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  1. I just bid low until I find it. It puts the dragon player under honor pressure if he keeps bidding 5 and they don't have easy ways to gain honor or honor their guys aside from rings.
  2. So your telling me that instead going for the easy break on public forum you swung at a new province when you had 12 cards? You deserve exactly what you got. You made a big play mistake and got punished. >Phoenix >Hard to win with I have not laughed so hard in days.
  3. When I found myself pitching it to soak the negation from Kisada I knew it was time to cut it.
  4. They could easily just buy two cores and trade someone else in the play group for the third set of cards for the clan they want to play.
  5. So they are mad that they have to spend money now when they were going to spend that money later anyway?
  6. I think it might be that Scorpion are consistent because of strong dynasty cards that have more stats for the cost then many other clans get.
  7. Naw the kami know better. If they don't answer the prayers of the Mantis the Mantis will just hire goons to break their legs.
  8. I don't think they will do that this time. I think that instead of uniting the empire as a ronin warlord they would have him use his position as emerald champion to do that.
  9. I am pretty sure they are setting up the coup again.
  10. Instead we get the worlds decision to be whether some crane who may or may not be relevant is killed and the kotai have no story decision.
  11. Well last time they did not even get married until he had been Emperor twice, kidnapped, tortured and driven mad by the servants of the lying darkness. Then he committed seppuku.
  12. Akodo Toturi exp hype. Now with the Imperial trait.
  13. The reason they are "bad" is because they selfishly put yourself ahead of your duty to others which is an important part of Rokugani society. As to the Sith always being the bad guys they have to be. There is no way a big movie or story could be made today that would advocate for the kind of master morality that the Sixth would represent if they were cast in any light other than unredeemable villains who do bad things for the fun of it.
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