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  1. It would of the games weren't so long.
  2. Adaptive Ailerons is also a maneuver.
  3. To be fair Vonreg got the highest Init but the weakest ability of the TIE/Ba pilots.
  4. The more interesting topic is of course 2 force/calculate vs 1 focus but even then it's fairly clear that 2 force/calc is better than 1 focus.
  5. 5 Tie bombers with Barrage Rockets and Seismic charges while 2 of them also has Proton Bombs is 39 charges. Not sure if it's max but should be close to.
  6. Outside of the possibility of us being tied when the last turn of the game comes around where I might disengage I wouldn't even consider it. it's not how I play, I'm there to roll dice and have fun
  7. Yes but that's not really applicable to x-wing is it? Infinity has 10 factions with something like 75 sku per faction. Compared 7 factions with 5-15 for sku x-wing. Even if every faction gets up to 15 ships it's still less than 1/7 of what infinity has. Heck Bushido which is a small niche games has almost 3 times the SKU x-wing would have if everything was re released.
  8. Two other miniature games I'm playing (Infinity and Bushido) both have this where you can either play the vanilla faction which gives you access to pretty much everything or play a subsection, in Infinity this is called a sectorial which gives you access to a new powerful rule called Fireteams while the Themes in Bushido give very varying bonuses where in general the more limiting the theme is the more powerful the bonus. They do it very differently where an Infinity Sectorial is almost a faction in it self which sometimes have access to profiles not available to the vanilla faction or access to units from other factions while Themes in Bushido is just a single card with a short list of unit types included and excluded and what bonus you get. But the concept is very similar and I think it could work well for X-Wing (and not just for the Scum).
  9. mcgreag

    Cannon points change.

    You missed one ship, Alpha-class Star wing with Xg-1 Assault Configuration.
  10. So Multi-Missile Pods are just better Barrage Rockets?
  11. Which means you are in effect paying 7p for that crack shot compared to a Delta. Yes you get higher initiative but only high enough that it will be easier to block you. I find it very hard to justify an onyx.
  12. Just going to say that quick builds don't prove anything. They released a limited edition quick build card that had an TIE/LN Fighter with a Missile and the Target Lock action to use it...
  13. Also note that there are another similar card that specifically states that it should be assigned before placing forces and that is Director Krennic:
  14. That's what happens when you nerf all the competitive non force stuff. It's not like empire started out force heavy in the meta (other than maybe supernatural Vader) but one after another their good non force lists got nerfed. Bombers, Punishers, Phantoms.
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