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  1. Hi, I was wondering what people would suggest for an opening since the new FAQ that places an extra ship in the lannisport port. Would it be worth chainning march orders to attack Ironman's bay to force greyjoys to use a high value card, since victarion's power now only applies on attack? Use the raven token to cancel the attack and consolidate in the port if ever IronMan's bay has a defense order?
  2. Yes indeed, forgot the important detail
  3. Hi guys, A mon mothma ship used an evade to reroll a blue dice thrown by a squadron to an accuracy. Can this Sloane squadron use the accuracy to spend a defense token, or is it too late in attack phase?
  4. Since the very first time I played a Corellian campaign I have noticed a notable difference in difficulty to collect ressources between the rebel Hyperlane Raid [HARD] and the imperial Show of Force [EASY]. To remedy the situation I've tried many house rules for Hyperlane Raid to force the empire to engage, or to make it more likely that the rebels get their ressources... But what if... The Imperial show of force was adjusted to be harder instead??? "Madness!!" I hear you say, but the idea isn't too crazy actually... Especially if you consider that many players find it is to fast to accumulate the ressources required to max-out your fleets... What fixes to Show of Force can we come up with? I propose making one of the stations armed as a simple adjustment, what do you guys think?
  5. To force some engagement on the imperial side during the hyperlane raid we made it like so: At the end of round 6, If the objective ships did not make it to AT least on the line 2 ruler lengths from the opponent's edge of play, the rebel player gains the objective token (and ressources). If you make it ON the line, nobody gets the tokens If you make it WITHIN 2 range ruler lengths, then as usual imperial gets token... Makes it for a more fun match, waiting to try out fake cargo ships to protect that only go straight or 1 yaw at speed 2
  6. About E-wings... It is indeed kind of niche, but the fact that they have bomber helps them a little to serve multipurpose...
  7. I find it to be super boring to play personally... Super strong but repetitive
  8. Was interesting me for a while... Worth the points?
  9. On all accounts yes, BUT the comparison is still too indirect to be made... What about the advantages of having more ships like that extra activation, the possibilities of forking your opponent and the ability to burn defense tokens faster through multiple cuts... I think there are no two different model ships in armada (as of yet) that deserve such direct comparison as their roles are so different in a fleet, except maybe the hammerhead and cr90 but even then...
  10. Jerjerrod has also never disappointed in a game where good reactionnary movement is king
  11. Demolisher has never stopped performing
  12. Thats exactly what i played with also a yavaris, those scurrgs melted the ISD in 1.5 turns and then the second ISD in a similar timeframe... I had Ketsu also, very pleased with the results... Just flew a little too close at the end, and Cymoon gunnery team rolled hot and wrecked my yavaris and (damageless) pelta in one turn for mutual tabling...
  13. The speed buffs are amazing and can really allow you to place some squadrons eagerly in a Yavaris list such that they are ready for next turn... Even without Yavaris, it avoids having to trail your B-wings inside your rapid launch bays just to get them into battle. AFF also makes your H6-Scurrg bombers really more agile and able to hit from anywhere. I like boosted comms on the pelta for long range squadron activation once they flew into battle (3 squadron value is really decent). The Phoenix Home is really good to put Adar Tallon as your bomber officer and and Raymus to make sure you can keep an extra squadron token handy to do AFF or activate more squadrons late game when your other ships are busy or dead.
  14. I have a few friends that do this for university actually and it works very well for them. Allows for booking reservations with certain restaurants also, or staying in touch with gamestore news and gamestore managers
  15. Then the forum is the best you'll get I believe...
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