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  1. Pretty much the same as Aember. You can get it as loot from raiding a villain's lair. You could harvest it as raw materials from warehouses. Your character might have the equivalent of "Stark Industries" where they could have Source synthesized. So narratively?
  2. I use this in my Super Hero setting. Aember is used for tech powers. Iron Man, Antman, Spiderman characters all use Aeffects while Dr. Strange, Human Torch, and Green Lantern use magic. To match the setting and remove the awful "AE", these have been renamed: Aember = Source Aeffects = Wonders I just keep Aembercrafting as Mechanics. Source represents whatever powers your character's Wonders. This could represent Iron Man's arc reactor charge, this could represent Spider-Man's web packs, it could be Ant-Man's Pym Particles. Source is different from Aember in that it's unique to each character. One character can't pass off Source to another. Pym Particle's don't magically transform into Web packs. Mechanically, think about it as an MMO style bind on pickup.
  3. Did you ever run vehicle combat with just heroes in your campaign? As a first pass, I was going to include vehicle combat and have rules for characters like the Flash and Superman following along just as fast. I found a lot of the vehicle rules pretty specific to vehicles. What I was left over with seemed unsatisfying.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm creating superhero rules for Genesys and could use your ideas! If you were making a super hero or villain, what would you want to play as? Tell me your concept. You can find the older version of my rules here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dy9ay1yS7nlVHqTPP8-X9QKIc5YOYcax/view With the release of Secrets of the Crucible I'm making massive sweeping changes to this. I'm now confident the next edition can be used to run an Avengers style campaign in Genesys. This is currently being created with GMbinder. I'm having some technical issues and am rebuilding everything from the ground up in Affinity Publisher. This will take some time. I'd love to hear what you'd want out of a Superhero setting in the meantime.
  5. Absolutely. I'm the creator of the Tyrants & Tribunes superhero ruleset. I plan to use Secrets of the Crucible to finish that up. Species look interesting for sure, but I'm really interested in weapon & armor traits.
  6. / _,.------....___,.' ',.-. ,-' _,.--" | ,' _.-' . / , ,' ` . / / ``. | | . \.\ ____ |___._. | __ \ `. .' `---"" ``"-.--"'` \ . \ . , __ ` | . `,' ,-"' . \ | L ,' ' _.' -._ / | ,`-. ,". `--' >. ,' | . .'\' `-' __ , ,-. / `.__.- ,' ||:, . ,' ; / / \ ` `. . .'/ j|:D \ `--' ' ,'_ . . `.__, \ , / / L:_ | . "' :_; `.'.' . ""' """""' V `. . `. _,.. ` `,_ . . _,-'/ .. `,' __ ` ) \`._ ___....----"' ,' .' \ | ' \ . / `. "`-.--"' _,' ,' `---' | `./ | . _ `""'--.._____..--" , ' | | ." `. `-. /-. / , | `._.' `,_ ; / ,' . .' /| `-. . ,' , , '-.__ __ _,',' '`-..___;-...__ ,.'\ ____.___.' `"^--'..' '-`-^-'"-- `-^-'`.''"""""`.,^.`.--' mh
  7. Hey everyone! I'm the creator of a super hero setting in Genesys: Tyrants & Tribunes. Rules are here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cXj6C5zQNu2Y9qQ471XmtkNgFp53xbPG/view?fbclid=IwAR3PPpw1wq4YpM7VaYElBvmhsjXPBnPnOpdcC60q-QjCjI31htzUiRveDp4 I'm looking to gather a swell group of individuals to test this. The venue will be Discord. I'm looking at around next Thursday the 2nd at about 8pm eastern time.
  8. New version! It looks like GM binder's printing is fixed. Archetypes have been cleaned up. Some gear has been added. Talents have been adjusted. I can't remember how much techniques were expanded on in the last version. The real key to getting Genesys to feel like a super hero game is on the final page. By adjusting what the characteristic and skill levels actually meant everything feels bigger and more appropriate.
  9. I'll throw in a vote for the discord chart. That seems fair to me.
  10. I've added the latest update. I split up the manual a bit with an additional GM section on the end. I plan on adding more content to this sectionfor running a game of Tyrant & Tribunes and dealing with power inbalances. I've changed how powers work and updated the character sheet to reflect this. The Iron-Man archetype has been reworked to focus on crafting bonuses, so you can create additional equipment throughout gameplay. I've also added a large number of weapons and talents. There's also an update to how power limits work, so you can tailor talents to create the specific hero you have in mind. This setting is still lacking a proper list of gear. Pluck through Shadow of the Beanstalk or reflavor other gear for the time being. GMBinder seems to a bit messed up at the moment. The pages are printing a bit bizarrely. Future versions should hopefully be more readable (currently talents jump between columns half-way through a description).
  11. The base magic system should work well enough. You could just split them based on origin or source. In my setting: I split super powers into three skills. Arcanum (Cun) for all of your different magical actions. Externum (Int) for wonderous technology and any other non-magic power that comes from outside your character. Internum (Will) for abilities that come natural to your character. The reason you'd want to stay close to magic skills is the experience cost. Every new skill you're adding is another penalty. Let's say you have a separate Curse and Attack skill. If you rank up Curse, you might still be terrible at casting attack which wouldn't be the case in a fantasy Genesys setting. You are onto something though. When I started creating sample characters, I realized there were plenty of powers that fall into the category of magic actions but the hero doesn't have access to a whole array of powers. Take Spiderman for example. I can see him with the attack spell (ranged, web sling and flavored as slamming opponents into nearby objects, modifiers for ensnaring or range band movement) and the curse spell. He shouldn't have the whole array of powers. In my setting, I solved this by making powers their own separate experience point dump. When you gain a power skill as a career skill, you gain the first rank free and a free action with four modifiers. Then you can expend experience directly to acquire a new power action at 10 experience (with up to four modifiers) and additional modifiers at 5 xp. This isn't a talent that you have to rank up. It's a new source of XP expenditure completely separate from skills or talents. Now, this is also a contradiction of my original point. This is increasing XP cost over what a base fantasy character would have. Something unique to a super hero setting is power limits and weaknesses. I have different rules built into my setting to grant bonus XP back to heroes. This should balance out the costs while allowing for customization and feeling closer to super powers rather than full arrays of magic. I'll have a full write-up and new character sheets to reflect this in my next update. I hope that gives you at least some ideas to try for your setting.
  12. I think this depends on what you want wealth to do in your setting. I'm opposed to wealth being tied to talents because I believe it should be fluid in nature. It should go up and down based on the narrative. I do however like the idea of tying wealth to starting options. You can start with a big boost at a cost to experience. Something to keep in mind about my system is I'm not attempting to make wealth simpler. I'm attempting to make wealth more concrete and tied to the system. Finding 750 gold means nothing because I have really no context if that is good or not. Tying it to a cost of 4 in a 5 cost system makes a lot more sense. I'm also building this for my super hero setting which has a staple of wealthy characters. Even Android has a difference between Risties and your street hackers. I'd love to have wealth based talents. If you are going to make it simpler I think the best option really is to have a static wealth "class" that you pick at character creation. Use the guidelines you've been discussing in this thread. Reduce starting xp to purchase a higher wealth class and have this represent narrative income. I'd then keep the current bean counting system; however, I'd make it very clear that the money you're tracking and spending is laundered money you can spend on the black market purchases. The reason for this? We're not worrying about anything outside of weapons and ammo. The money players get is ONLY being spent on adventuring gear. Everything else, meals, rent, travel. This is handwaved away to the narrative. I'd then have this narrative power tied to the class you pick at character creation. If you want a bit more mechanical crunch players get a drip of income at the beginning of every session tied to their class. What about fantasy setting where people don't care about if the money you're spending is clean or not? They just want gold. You have to work a bit harder. Plenty of fantasy settings have feudal systems of lords and factions. What if the narrative class and power you have to give to your realm/lord; however, your lord then will just provide you with the narrative items. Or what if your characters are the lords and nobles? Then the narrative money is tied up taking care of there realm; however, they do have this sort of power and can just make demands to have the narrative items provided. They then have their coin purse of gold to spend on adventuring gear. This approach still does have the bean counter approach to it. Anything else you do you're going to have to start messing with the current cost of weapons and items and it will start to get closer to my system. I think leaving the current costs but isolating them to mechanical buying power for weapons/armor/gear and narrative buying power for everything else would be the simplest method with the most minimal rule changes. Edit: Wait, I just reread your write-up and realized I missed the part about acquiring purchases up to a certain amount without interruption. Actually yeah that's not bad at all either. I'd still keep the narrative/mechanical split. I know players. If they put themselves at the 1% they're going to want to push what they can do with those free purchases. Maybe have free mechanical purchases with the talents/starting wealth class and then open up purchases a lot more for narrative purchases.
  13. Hey everyone. I made a post on the Genesys subreddit about tooling around with a wealth system in Genesys. Essentially something where you could roll dice for purchases instead of tracking each individual purchase. Here's a quick write-up on it. I could probably use more testing on it. For a full version, I plan to add a number of wealth based talents for wealthy characters to exploit to their hearts content. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XvzlvB4moa5rsRct5xb9Gk-FXsicojpP
  14. I'm working on a super hero setting that's meant to replicate Marvel Cinematic level heroes. Check out Tyrants & Tribunes: Note, this product is still in an Alpha stage. I'm running a test game of it and still need to fill out a lot of the details. The next update I'm planning has a lot more gear, changes to the Iron Man archetype to focus on crafting, additional talents and fighting styles. Also take a look at IndianaWalsh's Genesys Super Powers: This is another super power setting that has a different design philosophy then mine. It uses power points and skill trees. Really would recommend to take a look at this as well.
  15. I fixed the link, try taking a look now. I've also made a large number of updates this morning. The biggest change to Genesys is the inclusion of narrative combat. I'm a huge fan of the Powered by the Apocalypse game City of Mist. This is another game that focuses on super powers. If you are familiar with that system I'm taking elements of that and folding it into the Genesys system. I've added additional rules to give the GM more resource to play with during this. I've also added an example to help illustrate how this would play out
  16. Hi! Tyrants & Tribunes is meant to stay as close to core Genesys as possible while mimicking a Super Hero experience. This is very much an alpha that still needs testing, gear, and updates; however, there are custom character sheets to sell the super hero feeling with enough of the rules established to run a few sessions. I'm working on this regularly and do have a massive update in the works to flesh this out to a full game. Stay tuned for more if this does peak your interest. In order to get the fullest out of Tyrants & Tribunes you will need Realms of Terrinoth for Heroic abilities. If you don't have Realms of Terrinoth, take a look at the Adventures of Azeroth Warcraft conversion for similar rules: Manual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dy9ay1yS7nlVHqTPP8-X9QKIc5YOYcax Character Sheets: Form-fillable: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14oCoEVRDKhgL8DukqQ1qmNHKafGGjRVr Standard: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XwnBMG-13dNJ_AJn0gRAmrbyRLGQzPJA
  17. Had some life stuff get in the way but now we're here with an alpha. You'll have to keep these in a folder somewhere, then launch Lich Master with start.exe in the dist folder. I've only actually tested this on my computer so please tell me if this doesn't run at all for you. Only the Terrinoth setting is available with a few talents for testing, custom settings to come in the next build per the attached image. I don't have an official tutorial, but I have a few blog posts talking about features here. If you want to attach talents, gear or magic, they can be added under abilities. Custom talents and gear coming later. Things to note off the top of my head: To get from the session manager to an encounter you'll have to double click the encounter. I'll probably add an additional button later. In this version there's a console that pops up with the program. That will be gone in a more complete version but for now helps squashing bugs. If something breaks you can shoot me a message the console output and I'll know what it means. Soak applies automatically to damage but not to strain. Keep that in mind when dropping down damage. Known issues: The remove player button doesn't work from the create campaign menu. There's not an upper limit to characteristics. You can enter 55 for Brawn and it should calculate dice pools with that in a way I haven't properly tested, but I imagine would definitely break the program. A lot of what comes next is basically data entry. I know how to do it but just need to get around to doing so. The next addition (gear, talents, and custom settings) should come a lot quicker. Edit: just realized the preview doesn't show this, but I'm allowing you to import settings as a base. So let's say you want to create an Android setting. There'd be a button where you can import all the base Sci-Fi skills and talents then go from there.
  18. 2 more ranks and a tier 5 talent is going to make it a pretty steep price to pay. The higher the price, the higher the reward has to be. Too much though and it's going to break the system. How prominent is kung fu in your setting? Is it the central theme or just one option among many? If it's a central theme, you could even make it more modular. You could break it down to a series of lower cost effects and let people build their own fighting style. My 2 cents is no need to force tier 5. A skill rank 5 in brawl is already representing mastery. High ranks in athletics or defense already represent high end physical traits. I'd drop down the maneuver effect to tier 3, ditch the requirements, and add in some strain cost for both balance and narrative. All that maneuvering sure would be tiring.
  19. I've been using a cardboard box cut apart with these attached. You don't have item references due to the nature of Genesys, but pretty much every other rule you could need.
  20. That's great to hear! I'll include requirements in my next commit. I finally have a good chunk of time to work on this, so I'm hoping to knock out the setting portion today.
  21. Here's the github for it if you want to give it a shot: https://github.com/HoudHolm/Lich-Master Warning that at the moment I didn't plan to collaborate with this build so it's gonna be like a jungle of code. A lot of comments are placeholders to help me remember things. I need to clean up the adversaries and combat module. If you want to reset things with a clean database, I've been deleting the Terrinoth database and re-establishing with the establish_db(name) method under database until I actually incorporate that into the program.
  22. So first, skills: As I'm demoing, I'm forcing the program to use the Terrinoth setting. In the actual version, you'll create your own setting. You'll pick one of the standard types laid out in the book (such as Fantasy or Space Opera or whatever) and this will import the talents and skills suggested in the core book. You can then edit from there adding new skills and deleting ones you don't need. That way you're not creating new settings and re-adding athletics and deception twenty seven times. So first, you create or import a setting. Adversaries, skills, talents, and campaigns are tied to a setting. Then players and sessions are tied to a campaign. If you have multiple campaigns in the same setting they will share the same adversary database, skills, etc. One thing, skill-wise, I am considering changing is displayed skills for weapons. Right now, you can tie any skill to a weapon. That's a big list of uneeded skills most of the time. I'm considering limiting this to just combat skills and a few outliers such as discipline which I've seen used for runes in Realms of Terrinoth. Are there any GM's out there who would be opposed to this change? Is anyone striking with Medicine or Coordination? I do want to keep this as clean as possible but that could remove some options so I'd love input. Next, platforms: This is initially being deployed on Windows. I want to make sure I can get the main features working as smoothly as possible and windows is the easiest for me to do that. I'm all for transitioning this over to other platforms after that. To speed things up, I can focus on the essentials. This will include creating a setting and fully running combat. There are features I want to add like note taking and random encounter generation, but I can put those on hold and get a combat manager/adversary creator out as a version 1.0 to a couple of different platforms. That being said, I'm still learning all of this so it will take awhile navigating how the heck to get some of these features actually working on an ipad.
  23. @kkuja I'll have to get back to you. There's certain things I'm still learning in the world of programming, but this is built in Python on Windows. From a quick search it looks like I'll have to rebuild some things to get it to work on Mac but completely doable if there's enough demand. @Sturn So to explain things more clearly, there's a separate section for creating your own adversaries. I made a quick video creating a brand new adversary. In the video there are three groups hard coded in as a demo. You'll be able to create your own groups. This is merely for organization. So when you go to your adversary list you know your players are going to be ambushed by outlaws. You don't need dragons or royal marines. You need outlaws, so you can select the outlaws group and get only the adversaries you need instead of sifting through a campaign worth of adversaries.
  24. Hey everyone, I'm a programming student that hates rolling for initiative and other things. I'm working on a program that will do all of that for you. This is still a work in progress: features are missing, bugs are crawling around. What I've got: You can create adversaries, Lich Master will roll initiative and create attack pools based on their stats. Minions are implemented and their dice pools will change depending on how much damage they take. Damage on adversaries is tracked and adjusted based on their soak. You can roll criticals against your players. A player's defense is automatically taken into account when you do try to attack them. You can create any adversary you desire! As long as that desire is an adversary without any talents or abilities and consisting of only weapons without any qualities. What I'm planning: I want to release a simple combat version of the demo below soon. I've still got some bugs I need to squash. Talents and qualities need to be added. Right now, the advantage table, besides criticals, are just reminders for you. They don't actually do anything when you click them. I'd like to change that, so if you select a boost on your next attack it will boost your next attack so you don't forget when weird stuff or food happens between actions. I want to have an ongoing effects window for player shenanigans against your adversaries. Right now, this app only tracks direct damage against your adversaries. I need to implement a reference for your adversaries. In the demo below if you were to click the adversaries name, it would do nothing. I want it to open a panel giving all of their skills and stats in depth. More importantly this will give a link to their talents and abilities. For the time being I'm planning on this just being a reference until I can figure out if implementing talents in a clean and procedural way is doable. An idea I have is to try and break abilities down into inputs and outputs that the program can understand. Right now for instance, criticals are read in at their critical value based on the weapon being rolled. The program understands that and assigns the critical to the appropriate slot. Inputs could be advantage symbols or triumph that could be fed in a similar way. Outputs could be damage on the player or perhaps an ongoing effect such as 'Jacob is immobilized'. This would sit in a corner for like two actions and then disappear. Wild speculation ideas: You can currently setup encounters and place adversaries into them. Only adversaries. I'd like to expand how you can plan an encounter ahead of time. Such as adding terrain features: traps, cover, impassible terrain. Or maybe adding quest items attached to certain rolls (if they pass perception here they can find the body in the wheat field, that key item will lead to encounter b7 if passed). Maybe randomly generated encounters? Right now I'm having adversaries be sorted into groups when you create them. The reanimates are part of the Undead group. The bandits from the core book are part of an outlaw group. I just have this implemented so you can better organized adversaries you create. It shouldn't be too difficult to set up a few parameters and tell the program to randomly pull 3 rivals and 2 minion groups from this adversary type because the players set the cows on fire, that wasn't supposed to be feasible option, but now I need some angry guards.
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