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  1. I will be starting a campaign soon. More than likely, it will be Path to Carcosa. One person has played most of the campaign, two people, a couple I believe, just played for the first time yesterday. I am trying to decide on my Investigator. I have narrowed it down to Daisy Walker, Sefina Rousseau, or Akachi Onyele. I do not know what the other people will be playing yet. Who would you recommend. I have some experience, but not a lot.
  2. I have decided that I will be playing William Yorik, the Gravedigger. If I can not find another person to play with, then I will play a different investigator as well. Are there any packs or expansions that you would recommend for Yorik specifically? That is outside of the Carcosa line.
  3. If they do that, then hopefully they replace the Burning Sands with their own similar IP.
  4. I already own a physical copy. This whole thing started when I was looking through my collection.
  5. That is the book indeed. Alright, thank you then.
  6. Where is a good place to find lore on the Burning Sands section of the world? I have found my copy of the RPG and I would like to convert it to Genesys.
  7. I find it rather unlikely that they would support a second Cthulhu Mythos game. Especially if Arkham is doing well.
  8. I am a new player to Arkham Horror. I will be starting the Path to Carcosa campaign. Are there any other packs that you would recommend for the player cards? I am not sure yet if or how many people will be joining me. I have not settled on an investigator yet. I currently just have the core set, but will pick up more when I get paid.
  9. Has anyone made a 40k Space Marine race yet? I am thinking of trying to convert Deathwatch. Thank you in advanced.
  10. I was looking about and noticed that the restricted list has been updated. The new list will be official towards the end of the month.
  11. My main problem is details. I have terrible fine motor control. I can not help but feel that there is no real difference between all grey and all white, using storm troopers as an example.
  12. @Jabby I finished my point after editing. Stupid fat fingers.
  13. First of all, I just want to state that this has nothing to do with rather or not Legion models should come pre-painted. FFG has made their decision and I highly doubt that they will change their mind at this point. Now then, you know how some people don't want you to see their drawings? Now imagine that their tablets cost $25 per page. Further in order to get the most enjoyment from these drawings, they have to put them on display. Further they can also get the same enjoyment from the tablet by just using a blank page. This is why I play unpainted at least.
  14. I suppose that you do have a point, and I was likely a bit harsh. The main point was a challenge to be the solution instead of just complaining, and possibly driving people away. I do apologize for that which I have done wrong.
  15. I do not know why, but unfortunately it seems that I am having trouble understanding your point. Please clarify for me.
  16. The following is a bit of a rant. If you do not like to look at an opponent's unpainted army, put up or shut up. There are plenty of people who are terrible at painting and lack the funds to pay a painter. Unless you are willing to teach or paint their minis for cost or less, then please do not give a player grief for playing unpainted. It is gatekeeping. Thank you for putting up with that.
  17. Nohwear

    Scorched Earth

    I am working on a post apocalyptic campaign called Scorched Earth. The apocalypse is caused by mysterious fires that can almost seem intelligent. The more people concentrate in an area, the more likely that these fires start. I also like the idea of a zombie analog called the scorched. They are basically created by the fires, but I am debating if they are reanimates who were killed by it, or survivors who go mad. The world was a cyberpunk setting before the fires came. I would appreciate feed back and suggestions on what to mine for ideas for inspiration, descriptions, and game mechanics. Thank you in advance.
  18. Just ignore those who would give you flak for playing unpainted.
  19. I feel that I need more experience first. But I do plan on try it at some point.
  20. I love the idea behind Adam, a bioroid with an unusually large amount of independence with a mysterious past. I really want to play him, but I am having trouble coming up with a plan, or even a real concept. I would appreciate it if those who play him were to tell me about your deck. Hopefully something will inspire me.
  21. Since I have only recently decided to get into Legion, I have not really been following things. Based on what we know so far, which side better supports small but elite?
  22. It is my understanding that you only need multiple Core boxes if you want to play competitively. Even then, you should be fine with two.
  23. Next I would buy the box for whichever story you want to play through.
  24. First of all, thank you. Secondly, do you have any recommendations for what to purchase next? I am just getting into the hobby, and my card pool is very limited right now.
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