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  1. Oh one more thing I forgot, definitely check out studious in Lola! The extra noon weakness card is real nice.
  2. I love Lola she is almost all I play. I like your idea to pump and bow. I've tried to do the stat boosts but never made one that worked for my style. As for my thoughts on the labs deck. Are you broke enough to justify dark horse? Your events are all free and you only have 10 assets. Might want to out a pump permanent in there to spend resources on. Not sure you are going to be in guardian enough to use well maintained nor am I sure what you are going to use it on? Anyhow good luck and let us know how it goes I'm always glad to see another Lola fan.
  3. The box goes back to o5r where your stronghold was on the back of your deck box.
  4. Just chiming in with with praise for turtlefan2082. I hope they come back for ya soon!
  5. I'm half inclined to buy multiple next time to get them to people who miss out on them. On the other hand I feel like that is contributing to the sold out problem. I hope they will get steady stock someday
  6. Hour of the Huntress is in stock on the store here.
  7. The next set has only one of the novella investigators. It also has Marie who was a promo for the Investigators of Arkham. That being said I agree that they are probably all about to come back into stock. There was even a second printing that someone found of Carolyn Fern. I'd recommend checking here and on the Reddit. When a store gets them in stock there is usually a post that you can find. You have to pounce quick though if you want them all. The last time there was a post it was for a UK site and by the time I got there all that was left was To Fight the Black Wind and Hour of the Huntress. They were charging cover plus shipping which was high but kept it under $30 for the book.
  8. I'm lucky I only need Ire of the Void and The Dirge of Reason.
  9. Updated the upcoming page to On the Boat. Doesn't give a timeline but also safe to say not canceled or too slow to remove.
  10. I'm all for the Mantis working towards great class status. The eating of other clans never made sense to me though. Maybe the Wasp joining could make sense if Tsuruchi is that loyal but eating other minor clans because it is what happened before has me agreeing with the Kylo Ren quote.
  11. It was in Game Trade Magazine. There was an ad for Circle Undone and it showed Rational Thought and Baron Samedi among other cards
  12. Each deluxe is designed so you can play it with a single core. This means that they would need to include the insights. That being said the definitely balance it for the full collection of cards.
  13. 1 of each just showed up on eBay for 30 but it now 40. Here's to hoping for more to buy
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