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  1. I've run an L5R game once before, in the 4th edition of the rules, and I want to run a new game in the new 5th edition. The problem is, I want to do a ronin game, but the way the game is constructed makes me nervous. In the deadly courts of Rokugan, strife makes perfect sense and can be a very risky thing to accumulate. However, less decorum is expected from a ronin so the dissonance between the stoic ideal and the emotional reality is not nearly as much of a big deal for them as it is for samurai. Strife feels difficult to reconcile with this campaign idea. Old R&K quite a traditional system in its approaches so it was easy for me to work around certain rules. But in a narrative game that's so comprehensively tied together, I have more difficulty. How can I reconcile ronin with the concept of strife as it shows in the game rules?
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