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  1. If anyone asks, please let us know in this thread.
  2. You could, but there’s no guarantee the enemy will activate the following turn. The enemies activate based on what symbols are at the bottom of the agenda card when one is drawn for their activation phase.
  3. Sounds like I need to check out Runebound. Same characters as Descent?
  4. Ziggy0134

    Ghoul Question

    He means perma-death. My understanding is he cannot accumulate rads so cannot be eliminated from the game.
  5. I would assume the intent is active enemies. We had a similar issue and played it as such.
  6. I wish they had made the starting encounter decks a lot bigger so that the bulk of them weren’t gone through every game. That being said I still love it.
  7. Haha! Yeah shopping...the people that want it end up getting into fights and the people with empty inventories end up shopping. Although to be fair, some of the cards just let you totally ignore a situation to shop and the choices are worded to be funny in those cases.
  8. We had the same issue the first time someone leveled and are doing it the way you are as well. The guide seems to say differently, but screw ‘em!
  9. Unfortunately they are not uniform.
  10. Yeah I think since only certain cards are for certain scenarios I think if you replayed the same scenario more than a few times in a row it certainly could. I wish they had doubled the starting encounter decks (or even tripled). My plan is to play each scenario before we do any repeats so it should be at least a few months before that happens. I love this game but replayability is one of my biggest concerns.
  11. Thought the villain thing was odd also. I had Preston as a companion and I agree. I think the vault number is a typo.
  12. So last night 4 of us teamed up to solve the Commonwealth’s problems and we had a great time. Based on the guys’ comments I think this is their favorite FFG board game I’ve brought to game night. It will take longer than advertised especially the first run. Stopping occasionally for snacks and drinks took us about 4.5-5 hours. I don’t want to ruin anything but we experienced just about everything in the game (except for encountering a vault but we had the first card unlocked) if anyone has any questions. Three of us ended up with a shared victory supporting The Railroad. At first I was skeptical of the card system as designed, but it’s brilliant and I like how the quests progress and cards are added in. The only thing I could see being an issue is figuring out all of the cards especially the starting ones. Hopefully they expand the starting decks if they make an expansion. Do yourself a favor and even if you own the game, don’t cheat and read cards. It makes it a lot more fun. Definitely strong shades of Choose Your Own Adventure in the card system. We played all of the characters except the Wastelander. The only person who didn’t get enough influence was the poor Vault Dweller. The hapless Super Mutant leveled quickly early but then was relentlessly slaughtered by raiders for several rounds. The Ghoul was pasting enemies left and right and definitely played to his vilified status like he was in an RPG. He had a hilarious follow-on encounter with some folks at a settlement after he had done something awful that got the new encounter added to the deck. Yours truly was the Brotherhood Outcast. The movement limitation kind of blows but the armor is amazing. I never died and I didn’t even have a weapon all game. I became vilified for doing something I thought was a good deed. Seems the good folks of Diamond City didn’t see it that way. Ghoul, Outcast, and Super Mutant all had the right amount of influence (8) based on the difference in influence between The Railroad and The Institute. Fortunately, no one was batting for The Institute so it made those agendas easier to complete. Can’t wait to play another scenario!
  13. It is mandatory. Once the conditions are met the quest is completed regardless of intent. Same thing happened to us last night. The 2 neighboring tiles were the Raider Camp and the Super Duper Mart.
  14. Thanks for the reply. My post is kind of gibberish because I was exhausted. So if I understand you correctly, you are only adding the card called for from the card library and no other card from the card library? So basically, the idea is to mix the added card into the top 5 of the encounter deck? That makes a **** of a lot more sense if that’s the case.
  15. It says “top of the deck” but won’t that mean you’re adding the same cards first every game?
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