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  1. That Ember Crown finale is certainly the hardest adventure from either campaign. The best advice I can give is to keep in mind what's been killing you and what you've been lacking in. Really focus thoroughly on strengthening those weak areas through the entire campaign, all the way up to the final adventure.
  2. The rules for nearby are the same on Battle Maps and Journey Maps. Whichever map you're on, nearby enemies never counterattack unless they're in the same space as the attacking hero (or if they're ranged).
  3. Your number one priority should be to keep threat as low as possible. That means busting threat tokens, exploring tiles pronto, and making sure you don’t reveal a bunch more tiles at the very end of your turn. Your second priority goes for every game ever. Maximize your actions. You need to be able to accomplish everything you want with a minimal amount of actions spent on movement. That means two things: sprint, sprint, sprint and be smart with your movement actions. Keep backtracking to a minimum. Third thing would be to make sure your final objective is in sight before you start farming lore from search tokens. A won adventure is essentially a loss if you received no lore, since that’s what will help you (along with XP) actually defeat the final adventure and win the campaign. That said, give yourself an out, because 10 lore and a won adventure is still better than 15 lore and a loss. Lastly, your goal for every adventure before the finale should be to win the adventure one threat away from death, giving you the maximum amount of time to collect Lore. Your goal for every “all-or-nothing” adventure (the ones that end the campaign in failure if you lose. This includes the last one.) is to simply give yourself the best chance possible to complete the adventure. What good is lore to dead heroes.
  4. With the way I play (which will vary from other people), my Pathfinder sprints to the far end of the map ASAP, while my combat focused character stays put. The heroes slowly chew through search tokens before they reunite mid-map and move on to the main objective. Because of this, my heroes are often nowhere near enough to take advantage of abilities like Aragorn’s or Elena’s.
  5. Definitely the Woodland Realm and Wizard's Quest.
  6. Beravor is just ridiculously good as a Pathfinder (So is Legolas, though. If I make him Pathfinder, Beravor is usually a Burglar.). Between each of their special character abilities, movement will be a breeze. That Troll incident was certainly a bug.
  7. Aragorn and Legolas are great, but I would probably go with Beravor and Legolas. The only one I do not recommend for solo play is Elena. Almost every other character is better unless you have a high player count, when she’s arguably the best.
  8. @JonG I'd be curious to hear your case for Dwarven Axe over Dwarrowdelf Axe.
  9. For the first question (same enemy, reduced health), the damage and fear is the same. For the second (different amounts in a group), the damage and fear is increased per enemy in the group.
  10. AFAIK, it's available worldwide, but you'd have to get your FLGS to order it from their supplier.
  11. Controlling two decks is a great way to open up deckbuilding options, and I’d say most quests are slightly harder with one deck than two. The downside would be it’s harder to keep track of stuff than in pure solo. How? Use two player decks, reveal two encounter cards per turn, all the rules are the same as in a normal two player game, except you’re playing as if you were player one and player two. So you control both decks.
  12. Huh. I haven't activated either expansion yet, so unfortunately I can't be of much help. 😕
  13. It's hard to go wrong with good ol' location lock. Make sure to add all those cards that return enemies to the staging area and trigger immediate attacks.
  14. Try enable-ing Villains if Eriador in the app, then disabling it. That's worked for others when Ember Crown wouldn't function.
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