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  1. I know that it has not been that long, but has anyone been able to get much experience with the council ally?
  2. being chased you see a ship invitingly open its doors for you. It is only after leaving the planet that party discovers that no one else is on board.
  3. Some form of gift? Maybe as an attempt to pass off a McGuffin.
  4. Thank you, everyone. After talking with people elsewhere, I have come up with a simple list that I will learn and fly with.
  5. I wonder if they plan on focusing on the "return to" boxes for a bit.
  6. I am just surprised that Scum is getting another ship already. Not that I am complaining.
  7. Sorry, I probably should not have posted right before I go to bed. I would prefer to stick with those three ships. I do have both the Scum conversion kit and the core for 2.0.
  8. I played the following list last night and had a lot of fun. I would appreciate some help on tweaking it. StarViper-class Attack Platform - •Dalan Oberos - 86 •Dalan Oberos - Elite Bounty Hunter (54) Outmaneuver (6) Proton Torpedoes (9) Hull Upgrade (7) •Virago (10) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - •N’dru Suhlak - 46 •N’dru Suhlak - Hunt Saboteur (31) Elusive (3) Concussion Missiles (6) Shield Upgrade (6) Kihraxz Fighter - •Viktor Hel - 66 •Viktor Hel - Storied Bounty Hunter (45) Predator (2) Homing Missiles (3) Afterburners (8) Munitions Failsafe (2) Stealth Device (6) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  9. I have decided to set this idea aside, and maybe revisit it later.
  10. So then cut down on the extras and get more ships?
  11. Alright, since the list concept is legal, what do people think of the concept and composition?
  12. I am afraid that I do not understand. Is the list concept illegal?
  13. I have an odd idea for a list that I would appreciate some feedback on. I am fine with scrapping the whole thing. Escape Craft - •L3-37 - 31 •L3-37 - Droid Revolutionary (22) Elusive (3) Shield Upgrade (6) Escape Craft - •Outer Rim Pioneer - 33 •Outer Rim Pioneer - Skillful Outlaw (24) Elusive (3) Shield Upgrade (6) Escape Craft - •Lando Calrissian - 35 •Lando Calrissian - Smooth-talking Gambler (26) Elusive (3) Shield Upgrade (6) Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter - •Han Solo - 99 •Han Solo - The Corellian Kid (54) •Squad Leader (4) Cluster Missiles (5) Perceptive Copilot (10) Seasoned Navigator (5) Inertial Dampeners (1) Shield Upgrade (4) •Lando’s Millennium Falcon (6) Agile Gunner (10) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The main idea is to keep the escape craft near the Millennium Falcon and swap around which one is docked.
  14. Depending on how helpful the starter is, I may just start by buying only one deck pack.
  15. I have been looking at this game some and I believe that this game is designed with casual play in mind. For those who want to play ccg like games but would rather avoid a bunch of tier one net decks. Now then, I am not trying to tell you how to play such games, merely that I think this game is designed with a certain type of audience in mind. The play style seems to be trying to capture the feel of having a limited card pool and having to just shove what you have into a deck. I get that this game will not be for everyone. Mainly I just felt like sharing my thoughts so far.
  16. N'Dru Suhlak (Z-95 Headhunter) -hot shot blaster -predator Dalan Oberos (Starviper) -munitions failsafe -proton torpedoes -outmaneuver Viktor Hel (Kihraxz Fighter) -vaksai -vectored thrusters -pulsed ray shield -ion dischargers -stealth device -ion pulse missiles -marksmanship
  17. I just put together my first Scum list. It really is a mishmash of the stuff I like. I am largely thinking out loud of how one tends to start by making lists that are really just taking what you like, but only with experience do you learn how to make lists with synergy and strategy. I can share my list if you want, but I am mainly just musing on the learning process.
  18. Nohwear

    Strike 3

    Sorry, but small pet peeve. Lightyears is a measure of distance, not time.
  19. I joust bought the Guns for Hire and Most Wanted expansions. I also have the original Core. Since I want to keep my purchases to a min before 2.0, what else would be considered vital for Scum? Right now I am more concerned with learning to fly.
  20. Nohwear


    Happy Birthday and all that!
  21. Definitely Scum and Villainy for me.
  22. I think that I shall start playing now. Besides the reasons above, it would also be nice to meet my local meta before the possible influx of new people. Although I must admit that impatience is also playing a part. I just hope that I am not merely jumping on the advice that tells me what I want to hear.
  23. Hello, all. I played briefly a few years ago and I have decided that I want to return. With 2.0 coming, I have to wonder what I should do? Do I just wait until September? Do I just buy ships that will be in the conversion kits?
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