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  1. I have a PC that we currently have set as a Retired Clone specialization-wise, but they saw the Heavy spec referenced online and now wants to switch to that. My question is, does the Heavy Specialization Deck include a full copy of the talent tree or just the reference cards? Thanks!
  2. Trying to work game session schedules out, just curious how long the average session takes. I know it depends on a lot of different things, but even just an average number would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Perfect, thank you! Yeah, randomizing it just really seems to be a weird step unless you're really going for just an off-the-wall game. I appreciate the quick response, I have a pretty good feeling I'll be keeping all you experienced players busy with questions over the next few months
  4. I'm going to be GMing a game with players 100% new to RPGs (including myself as GM) in a few months, but we're getting things organized so we're ready to go. My question is, would it break the game if I were to just let each PC pick their own Belief/Connection/Quest without rolling d10? I'm wanting this to lean more on the narrative and fun than following the rules, just didn't know as a new GM if this would change things negatively more than positively.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely consider the beginner kit then and look into it all a bit further.
  6. Looking into starting an Age of Rebellion game, and as a first-time GM had a few questions. First of all, the players will all be new to RPGs, but want to set up their own characters. As such, I'm planning on ignoring the Beginner's version of AoR and sticking with the Core Rulebook and additional supplements. Any comments on that mindset would be appreciated (if we should stick to the Beginner's, core rulebook is too intense, etc.). Also, one of the players is a little harder to coordinate with for game sessions, and was curious if AoR is set up in a way that would accommodate a core set of four players with an extra player that may or may not be able to make it to each session. I greatly appreciate any and all feedback!
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