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  1. Lt Karsabi with HLC was ok in 1.0, played him a lot. But it was definitively not OP.
  2. Omicron Group Pilot (43) Jamming Beam (0) Ciena Ree (10) Hull Upgrade (3) ST-321 (4) Delta Squadron Pilot (70) Jamming Beam (0) Delta Squadron Pilot (70) Jamming Beam (0) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 This have worked fine for me. I think the idea of using her reactivly is a trap, the number of situations where a single dialed in move could be modified by her to correctly react to the opponent is so low it's not worth considering. Instead use her to make your own moves more unpredictable.
  3. So you are saying that the reason to take Karsabi is to be able to slam and do an unmodified 2 die attack? Because the HLC thing is not a reason, Rho or Nu with advanced slam and HLC will do a 3 die + focus with is statistically better than 4 die without focus. And Trickshot is just a joke, you are not going to convince me that a ship at is practically limited to 2 banks can consistently line up shots through obstacles without flying into them the next turn. I stand by my point, Karsabi has no reason to exist.
  4. Only difference is primary, for cannon and munitions the titles already enable the same thing except the titles allows you to do a double 3 every turn with cannons or with munitions if you have a lock.
  5. Uh no? Karsabi does not allow you do Slam, reload and shoot in the same turn.
  6. With the title you can reload and shoot the same turn anyway. If feel that fit just proved my point. Karsabi might as well not exist as a pilot.
  7. I ran loaded Vynder (Proton Torps, FCS, Adv Slam, OS-1, Crack shot) with a mini inferno swarm (Howlrunner with shield upgrade and crack shot, Del Meko, Ceyn, Gideon, Ceyn with marksmanship, rest with crackshot) at the club yesterday. Lost to the Fat Han list with 5 points, had Han down to 1 hp. Then won against Kylo, Blackout, Midnight. The Gunboat is fine but not great, it suffers mostly from a lack of good Cannons and a lack of pilots (in practice it only has 1 named as Karsabi is completely pointless with the changed titles). Also Barrage Rockets on Gunboats are bad, it's anti-synergy with the title.
  8. If you want a more "clean" wash, make the lines stand out without it looking like it's covered in oil you should take a look at enamel washes.
  9. Which is 50% more ships than the First Order have...
  10. In casual game where we usually play with the normal tournament time limit (to get more games in) we seldomly finish before time unless one of the players resign. But it had at least as much to do with talking about other things while playing so everything takes a bit longer.
  11. I didn't have any problems with that. I just put into the middle of the fight and slow roll from there, by the time it's time to turn around it's usually dead anyway :-).
  12. 3 Defenders was my goto squad towards the end of 1.0 but I must say I really like the new Defenders as well. If you haven't already I really suggest trying out 2 Defender + Coordinating shuttle with boosting crew of choice (Palp, Ciena, Death Troopers, Slicer), not saying it's better than 3 defenders used to be but it's really fun to fly and works fine.
  13. I friend of mine has glued together an X-Wing and a Z-95 identification marker (those used with the plastic dial cover). The Z-95 looks like an x-wing with foils closed, and the X-wing of course has them open. And then he placed it next to the ship and turned it over depending one the state. Might not help you remember to change your state but it's great to keep track of what it actually is.
  14. Not hyperspace but this is the list I have been running her with and it has been doing well for me. Not taken it to any tournaments yet because I haven't had time to go to any lately but at the next extended tournament it will likely be the list I will be running. I think it works very well with defenders because it allows them to do maneuvers which they otherwise have problems with, like for example pre move coordinate a barrel roll away and turn back to starting position and then do a 3 straight to clear the stress. Position wise very similar to a 1-turn but you get your token stack and don't end up stressed. Omicron Group Pilot (43) Jamming Beam (0) Ciena Ree (10) Hull Upgrade (3) ST-321 (4) Delta Squadron Pilot (70) Jamming Beam (0) Delta Squadron Pilot (70) Jamming Beam (0) Total: 200
  15. Yeah the docking rules just say "3. The ship may perform one action.". Not do your perform action step or anything like that so obstacles unless they give stress will not stop it.
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