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  1. Temp alliance him with Maul? But Maul has drawbacks too. Even though that ability is really cool, force user is one of the weakest traits in the game, and so abilities that revolve around that trait will remain subpar until some great force user command cards are released.
  2. It depends on the mission. If the hero’s will be forced to be close together, I like arc blasters, if they must spread spread out, I like imperial industry. Typically my opening deployment will have Hired Guns as close to the hero’s as possible with arc blasters. Troopers are usually my choice for imperial industry, especially if I have cloaking device. I have put in on a probe droid before to, but that was a unique situation that called for it.
  3. R Hired Guns with experimental arms and arc blasters are some of the best units you can field. Even if the rebels ignore them they will eventually kill themselves for an extra attack. Imperial industry with experimental arms on them is devastating for the rebels as well.
  4. Perhaps smugglers aren’t a complete waste on courier mission, but they lose value significantly. Their attack is not that great, you can get an occasional stun if you’re lucky. If you have R2 they don’t have much value holding the terminal. Screening for Han or Rangers is the best move. You can still bring them of course, they don’t lose viability, I just think they lose the most on this map.
  5. Biggest loser: smugglers. Absolutely worthless except for blocking on the courier droid mission
  6. Download Slack from your App Store, sign up, and then send an email to the guys from the podcast. I knew nothing about slack at first as well but it’s pretty easy to figure out. The conversation on Slack is great!
  7. I would definitely read a blog about that. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  8. So I just wanted to share this varient for anyone who might be interested. My campaign group and I have started playing the app with a varient that includes an imperial player. I have played through the app before and the others haven’t, so I am playing the imperial. This leaves some of the fear of the unknown for the rebels but also gives the empire the traditional information advantage. I am controlling the empire by using the force activation tool to choose who to activate, and then I am ignoring the app bonuses and just using the deployment card abilities. The first mission resulted in a down to the wire win for the rebels. It seems pretty balanced so far.
  9. The problem that I have found is that rerolls and normal attacks come out exactly the same, because your odds for rolling any one side of the dice remain constant. adding the reroll doesn’t show any percent change in damage.
  10. I like applying status conditions to the heroes I’m facing, and different ones are better for different heroes. For example: Jyn: Stun, keeps her from killing my units as they activate Diala: Weaken. It’s hard to wound her, but I find weaken speeds up the process conciderably. With weaken foresight is considerable less powerful. Fenn: Stun. He recovers strain, so bleed is less effective, and black die means weaken is weaker. Stun means one less blast attack. Shyla: Depends on whether see has the 4xp upgrade that give + evade. If she has that, weaken is needed to wound her effectively. If not Stun is a great go. Gideon: Bleed. And keep him bleeding. Always. Enough said.
  11. Lol, I guess in my eagerness to fix Fenn I made him way too OP. Just giving it to one friendly trooper would work much better, keeping him more in line with what he was originally intended to do. Thanks for doing to the quick math! I get what your saying about keeping assault, I just wanted something a little different from the IG-88 fix. I really like the rest of your fixes by the way, I definitely be trying out a couple!
  12. Haven’t tried it, but I was thinking about house ruling Fenn to lose Assault and gain + 1 DMG and multi fire, and then give multi fire to friendly troopers, because I find I rarely want to set up my troopers to use assault, they die too quickly. Thoughts on if that would work?
  13. *Spoiler* First post and I don’t know how to make a hidden tag, sorry. We played the same mission last night on hard with Mak, Vinto, Shyla, and Gideon, winning with Vinto withdrawn, Shyla wounded with 3 health left, Gideon unwounded with 1 health and mak untouched. We took out our traitor officer before he got to the hanger, and didn’t have near as many bad guys show up in the hanger as you. The only hero to enter the hanger was our already wounded Vinto to take out the power generators, and the rest of us played hit and run staying out of line of sight, forcing Weiss to come to us. Mak has been amazing in defense for our campaign because of disengage and covert, making it almost impossible for the imps to shoot him. He has never been wounded. We definitely take advantage of positioning to give the IA the least valuable shot, forcing them to shoot already wounded heroes because they cannot reach the healthy ones.
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