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    Lambda fix

    It has a back arc now. Thats cool. Teaser trailer shows it in a spread.
  2. Cool concept but uninteresting squads and lack of personality makes the video a chore to sit through
  3. for the sake of relating everything back to the tie punisher, that would flat out kill almost all ordinance boats
  4. Porkins Porkins Jek Jek Porkins I can hold it
  5. My favorite part about the ghost is that the tie punisher can shred them with clusters and torpedoes.
  6. If its a torpedo slot fix then we might see E/Y/B-wings back on the table....
  7. Listen mates. Its totally fine not to be a huge fan of the U-wing but the Y-wing is garbage in universe (That doesn't stop me from loving it) and pretty good in game so does it really need a fix? The U wing was pretty bad in game, and definitely needed a fix to stay relevant. Ultimately I would be happy if tie punishers and A wings were super op and took up the entire board because those are my favorite ships in design/concept, but the A-Wing is in the same place as the Y. They both are good but not tourney tier ships, so enjoy using them and remember "If everyone's super then no one is."
  8. I like the "Bug" and will refer to it as that from now on.
  9. I think lightweight frame already establishes the idea that all ties are evasive in game without mechanically breaking anything.
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