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  1. In my experience, some players use spin downs as their main die in D&D. Some DMs allow them, some do not.
  2. I honestly do not understand what you are trying to accomplish.
  3. Since I am having trouble using email on my phone, can I send you the picture via private message here?
  4. Given how they specify the what sort of tokens you can use, I would run anything besides the tokens from the core box by the to.
  5. Given that the card says one additional card, I would imagine that they stack. Basically, each Mother you have on the Battle Line increases your min hand size by one. Chains decrease it by the value on the card based on your number of chains. At that is my understanding.
  6. Did yo notify the store where you found the card?
  7. I believe that people were using table top simulator to play this game before the main release. Webcams may also make it possible.
  8. Or better yet, create a simple print friendly version.
  9. Nohwear


    I have a few FLGSs that I frequent. I know at least one has similar problems.
  10. Nohwear

    Great Success!

    I just want to say congratz! to those that worked on this game. I went to the prerelease event today and had a lot of fun. I hope this game lasts for many years to come.
  11. I have come up with a campaign idea and I thought that I would share it. There are those gifted with the ability to interact with the kami on a level beyond shugenja are capable of. Those with this gift are secretly used to deal with kami that are causing trouble. Their function is to figure out why, and settle the matter .Those such gifted are "invited" to join a special branch of the Miya Vassal family. Feel free to give your thoughts.
  12. Nohwear

    Clone Wars!

    I may pick up a second faction.
  13. Emon is the point of the list. I am not sure that I have much thought put into my choice of support ships beyond the fact that they are two of my favorite.
  14. I would appreciate some feedback on this list. My biggest concern is if I should take cheaper support ships to either add another ship or buff Emon. Kihraxz Fighter - •Viktor Hel - 51 •Viktor Hel - Storied Bounty Hunter (45) Stealth Device (6) StarViper-class Attack Platform - •Dalan Oberos - 56 •Dalan Oberos - Elite Bounty Hunter (54) Predator (2) Firespray-class Patrol Craft - •Emon Azzameen - 91 •Emon Azzameen - Shipping Magnate (76) Proximity Mines (6) •Andrasta (6) Seismic Charges (3) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  15. I may be starting an in person game. Since I do not want to force people to buy dice, especially at the beginning, how many sets of dice should I get for the group to share?
  16. Nohwear

    Listbuilding in 2.0

    If you do not mind me joining in. I fly more for fun. I really like Emon for some reason.
  17. If your players can get their own material, then I would just use Discord and the the honor system.
  18. At least in older versions, Lion Sheginjas are combat medics. Healing spells use the Water ring.
  19. I only have one Core set, plus some expansions, and I enjoy the game just fine. I was nearly killed, but I did survive a Labyrinths of Lunacy epic multiplayer game.
  20. Fortunately, all of us in the player card side play the card. Heck, most of us were also interested in the LotR LCG.
  21. My understanding is that Ikiaq's controller draws the weaknesses, but they are returned to the owner after the game or after the weakness leaves play.
  22. Personally, I would be fine with a co-op Android LCG. I do not know if competitive or co-op would draw less ire.
  23. We were given the art and a basic guide line. One group was told to make a player card, the other a basic weakness.
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