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  1. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Beorn and objective attachments

    This is what I found in the FAQ, section 1.23 (attachments): Any objective card that attaches to another card is treated as an attachment in addition to its other card types. Any non-objective card that attaches to another card loses its original card type and gains the attachment card type. The “Attach to...” rules text on an attachment is only a play restriction, and is not taken into account after the card is already attached. So no, you cannot attach Mugash to Beorn. Hope that helps!
  2. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Beorn and objective attachments

    I'm pretty sure any card that becomes attached to another is then treated as an attachment, just like poison/venom from Flies and Spiders. There may be something on this in the FAQ or ORR, but not that I can find quickly.
  3. This may be an error on FFG's part, but if not; this is huge. The Limited Collector's Edition seems to be available for standard order. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game/ Whoa. Did anyone see this coming? Is FFG really releasing this to the public as a product?
  4. Wandalf the Gizzard

    It likes Riddles? loophole

    I think you may be right, @NathanH. The way the rules are written, that might be the case; but I think the developers intended the players to have to answer both riddles and the wording just came out wrong.
  5. Wandalf the Gizzard

    It likes Riddles? loophole

    Haha, that'd be it. I can't believe I didn't notice that and now feel stupid for bumping this thread. Thanks!
  6. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Best order of play?

    I would definitely buy expansions in the first manner you suggested. However, this is not at all a good idea with the current release schedule, and you asked about the best order of play if you already have all the expansions. In that case, I would wait to play the LotR sagas until you've played through the the Haradrim cycle (around the time when Mountain of Fire was released). This way you start the saga campaign with all the player cards that were available when the final saga expansion was released. I would still play the Hobbit sagas right after the Dwarrowdelf cycle, though. When you say "Order of release for all expansions," do you intend to allow yourself the full card pool for each quest? Or would you play "progression style:" only using player cards that were released back when that quest was released, "Unlocking" cards for yourself chronologically. I would advise this second approach.
  7. Wandalf the Gizzard

    It likes Riddles? loophole

    Bumpity-bump. Any thoughts?
  8. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Nightmare Question

    Yes! You start with the original encounter deck and the nightmare card tells you which cards to take out to make room for the nightmare deck.
  9. Lol! I hope no one gets fired!
  10. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Time mechanic - Fords of Isen

    This would imply that Grima is freed and progress can be placed on stage two, but Grima must be "free of encounters" and the Islet is explored long before (in the order of quest resolution) it is discarded.
  11. Wandalf the Gizzard

    some help creating deck in online game ?

    I've actually never lost against that one. Edit: Nevermind, I thought that was the one from Shadow and Flame, not Jounrey in the Dark.
  12. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Feint question

    i.e. after y ally leaves play, deal x damage to an enemy.
  13. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Feint question

    Here's a question: Which happens first? Archery or shadow cards?
  14. Wandalf the Gizzard

    some help creating deck in online game ?

    I don't want to be rude and run anyone off, but it would be helpful to keep discussion of the digital game in the forums for the digital game; on steam. These forums are meant for the physical LCG, but it can be confusing with the way FFG has marketed them; almost like they're the same game. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.
  15. http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Flooding-THfG The Hunt for Gollum treachery Flooding's when shadow effect references that card's "when revealed effect." Does this mean to trigger all effects that would be triggered had the card been revealed from the encounter deck during staging (including surge and doomed) or to literally trigger only the when revealed effect that is bolded: "When Revealed:"? Thanks.