.
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