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  1. You can trigger Longbeard Elder’s response immediately after committing him to the quest, before any other trigger (except forced responses). However, you will have already chosen which other characters to also commit at the same time you commit the elder: before you have the option to trigger the Elder’s response.
  2. Take an early lead in combat ASAP, and never let go. You want T Boromir, Beorn, etc. That’s the best advice I can give you. Also . . . Never pay attention to those difficulty ratings!
  3. Yes, trap attachments are still "your" attachments, so you can discard them if instructed to. Yup! "Card effects" includes shadow effects, so shadow effects can't discard the One Ring. Hope that helps
  4. And the attachment it readies can be exhausted to replay event.
  5. When an enemy is put into play engaged with you, do “after an/this enemy engages you . . .” Responses trigger? I would then apply the same logic to entering play committed to the quest and “after you commit a/this character to the quest . . .” Responses.
  6. Well, all deluxes require at least one Core, but Wilds of Rhovanion is the only one that uses cards from it.
  7. Because Thror's Map trivializes a specific facet of the game, while Northern Tracker is simply overpowered. Thror's Map basically made Travel effects a non-factor, which greatly restricts design space. The developers had to design every travel effect with Thror's Map in mind. Northern Tracker meanwhile, doesn't mess with the meta so much. It's just really good. Take Unexpected Courage as an example. It doesn't affect the developers approach to designing cards per se. It's just ridiculously good.
  8. You are correct! The character remains exhausted, no matter which hero takes the undefended attack. Edit: Good grief. You guys are right! I didn't bother to go find Striking Tentacle and remembered incorrectly that its ability triggers after you declare a defender. That's embarrassing!
  9. Scrying effects (Henamarth, Denethor, Rumor from the Earth, and Out of the Wild) are very helpful in the quest. They really take the bite out of the Tentacle enemies.
  10. Stimpaksam’s correct! When a card is dealt as a shadow card, you only trigger the text below the little bar and skull. Yes, and so you buy more core sets from FFG!
  11. How about instead of costing an action, you spend inspiration equal to the amount of depletions you want the new trinket to have? (within the max, of course)
  12. Sigh. That's all you needed to realize. Took long enough.
  13. I don't know if you've been keeping up with recent . . . "discussions" on the 'boards, but I hope this isn't foreshadowing.
  14. I’m just curious (and I really don’t feel like getting into a debate again), but how do you conclude that one deck is superior to another? Is it from your play experience alone, or from the play experience (and deck-building expertise) of the entire community that has played Mount Doom. I can’t disagree that JL’s deck didn’t work out for you, so the deck you did beat mount doom with is indeed more helpful to you. But the majority of players used JL’s deck to much better effect against Mount Doom. To boil it down: Just because one deck didn’t accomplish what you wanted it to, doesn’t mean it is automatically a worse deck for all the other players who beat Mount Doom with it just fine. You are one player out of many, and you cannot decide what deck is better for everyone else based solely on your own experience.
  15. And you can't make posts like this up either! Just hits the spot.
  16. Hold on. Does FFG have the rights to the Fourth Age? 😮
  17. On the small chance you do read this, I was thanking you for reading my post, or, as you called it "senseless drivel." I thank you now for recommending that I pursue occupation as a lawyer or linguist. This reminded me of something! If anyone wants a good laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLpE1Pa8vvI Enjoy!
  18. Know I know why you responded. Well said. Sincerely. No sarcasm meant. I see two problem's with this: First "if it's bad for me" is a touch ambiguous, and the "for me" is telling. Second, can and should are two very different things. That actually sounds like a very good idea. Constructive criticism is almost never a bad thing. Providing reasons on why the deck was not helpful (to you) would indeed be branded as criticism. Being branded as criticism is not a bad thing. I kid you not. I actually laughed when I read this. Actually, I do feel like I can in good conscience obey this suggestion. If I ever do want to be a fascist totalitarian, I will most certainly do so elsewhere. Thank goodness I haven't done so here. I would also encourage you to ask other members of this forum for their opinion on whether or not my posts indicate a fascist totalitarian state. Thank you for your time.
  19. If a deck did not accomplish for you what you wanted it to, so be it. Never play it again. But don’t harshly criticize someone else’s work (even if the deck is bad, which this one is not) especially when others might find the same deck very helpful.
  20. Something along these lines happened last year, too. I think the deadline for ordering kits was before FFG actually announced they were available. There’s still time for them to announce it, though. I’d be surprised if no news article is posted within the next month and a half.
  21. I wouldn’t say trash heap. Boromir is still a very powerful hero, just not at all when compared to his pre-errata self.
  22. If you’re in progression mode, I’d go with a Dwarf deck. Willpower is a non-issue with Dain’s boost, and Miner of the Iron Hills will keep Dain from becoming Freezine Cold. Throw in Faramir for good measure. You could splash Spirit with Narvi’s Belt to let Northern Tracker whittle down Caradhras before you travel there.
  23. You don’t need to worry about having an action window. Since Silver Harp is a response, not an action, you can trigger it, interrupting the “end of the round” whenever it’s condition (discarding a card) is met.
  24. It’s important to note that Iron Shackles is attached to the top of your deck, not the top card of your deck.
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