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  1. I can understand people discussing it, since a lot of people playing this are coming from other collectible card games. I was interested in the game specifically due to the fact it is kind of fighting that aspect of card games. I am sure there will be some sort of secondary market for decks that perform well or have sought after combos, but i really dig the idea of going to buy a 10 dollar deck if i want to play something new. whereas in MTG i would be spending several hundred dollars on singles for something that is competitive.
  2. Ended up buying a second. Haven;t got to play with them yet but they sound like they are a lot of fun
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I picked up one but wasn't sure if a second was in order just yet.
  4. I think the rules are there to avoid running in to things already. Pivot and reverse are the tool we have to fix those mistakes. Otherwise its just learning how to control your vehicles better. I'm not against adding something like a barrel roll as an upgrade where it would make sense, for example the T47. It would need to be costed appropriately though. since more maneuverability has offensive applications as well.
  5. I would also be interested in this if anyone played in the 2v2 Tourny at gencon this weekend.
  6. This is true. Before Legion the most i had painted was a few DnD figures, badly. I played my first few games with unpainted minis, but have sense really started to enjoy this part of the hobby and learn more each time i sit down to paint.
  7. I would be 3 and 4. I like to win but i do enjoy the stories that can arise from these types of games even if they are silly or miles away from canon. I never set out to keep it canon or anything. i just play the game and let the stories kind of come out of our play.
  8. I imagine X-Wing 2.0 will get a lot of attention since it should be releasing really soon. (on the fence about updating my collection still) For Legion I am hoping to see Chewie and whatever SF group will release with him. A surprise announcement would be super cool though,.
  9. I've done 2v2 but we just kind of played as a team and made joint decisions. I am very interested in what rules they are going to be using
  10. Sure they would. they may not be to scale but that doesn't mean you still can't use it as terrain pieces. I have one of the revell U-Wing kits. its not the right scale but i picked it up for like 5 bucks on sale. it still works fine as a terrain piece. I would say its more immersive to have things at the proper scale but its not necessary.
  11. that was a pretty hardcore way to go out though.
  12. Personally i'd like to see something along the lines of upgrade card packs. otherwise it will be the 3rd party market for me and buying singles.
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