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  1. Legacy games are on the rise - which got me thinking how great a legacy Arkham Horror would be!? What would essentially be Third Edition would have loads of potential... Locations could be permanently destroyed - new locations could be opened/built Undefeated Epic monsters could stalk investigators between sessions Investigators could be permanently killed or driven insane making them un-selectable on future scenarios (they could even come back as elite enemies) with more investigators travelling to arkham via unlockable objectives. Expansions could add post-game content allowing for future scenarios beyond “core story” Ancient Ones could have a “revenge” variant making them more aggressive if they reappear in a later scenario if they were previously defeated FFG could even lead the genre by removing the biggest complaint about legacy games - stickers! Any components that would be stickers could be used with magnetised tiles - allowing to reset the board at the end of a campaign (im talking thin and flexible magnet material just like some fridge magnets - so boards can still fold up between sessions) Alot of ground work has been laid in AH:TCG and in the upcoming EH:Masks expansion next year - its all about making the leap into this genre which is about to take off and FFG leading innovation in it. Also the name “Arkham Legacy” just sends goosebumps all over, no?
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