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  1. Forgive

    Techno-Mage ideas

    Boom gun I did Prepare 1. Thought about Prepare 2 though. Also I made the Glitterboy a vehicle (like a walker) due to its speed and obvious abilities.
  2. I am nearly done with the Siren's Call on youtube. Great stuff as before! EDIT: You can, once per encounter, perform a medicine check. Success cures wounds, advantage cures strain. Pg. 61, black box, second paragraph
  3. Forgive

    Techno-Mage ideas

    I agree Apocalypse. Maintaining the imbalance and power curve would be impossible, which I'm in favor of. Take the Juicer for instance - would be just an upgrade in the same category of the cybernetics. It would grant the +1 brawn and agility and whatever else, but would not stack with other cybernetics. Likewise, I removed the MDC from the general population and most weapons (I'm running around 12 p.a. anyway during the bloody campaign of Joseph Prosek I). However, the setting and atmosphere are still there. Basically, the names are in place, the post apocalypse, the rifts and ideas - but it isn't Rifts (because MDC (planetary damage) is more rare, character balance, etc.)
  4. Forgive

    Techno-Mage ideas

    For topic, I made TK items into implements. Looks good so far. To the rest: Rifts is a setting in my mind - not a mechanic. I know there are imbalances, but that's up to the GM to create and facilitate, or remove. Much like DarthGM stated.
  5. Forgive

    Techno-Mage ideas

    Oh I'm not public with it. Just for my and my groups enjoyment. I appreciate the warning though
  6. Forgive

    Techno-Mage ideas

    I haven't recreated the Juicer yet, but did make the M.O.M. implant. Made it a cybernetic that grants +1 brawn, agility, regeneration (+1 per day of rest), and treats Psychic (sensitive) as a class skill. They also gain an average trauma that cannot be gotten rid of. This seems to work, though costly, because of the limitation of +1 per ability for cybernetics. I would do something similar with the Juicer. I like your idea on the implements though. Will begin a write up. Will just have to balance cost I think.
  7. Forgive

    Techno-Mage ideas

    Thanks c_beck and ApocalypseZero. c_beck, I read all of that, but wasn't what I was going for. ApocalypseZero, that gives me an idea. Though it doesn't have a ruleset for crafting that item, it would allow them to exist, and I can come up with something for crafting if that was the desire (as opposed to just enchanting).... Anyhow, the open spells I like, and simply replaced the static spells of Rifts. Most of the conversion has been basic and simple. Didn't want to go overboard. I just needed something for TW's just in case - they being the last on my list.
  8. Techno-Mage in the Rifts setting is a dude that imbues an item with magic, melding tech and magic. I'm looking for ideas on how a player could do this. Here are my ideas, but I'm looking for more! Imbue a weapon to fire lighting. Cast the spell as normal, but never recover the strain used on the spell until the mage re-absorbs the magic. While enchanted, the weapon can fire using appropriate skill (ranged prolly) and the weapon gains the effects put in it (say, burn for fire, or stun for lightning, whatever). Concern is that items will be made and passed around the group - I feel it should be tech-mage only ya know? Imbue an item with a costly (money and energy) ritual and the item is permanently enchanted. Basically just like the magic items in the Fantasy setting...they simply 'are'...but at a greater cost. Concern is the money sink balance. Finally, I'm not sure how to allow them to be supercharged near laylines or nexus points....the flyer, I will just increase it's handling - think weapons could just add +1 or +2 damage? etc? Thanks
  9. 250 currency cost to purchase an expendable item, the item allows one to create a spell that lasts for until the end of an encounter (or the next encounter). This would function like the Druid Circlet but would be expendable. Otherwise, they build the spell as normal. Another option is to allow it via narrative, but the caster cannot recover the strain used to cast the spell (including any threat uses to cost more strain) until the ward or glyph is expended. That's just two brainstormed ideas though.
  10. Got this from a fellow on FaceBook.
  11. I am using all four skills (melee light,hvy; range light,hvy). They are on equal footing however. A "Cyber-Knight" can use conjuration to summon his PSI-Sword and dish out as much damage with an engaged foe as a heavy rifle can at medium range, for instance. It is worth noting that in this setting that I'm totally trying not to infringe on trademarks, bringing a club you pick up off the ground to a lasergun fight would have dire consequences.
  12. I've ran games long enough that more than once I've had to wing it. I don't mind no-script, just going in with an idea - not sure if it was head injury or age, but coming up with results on the fly isn't as quick any longer. Performance anxiety maybe? Anyhow, what I did most recently is threw out everything except times rolls are needed (IF PCs are in area A, perception 3 diff for example). I then wrote an outline for planning a loose story, then made a power point presentation with cool pictures and some sound. The game group I'm going to run for is used to using miniatures and grid, so I will likely follow suit - but am refraining from mapping out maps, all the contingencies and options, etc. Trying to stay less rigid.
  13. Watching this now. Thank you for posting it. I like your write up. It isn't too different from mine, but I'm still clinging to my rigid write-up...ideas on what success/failure/threat/and despair are....
  14. My setting is sci-fi with arcane magic added (not divine or primal). The reasoning is centered on quantum mechanic of two electrons being in two places at the same time. I figured this was paradoxical, and spun it to mean that gifted savants and quantum computers could perform miraculous feats...ala magic. Anyhow, that's besides the point. The idea of dishing out 14-18 burn for 5 rounds is pretty amazing! I feel magic is more powerful than my original assessment and am glad it eats advantages and strain.
  15. Figured I'd post my understanding here... Intelligence 5 gets enhanced to a 7 (max for spell, right?) with a staff +4 implement. They do a short range attack (1p), with burn (+1p), empowered (+2p)...they deal 18+successes damage and burn 18 damage per round for X rounds (x = knowledge).... This revelation brought on a concern. How can other characters that aren't interested in magic compare. Like, dealing with high DPS is a non-issue; but making other character's feel...not so diminished would be my goal here.
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