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  1. Wandalf the Gizzard

    New Amazon Show

    I think it's just more support for the Second Age being the focus of the show. Some of the material in the appendices mentioned contains S.A. related stuff.
  2. Wandalf the Gizzard

    New Amazon Show

    A big hint (potentially?) was just dropped on Twitter regarding the Appendices! Any thoughts? https://twitter.com/lotronprime?lang=en
  3. I really don't know. No one really does.😕 FFG could literally print money, and make their LotR fans happier, but for some reason: no reprints. 😕
  4. Wandalf the Gizzard

    How many losses?

    Haha! Well, I'm glad to hear you've beaten Escape from it! Escape from Dol Guldur solo with just one core is no small accomplishment.
  5. Wandalf the Gizzard

    How many losses?

    I do essentially this, but with which hero is prisoner. Some of those bad draws that "count as losses" might end up being a win.
  6. Wandalf the Gizzard

    How many losses?

    The deck I used for this specific challenge is a variation on this deck: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/5701/escape-from-dol-guldur-solo-1.0 When you use cards from only one core set, that 30% win rate drops dramatically closer to ten/fifteen. A 50% win rate is ludicrous, even with a full card pool and if you choose the prisoner. Well, okay, maybe it's possible for some like Rouxxor or Seastan, but I'd be gobsmacked if even they could pull it off. Basically, you have good reason to not buy it. I did pick the prisoner, but divided my win percentage by three to account for probability, so my written percentage is still statistically correct. And no, unlimited mulligans are a travesty.
  7. Wandalf the Gizzard

    How many losses?

    @Vince_76 Conclusion false! It is impossible to beat consistently in solo with one core set without lucky draws. At least for me, and several other community members. (ye powers of strategy and skill, I hath summoned thee! )
  8. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Promo Storage Solutions

    I use Broken Token's compact card game insert. If I ever somehow buy more decks than it can hold, I think I can afford to give some away.
  9. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Is it me or my deck?

    @Gaukli How do the other houses rank in power in your experience?
  10. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Key Abduction question?

    That's how it works. Yes, I've done it before. Usually when I already had enough aember to forge two keys, but miasma or something like that has put me at a turn disadvantage. You can normally only forge one key per turn, after all.
  11. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Dire Keyword (slight spoiler for mountain of fire)

    Well, if the rules don't say the secrecy threshold is raised, it probably isn't!
  12. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Basic Question...

    They are definitely in play. Think of the staging area as a place where enemies roam in the distance before they notice and attack you. Locations likewise are simply places you aren't at right now, but may need to travel to.
  13. Is it Beravor? I vaguely remember her name being dropped, but I don't think we've seen her character sheet (do we have an official term for those yet?). Her character fits the Jack-of-all-trades, which is what she was in the LotR LCG, as well.
  14. Wandalf the Gizzard

    The next Flop ?

    Don't worry! FFG will make at least ten . . . per year!
  15. Wandalf the Gizzard

    Does Evasion Sigil need errata?

    I'm pretty sure it only refers to attacking creatures. Just like "Fight" abilities only trigger for the attacker.