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  1. Omg yes you are right (feeling stupid ) I didn’t realized it so many games now not me nor my friend ..... mind blown .... yeah I will change the starling then you are right !!! Thnx
  2. The starling is for the fire rune and I found that the scions ate pretty good at melee.
  3. You think they will stay and fight in the sade ?
  4. Couldn’t agree more ! Let’s just hope that with the release of the Darnati those upgrades will flourish
  5. I would like to point out how everyone find the Latari infantry command units which I find underwhelming also except the rallying starling .
  6. I agree. But I think that they put this tech for a reason that either it will be viable in future expansions or we haven’t figured it out yet
  7. No I think it’s underrated too or I don’t see the whole picture ...
  8. So I ve been playing the Latari a lot these days and I haven’t tried almost at all the overgrown tech . Have you tried it and did you see good results ? The hunters guile combo etc . All suggestions are welcome
  9. ok it works just fine the 2x1 scions are quiet good for both offensive and defensive battle .
  10. I can’t put those “trees” at 1*1 formation because I will be above 200 points but thnx for the advice! When I will test this list I will post in the new thread how it went .
  11. So this is my list What do you think ? Is it viable against the waiqar ? ( my opponent usually plays with 2 units of deathnights) All suggestions are welcome
  12. I think if the game will find more audience that will eventually go up to 300 points army
  13. Having Kari you can include a non unique infantry unit from the Latari faction . My question is that if I include a 6 tray Latari archers can I equip them with Latari infantry commanders ?
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