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  1. markxiv.lxii

    For home/casual play, ONLY buying starter sets?

    I want to play casually at home also. Thinking of just getting one Two-Player Game, one Luke Skywalker Starter Set and one Boba Fett Starter Set. Would that give us enough to enjoy the game for some time?
  2. markxiv.lxii

    Reprints - will they ever get “off the boat”?

    That makes some sense, I have been patiently waiting for miniaturemarket to get it in. Chinese New Year will end around March 2nd perhaps? Hopefully will be seeing some stock in the stores mid to late March...
  3. markxiv.lxii

    App Update

    I lost all (2) of my saves after this update. No biggie for me but just a fyi.
  4. markxiv.lxii

    Imperial Assault app not in "my" country

    I am in Japan too, I sent FFG a message but didnt hear back from them. Interesting that they cannot release the app due to rights. Other apps from FFG are available in the Japan Apple app store. I was able to get it on Steam but the ipad would be much better for me. Hope they can get around this. I may do what you did and create a new account for my android device.