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  1. Been thinking about another talent. Brace for Charge Tier: 2 Activation: Active (manoeuvre) Ranked: No When wielding an applicable piercing weapon, can as a manoeuvre set the weapon to receive a charge of an adversary that moves into engaged range with you. Deals damage equal to their silhouette size plus the weapon's base damage.
  2. Thanks, @Richardbuxton Next question, say I cast a "web" spell (conjure spell with the "ensnare" effect) in a hallway that can ensnare people as they run into it. Do I just use my initial roll? Say I get only enough advantages to trigger ensnare once, but over the space of 15 minutes 100 people run over the icy patch. How could we rule this? Make every person that enters the area make a hard athletics check? Or re-roll the spell casting check each time to see if you trigger "ensnare" on them? EDIT: My thoughts on this are when the spell is initially cast there have to be enough advantages rolled to trigger the effect, and then each time someone runs into it they make the hard athletics check.
  3. Yeah ok. True. I am trying to figure out how to do things like "Flaming Sphere" from DnD, andlike a healing stream the Mercy in Overwatch uses. How would you (guys) suggest this? Thanks to everyone on the input
  4. Fair enough. Was just making sure it wasn't overlooked. I have made a few talents of my own for my little game that I have going on, was wondering if you all would like to look over them for me please Active Counter Spell Tier: 3 Activation: Active (Out of turn incidental) Ranked: Yes Once per turn when a spell is cast within medium range, the character can increase the difficulty of the spell by one per rank in Active Counter Spell. They must spend 2 strain for each added difficulty. Requires knowledge (magic type). OR Upgrades the difficulty when using the counter spell manoeuvre by the number of ranks in "Active Counter Spell". Concentrated Spell Tier: 4 Activation: Active Ranked: No Adds the ability for the spells which otherwise don't have concentration to remain in effect, increases the difficulty of the spell by 1. After a spell is cast, it gains the concentration effect. The following rounds after the spell has been cast allows the effect to be repeated with a successful spell check (of the same difficulty). This does not cost the usual strain to cast the spell. Requires the use of the concentration manoeuvre. Ritual Caster Tier: 2 Activation: Active Ranked: Yes Caster can now cast spells as a ritual. Rituals take one hour per rank of difficulty to cast. Decrease the difficulty of the spells by one per rank of "Ritual Caster" to a minimum of 1. Costs double the strain to cast. Ritual Caster (improved) Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Ritual spells can now be cast with multiple casters (all of whom require the Ritual Caster (Improved) talent. For each additional caster, reduce the time required to cast the spell by one hour, to a minimum of one hour. Costs double the strain to cast. Wild surge Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Manoeuvre) Ranked: No Once per encounter, your character may use this talent. Until the end of the encounter or until they are incapacitated, your character adds 1 success and 2 advantage to all magic combat checks they make. However, opponents add 1 success to all combat checks targeting your character. While Wild Surging, your character cannot cast spells requiring concentration. Each time your characters casts a spell whilst this talent is active, they must spend an extra strain to do so. Thanks all.
  5. Noticed these two talents with the same effects, but different activation costs. Conduit (RoT) allows the caster to spend a story point to cast a spell as a manoeuvre. Quickened spell (CCC - ESP77) allows the caster to spend 2 strain to cast a spell as a manoeuvre.
  6. I was just looking through the talent list, and there seems to be a typo in "Animal Expertise" Animal Expertise Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Add per rank of Hunter to all checks when interacting with beast or animals (including combat checks). Add +10 to Critical Injury results against beasts or animals per rank of Hunter. Couldn't see if this had been pointed out anywhere already.
  7. It occurred to me today, after owning and playing the game since its release, that you could potentially combine different spell types to create a greater variety of spells. Vampiric touch - Attack and heal Power word: shield - Barrier and heal Chill Touch - Attack and curse It makes for some more interesting spells. What do you guys think? Has this been brought up already?
  8. Here is what I have done so far. Like I said, needs a lot of work, but it's a start. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lWJWKQIQcNvu-kd7BQbCl7KZ5kMMSvPdu6QIBJtBV3Q
  9. I ran a little Anthem game as a one off a few weeks ago. I just used the exo-suit from the GCRB, and gave it 8 hard points. Then created a bunch of things like heavy armour, dash, mortar, rail gun etc, and gave them different values. My system needs a **** of a lot of work, but I only put a few hours into it to make it work, and it did. Pretty well.
  10. Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm struggling with a concept here. If I cast an attack spell that has the additional effect of lightning, and choose to add the autofire quality to it, my spell difficulty is 3 purples. Do I need just 2 advantages to activate all the elements of lightning (i.e stun AND one extra hit of autofire), or do I need 2 adv for lightning, (which gives the spell the stun quality), and 2 adv per extra hit of autofire? Or something else entirely? My sleepy brain thanks you in advance.
  11. RagingJim

    Gun Mage

    That could work. Easiest way to make this happen is just to make them suffer a critical injury.
  12. RagingJim

    Gun Mage

    I also think it's quite high, but it is quite powerful and there are meant to be some drawbacks to snorting gunpowder too much. It definitely requires some fine tuning.
  13. Just noticed that Quick Draw and Quickdraw (improved) are written as two and one word respectively in both the contents and in text.
  14. RagingJim

    Gun Mage

    Ok, how about this: Powder Horn (can be used with rifle or pistol). Allows the user to maintain the augment spell with themselves as the target without using a concentration manoeuvre - takes 2 strain per round to maintain.
  15. RagingJim

    Gun Mage

    Perfect. I hadn't even thought about a simple reskinning. My brain was making everything way more complicated than it needed to be. Thanks
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