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  1. Hello Some ennemies returns in the staging area after their attack (wargs, or with some shadow cards). If you defend with grimbeorn, can you attack them with his special ability before they run away ? In other words, does the ability trigger during the attack (at the very end), or just after ?
  2. Thanks. And if you play woodman's path and elf stone on the same location, does it have 1 or 2 quest point ?
  3. What is the correct effect of woodman's path ? On my french version it's written "reduce quest point value BY 1", but on ringsdb it is "reduce TO 1", and it make a huge difference.
  4. The problem is, if you attach wild stallion to an ally, you don't draw, and if then you attach a regular attachment, you don't draw either because the ally already have an attachment. But thanks for the answer
  5. If I attach Wild stallion to a Dale ally without attachment, do I draw a card with Brand's effect ?
  6. For me yes, it's a doomed card which make you raise your threat by 0
  7. Harad and Ered Mithrin are not in the list because I havent played them. 1)Dreamchaser --> I like every quest in this cycle, where others always have a quest I don't want to play a second time 2)Darrowdelf --> I really like the moria theme 3)Angmar --> some great quest (Escape from Mount Gram), it could be number 1 or 2 if it hasn't the horrible Battle of Carn Durm (one of the impossible quests in this game) 4)Against the shadow --> second nearly impossible quest with Cair Andros, but others are ok. And it's the only cycle where you can play mono tactic most of the time 5)Shadow of mirkwood --> first cycle of the game, so the quests are not really great, but I like most of them (there is 3 quests I don't like, I let you guess which one) 6)LOTR saga --> The first box is really great, but the more I progress through other boxes the worst it become. I really don't like the last one, where Mount Doom is another impossible quest and The black gate open is not fun at all 7)Hobbit saga --> I don't know why, but I haven't a good memory of this saga. And Battle of the five armies is one of the quests I have never completed 8)Ringmaker --> I REALLY don't like that ******** ever-present time mechanic
  8. I have never used Loragorn so far, I prefer his tactic version which I commonly use for a combat focus deck. Grave cairn is not good, you generally want to avoid losing you good attackers, so it is only usable in decks with allies who can leave play (not my favorite kind of allies). Sword that was broker is very good for its +1WP, I try to include it every time I play Aragorn. Watcher of the bruinen is a weak defender and a defender who force you to pay something when he defend. Winged guardian is a far better defender for the same cost. Rivendell bow is a good weapon, but I prefer that other weapon which give +2 attack to ranged characters (don't remember the name). Arwen is very good, everybody knows why. Elrond's councel is a very good reduce threat tool, but less flexible than Galadrim's greeting. Its 0 cost allow to easily include it in every deck with a noldor character. Short cut is the kind of card I will never use : you exhaust 1 character to... do nothing, because you draw another encounter card which will often be worst (I think locations are generally not the biggest problem) Legacy of durin is a very good card and a staple for dwarf swarm deck. Resourceful is a good alternative to the ever-present SoG when you play a secrecy deck. Top card : I find Arwen deserves this title more than Loragorn. Loragorn is very good in only a few situations while Arwen is almost an auto-include when you have access to spirit (and you don't play her hero version). And it's one of the best art in this game. Sheep card : shortcut, a card which make you exhaust a character to worsen the situation Most enriched sphere : spirit, because Arwen Undomiel.
  9. I think the combo was with other cards that can recycle events from the discard pile, allowing you to remove almost all the encounter deck. Now Out of the wild goes in victory display, thus you can play each copy one and only one time (and it adds 2 cards in the VD, not just one).
  10. Ori, Nori and Oïn, I never remember who do what, I have to check at every round. Edit : and Dwalin too...
  11. There is so many heroes I have never played... When I have to choose between two of them, I asked myself "If I have to play with one of them, who would I choose ?". But who is lothiriel ? I don't find that card on ringsdb or carddb.
  12. You cannot target an ally in your discard pile, unless the card clearly specify it (that is not the case of Flight of the eagles). I'am not sure abouit eagle of the north because I don't have it, but I think I read somewhere that when they leave play they are removed from the game (so they don't go in your hand, but somewhere in the deep void).
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