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  1. In my experience, the mechanics are somewhat light, and most of the game’s meat comes from the experience of exploring and interacting. With that in mind, I think you’ll quite enjoy this game.
  2. I never played it, but AGoT was a huge LCG back in its day. I have no idea how it compares to LotR, but it was one of FFG’s flagship products for a while.
  3. This conversation reminds me of Matthew (from the Grey Company) and his massive collection of Core Sets!
  4. For a casual pick up game, I’d be happy with a win percentage of around fifty percent. If I’m building a deck specifically for a quest, though, I’d better be winning way more than half my games. The issue with progression style win percentages is that an experienced player (Rouxxor, Sebastian, Pocketwraith, Mr. Underhill.) knows exactly what threats to expect in any given quest, leading to much higher percentages than a new player playing through the game in progression style for the first time, like dale mentioned.That leads to those new players feeling discouraged and skeptical, even though they shouldn’t expect to be able to reach those numbers.
  5. Encounter cards, Gildor, and the contract all qualify as “non-master card effect,” and would therefore affect the One Ring. The only question is whether the Ring’s immunity has taken affect at that point, i.e.: is it in play?
  6. I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock into the “new iteration,” though. Both FFG and Asmodee have been cutting game lines, sister studios, and fantastic designers/developers over the past two months. Add that to Asmodee’s recent raise in prices and wiping their part replacement policy, things aren’t looking too great for the future. The game of course will probably still be incredible, but their may not be much left to support it.
  7. I’m assuming you had some way of looking at each shadow card, because otherwise it wouldn’t matter which came first, you’d just resolve them one at a time. Anyway, returning an enemy to the staging area mid-attack shouldn’t affect the attack, so the other shadow card will still trigger as normal. Even if the shadow cards were face up and deciding which one to resolve first would have an affect on gameplay, I’d be surprised if the “you have to chose an option that changes the game state” rule applies to shadow cards. Hope that helps!
  8. I just want to take a moment to point out one of the reasons why this is the best community on the internet! Here we are, almost a decade in, with a game losing support from Asmodee quickly, and yet look at the support we’re still eager to give a new content creator. Cheers, gents! (and ladies)
  9. When is contract set-up currently? The same time as quest setup?
  10. Imagine if the new LotR products after the hiatus are just the missing nightmare decks.
  11. . . . and if you plan on triggering Erkenbrand’s ability.
  12. If you do decide to jump in again, I would recommend skipping the Angmar Awakened cycle. It’s quite difficult, and that seems to be the main reason you stopped playing for a while.
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