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  1. Per the previous ruling one could play characters outside the dynasty phase from BAH. Letting one pass faster. The new ruling doesn't let one use BAH outside of the dynasty phase, no passing faster, no fate advantage. Being able to use BAH in the draw phase or between conflicts, was imo its biggest strength. Now if one uses it to save a conflict character from being discarded, one can only play that character during dynasty. I know the difference between HMD and BAH, I am talking a out the new ruling VS old ruling. 😁
  2. Could you elaborate? I think BAH letting me pass early in the dynasty phase to get that extra fate was its primary strength. I understand character fixing is nice to keep useful bodies available, but getting and keeping a fate advantage is better imp.
  3. IMHO all in faction cancels should be on the RL, not something like HT. Errata is the least bad way. There has yet to be any other solution worth the time to consider.
  4. I do. Though, with the cards that only work with 6 or under and the cards that only work with a higher bid....it will be hard to play at that range. The stronghold still works, but a lot of options are off the table. EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I think some of this stuff will work amazingly. I think that it is a high risk style of play.
  5. I don't know, being at 6 or less honor is not a safe place.
  6. Respectfully disagree. Assuming they have spent the $300+ on all the cards they will probably have the reprint. Though odd, you don't consider the RL as alienating, someone showing up to a tournament and getting told their deck is illegal is probably more frustrating. I would guess in an official format would be the only time someone would be upset about the errata. Casually, no one would really care either way It was printed that way as a mistake, this is a living card game....changing it is the least bad solution. A non-cancelable, non-telegraphed movement card....AND I get access to Let Go....who would play that? ?
  7. I wonder what the timing is on your honor dial being higher? I mean if I was higher at the start of the duel, does that go away once the duel starts until dials are revealed again? I would guess it does go away, as it seems like a constant check. I don't think this card is going to be used so much for the dishonor, but to just steal honor with the bid. To avoid a 2 plus glory stat swing encourages an opponent to bid high.
  8. I don't know how it will be alienating. Putting it on the RL means it will never be played. Printing new cards to counter it, is awful design after bad and alienates existing players. Errata is the best way to address it. They can just put a reprint in a future package. I agree that players want what is best for the game, and will understand if one or two thing squeak past design and playtest if they get addressed in a way that is better for the game. It will still see lots of play as moving characters into conflicts is still a powerful effect. Moving a bowed Guest of Honor or other magistrates, etc...is still very much worth it.
  9. If someone cancels an Assassination, can I play another that round?
  10. Agreed. Even with 3 cores, you are not competitive. This is what I think people don't understand. Spend $40 on a game and not actually be able to play, you can't make a legal deck, let alone 2. Single core decks are painful play experiences, for everyone. At $80 you get two cores and can finally make a legal deck....you will be consistently stomped, also not fun for anyone. Without strong story support at a local level and cheaper ways to get into the game, it is tough to find new players and keep existing ones interested.
  11. Without players you can't have a competitive scene. New players are detracted by the price, old player aren't really jazzed at the current tourney kits and the distro model impacted us a little. It is not rings vs. another game (though keyforge is going to hit us as well). We do have people wanting to get in, but the price and the lack of a casual experience is a huge deterrent.
  12. I love the framing, I am not making an argument.....I am pointed to a clear barrier to entry. Which is why I would like to see some kind of pack to plus up a single core at a lower cost. I know it is impossible, but it would help. Perspective is not the issue, it is not MTG vs L5R. It is to play the game with people that have all the cards....you kind of need all* the cards. I am not trying to convince someone with $300 dollars burning a hole in their pocket. *I don't mean all literally, as you cannot use them all. I mean access to them all.
  13. Yeah, our playgroup needed that many copies of Wandering Ronin. ? Those prizes and events with them are not really what I am talking about. Don't get me wrong they are abysmal for drawing new people in, and do nothing to really entice people that already play to show up for an event. I am talking about a scenario of some kind. Not some massive story result, though local stores having NO impact is kind of weak. Because of that no one really cares about the story, we pay attention to new roles...but after that...nothing. As for the league card, whatever that may be just cycle it out, the game is living right? Having a neutral <insert character here> for a week or two is more interesting. Even a temporary unique role card for the season would be amazing. Just an experience that we can have locally. Even if we funnel those results to FFG and there is a fiction around those results. **** make versions of the story for each clan, so that we never know what "really" happened. I think you underestimate the sticker shock, that has been the number one barrier we have to new players. No one is going to show up with a single core deck and have an enjoyable experience playing against someone with even 2 cores. And people who own it all are not going to enjoy nerfing their decks. Also buying what you think you need is also not going to work out well. You really need to play to understand what works. I understand that you can split clans up in packs, but this is unlike the old game I think there is less clan loyalty overall. Scorpion and Crab get play because they are currently winning. If Unicorn gets a huge boost, then you will see WAY more people playing Unicorn. The appeal of an LCG is that you get it all, I think that appeal is a big draw.
  14. I think the game needs something that is impossible to happen. I think it needs some kind of supplemental pack at a lower cost that buying 3 cores. Right now we have lots of interest, but the price is too much for players. Total cost for it all is over $300. I know you don't need it all to make a deck, but you are at a disadvantage with only 2 cores and no dynasty packs. I also think there needs to be some FFG structured story events for local play. Even a league with a special rule, like a neutral version of a champion with some special story all decks can include that card and play the league.
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