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  1. TL;DR. I changed to Leia at the last minute and piloted her to the finals of the Grand Championship at Nova. Hello There. This is my battle report from NOVA. In the lead up to NOVA I was struggling to win practice games with various merc lists, so made the last minute decision to swap back to a variation of the Lover's Box that I piloted to second place at a regional last year. My list: Han w/ rogue smuggler, Leia, MHD, Hera, Gideon, r2, 3po, 2xrSmuggler, Extra Armor CCs: On the Lam, Tools for the Job, Miracle Worker, Heart of Freedom, Second Chance, Intel Leak, Negation, Brace for Impact, Stealth Tactics, Element of Surprise, Take Initiative, Planning, Positioning Advantage, Hour of Need Round 1 vs David w/ Vader Riots. Maul Gangsters Round 1 was versus my good friend David. He drew a tough map for him. I boxed on the side with the "T" and killed gangsters and let him come to me. Leia recycled whatever Thrawn pitched. Time was called in round three right as Vader got to my box. I had the full defensive suite at that point and didn't suffer any real loses. 1-0 Round 2 vs Mark w/ double eQuays. Tarkin Rogue AI This started out as a positioning battle. Han got some end of round shots into eQuays but they defended well, using Run for Cover and On the Lam to not suffer any loses. He got a very lucky AI bounce and picked up 6 points during one eQuay activation, with the AI token near Hondo to be picked up again. He pushed my terminal hard and had both by the end of round 2, starving me of cards. I lost a few smugglers early on, so this put me on a clock to pick up some points. I played Leia aggressively to make something happen and got her killed and ended up taking the loss. Leia never got a chance to cycle any useful cards. 1-1 Round 3 vs Ray w/ VP scum. Tarkin weapons The story of this one was how much damage Han tanked. I never saw Lam and Han never dodged, but Ray had to put 28 damage on Han to kill him with all my healing and defensive tricks. Han died, but he had no gas left in the tank to overcome Leia and weapon carrying smugglers. Leia cycled Miracle Worker but I never redrew it. 2-1 Round 4 vs Sean w/ Han, Ahsoka, Sabine. Maul posters This was a quick game. With my activation advantage, Han got a good end of round/start of round hit on Ahsoka, putting him down a major attacking piece that he wasn't ever really able to recover from. Leia never needed to cycle anything. 3-1. Which was good enough to make 4th overall after Swiss. DAY 2 Top 8 vs Gil w/ IG, eCats, Sabine. Lothal blitz I box near my terminal. Gil splits his list, sending Sabine and R2 towards the spire and the rest of the list to the other side of the map. Round 1 Han pushes Sabine hard. Gil brings IG down to blaze and go after Han, but I have Lam plus a dodge. I end up taking three damage total from both IG activations. Leia gets a lucky cross map kill on a cat sitting on an objective, and cycles Lam, which I redraw at the end of Round 1. Han gets IG up to 12 damage but second chance comes down so I go after Sabine in Round 2 killing her. A cat ambushes Gideon and kills him, and Leia matches up vs Hera on the top side of the map, with Han and the box holding down the spire. I lose MHD in round 3, but don't lose anyone else after playing Lam a second time. I scatter my list in Round 3 to grab objectives, and pick up the win. Top 4 vs Jason w/ 2xeLothcats WITH LAST RESORT. Lothal Fluctuations That's right. Exploding kittens. And another game vs a good friend. Jason takes the spire with Sabine and the cats. I leave r2 alone on my terminal and box on the other side. Rounds 1 and 2 saw various cat bombs that dealt some damage but nothing I wasn't able to overcome. Leia cycles Lam again, and Han bombs in to kill a focused, power token cat at the end of the round. Round 3 saw Onar do a dangerous attack on Leia after rushing and using To The Limit, but he low rolled the attack damage and Leia was in no danger. The smugglers and Gideon took advantage of Onar's lack of defense dice and piled on the damage, allowing Han to kill him EOR. Sabine did come around the back side and kill R2 and MHD over a couple of rounds, but died to a Leia+Hera double tap using battlefield leadership. We called it with me comfortably in the lead and only Greedo left as an attacker for Jason. Finals vs Ryan Janway w/ Han, Drok, Sabine. Maul gangsters. I lost to Ryan in the Atlanta Regional, so here's my chance to take revenge. He's part of my local playgroup and is a great player and stand up guy. Now onto the game. This is not the best map or matchup for me. We both played very defensively. I ended up playing Lam twice and Negation twice, and had Lam in my hand again at the end of the game. I went up early due to some lucky gangster spawns and focusing on his support, but Leia blanked her defensive roll and died to a Han shot. Ryan's Drokatta had a huge turn and killed three figures, putting him back in the game. It came down to me needing Han to kill Drokatta end of round after time was called. Drok had 7 damage with a block token. I had positioning advantage. Han was one short. Ryan wins 29-25! Congrats to Ryan for an amazing game and run! Our finals match will be uploaded to the IA Command Youtube channel, and my full battle report will be on the Zion's Finest Podcast. Check both of those out! NOVA was a great time and the skirmish meta is in a really good place right now. I'm proud of our NC playgroup--five of us took the trip to Nova and finished Swiss 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. And Ryan is part of our group, so we brought home the trophy to NC! If you're within driving distance, be sure to come to the NC Regionals/Prime tournament this fall/winter (assuming we get one)! It should be a great time, and there will likely be a Leia sighting
  2. There were two Jawa swarms. One with IG and one with hondo+Sabine. The hondo+Sabine one won. On a hondo touchdown no less!!
  3. What a time to be alive. Meta looks super healthy, interesting, and varied. Too bad FFG gave up on the game.
  4. For the last eight months, Spectre Cell lists have been oppressive in the skirmish meta, winning 60% of regionals as well as the top two spots at Worlds. The best skirmish players in the game have spent months and months attempting to figure out a counter to the list and concluded the best way to beat Spectre consistently is with Spectre. No other list has the raw stat power and breaks so many fundamental rules of skirmish. SC doesn't care about command cards, positioning, losing figures, activation counts, activation order, etc. Combined with a very friendly map rotation (tarkin is a small map, back alleys is a playground for SC, blitz is an auto-win)--with only fluctuations being a weak matchup for SC.
  5. Kanan, Terro, and the Bantha rest on their sides with the magnetic tape on the side of the compartment. The rancor and walkers are in one of the boxes with some cardboard separating them. Much less elegant lol
  6. I use a couple of HDX organizers from Home Depot (link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-15-Compartment-Interlocking-Small-Parts-Organizer-in-Black-2-Pack-320034/204515485). I glued washers to the underside of each figure, and stuck magnetic tape to the inside of each compartment of the organizer. This keeps the figures from moving around inside the organizer.
  7. My trandoshans are lying in ambush waiting for Sunday. #CANTWAIT
  8. I haven't read through all responses in the thread, but has someone proposed turning it into an attachment? Exhaust during the attached figures activation to grant the free attack to another figure. When the attached figure dies the +1 attack, +1 defense, and extra attack goes away. I think this would solve a couple of things. The list would retain it's power for overcost/underpowered figures like Zeb and Kanan. It would give the list a clear weakness--defeat the SC-attached figure and you cripple the list. It adds a layer of strategy--do you attach it to the weakest figures (chopper/hera) and retain an SC triple tap with Strength in Numbers, or do you attach it to a bigger body that is harder to kill but closer to the action?
  9. Yeah. Heavy Fire is good with Wild Fury as you're taking the conditions anyways (just use it on the second attack!), and Drokatta doesn't live long vs SC so it the conditions may not matter vs them anyways
  10. Some folks use it with drokatta and Sabine. Between all the AoE, a heavy fire boosted attack could finish off a second or even third unit once they’re all wounded.
  11. @crstephan It's a bit of a drive, but we're having a casual/meme tournament on April 14 down in the Raleigh/Durham area. If you make the trip down I'll make sure to show up early so you can get enough games in to get your fix
  12. Come out and join us for a casual/meme tournament at Atomic Empire in Durham, North Carolina! Serious lists are welcomed too but most of us will be rocking non-meta/off-meta lists. Which means I need to get around to finally painting my Dengar mini... We'll be starting at 1pm on April 14. I'm working on a prize wall for top meme finish, new players to IA tournaments, and new players to Atomic Empire. Hope to see you there! https://www.atomicempire.com/Store/Event/2611
  13. As much as I love kenny and the gang, they are prone to over reacting a bit. Remember when doubt was going to kill all rebel lists? I think we need more than the half dozen data points from their practice games. In any case, at least it isn’t Ugs on raining freight...
  14. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Come out for an Imperial Assault Store Kit Tournament on SUNDAY FUNDAY, February 17! Be part of a growing IA community in the Triangle, the best IA community on the planet! Or at least the Triangle, definitely the best community in the Triangle! SUNDAY FUNDAY will be held at Atomic Empire. That address is 3400 Westgate Drive in Durham for all y'all out there too lazy to use Google! Durham is a quick drive from anywhere in the Triangle, the Piedmont, Eastern NC, Western NC, South Carolina, Virginia, and a short plane flight from anywhere in the US! So no excuses, SEE YOU ON SUNDAY FUNDAY!! Festivities will include gaming, food, drink, live entertainment, and fireworks (Disclaimer: food, drink, live entertainment, and fireworks not included). Dice begin rolling at 1pm sharp, SO DON'T BE LATE! DON'T MISS OUT OF THE GAMING EVENT OF THE CENTURY!! Or at least the gaming event of the Carolinas held on February 17! One of the two! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE! Sign up here! We'll give you the entire seat, but YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!!1
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