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  1. Honestly that's probably a better option, although the quick build cards could be fun as well. Either way I've always kind of wanted more narrative options to armada. Reenact the battle of Endor or Scarif, or have scenarios set up of hypothetical battles with their own story happening similar to the lord of the rings battle games narrative scenarios
  2. I really like this idea, something to break up list building. Could be good even to try make "canon" ship's and squadrons, so maybe red squadron gives Luke and wedge at a certain threat, Hera and two a wings as phoenix squadron or Ackbar and lando on the home one similar to endor. Could also be good as a random draw setup giving you and your opponent a random yet somewhat thematic fleet to play against
  3. https://www.shapeways.com/product/JVN6HJKAJ/armada-victory-ii-frigate?optionId=62850858 Mel's miniatures already has it, as far as stats go you could likely substitute it for FFG's Victory or gladiator for casual games?
  4. That's a neat idea. This phase of the battle I'm essentially going for the initial section of the battle before the rebellion knows the death star can activate. The idea is the second phase is the liberty and its battle group, with it being destroyed in round 4 by the death star (round 5 if the CR-90 sabotage side mission is achieved). I am toying with the idea for one of the late phases to allow players to deploy much closer, and implement a rule like "every second turn, the imperial player may destroy a rebel ship beyond medium range of an imperial ship"
  5. Thanks for the thorough feedback! If I am completely honest this was mostly written from a thematic mindset and less so mechanical, I will be sure to run through one or two dummy battles of the following battles to iron out any kinks before posting. That said I have edited the layout based on what you have said. The set up is now as per the hyperlane raid, and the rebel player must try and engage the Imperial forces to achieve their objective. I have also changed it so the star destroyers may start at speed 1. The CR-90 side objective is more a choice for the rebellion, in that do they want an extra activation and attack dice to contribute to the battle, or to "sacrifice" it to pay off in the next round. Hopefully this achieves mechanically what i was going for thematically: the frantic rush of the rebel fleet into the Imperial lines with Lando and Wedge taking on swarms of tie fighters.
  6. So I've spend some free time writing up the battle of Endor, but rather than just one large battle, the idea is to run it as a few narrative missions in a row, each focusing on a different aspect of the battle which will effect the next and provide the player with bonuses and ships provided they can accomplish certain objectives and keep ships alive. Please note that these have not yet been play tested and are no way meant to be competitive, rather just something fun to play with a bit more of a story element to it, and its the most realistic way i could thing to do the battle of Endor beyond buying 20 ISD models. I'll be adding to this as i write phases and if you guys like the idea, any suggestions/ recommendations welcome. So here we go THE BATTLE OF ENDOR: AN ARMADA CAMPAIGN: "The Emperor has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come..." PHASE 1: IT’S A TRAP! The Rebel Fleet has arrived at Endor from hyperspace intent on destroying the Emperors new super weapon. However as the rebel fleet turns away from the shielded battle station, the Imperial fleet closes in behind them, with swarms of tie fighters quickly overwhelming the off guard rebellion. SETUP: Setup is as the Hyperlane raid. The Empire is first player. SPECIAL RULES: “hold here, we are only to keep them from escaping” The Imperial player may not deploy beyond speed 1. “There’s too many of them!” When a non-unique Imperial squadron is destroyed, place it aside. During the command phase, the imperial player may select up to 4 previously destroyed squadrons and roll a red die for each one. On a double hit result they may be deployed within base contact of an imperial ship. VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Rebel player must get two or more of the following within distance 5 of the Imperial board edge at the end of turn 6. Otherwise the Imperial Player is victorious. Home one, Redemption, MC80 Battlecruiser. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: "Sabotage that superweapon!": If the rebel player ends the movement of a CR-90 corvette within distance 2 of the rebel short edge, they may remove this ship from play. If so, the Death Star laser fires in turn 5 rather than turn 4 in Phase 2. “They are headed for the medical frigate!” If the Redemption survives the battle, the Rebel player may add one unique pilot that was killed during the campaign to their final battle reinforcement pool. END BATTLE: Both Players may add all surviving unique ships and squadrons to their end battle reserves. RECOMMENDED FORCES: REBEL ALLIANCE: MC80 Command Cruiser 106 Admiral Ackbar 38 Home One 7 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate 57 Redemption 8 MC80 Battle Cruiser 103 CR90 Corvette A 44 GR-75 Combat Retrofits 24 Wedge Antilles 19 Han Solo (stand in for lando) 26 Norra Wexley 17 Gold Squadron 12 Rogue Squadron 14 X-wing Squadron × 1 13 Y-wing Squadron × 1 10 Total Points 498 EMPIRE: Imperial II 120 Admiral Konstantine (Stand in for Piett) 23 Avenger 5 Imperial II 120 Imperial II 120 TIE Interceptor Squadron × 3 33 Saber Squadron 12 TIE Fighter Squadron × 3 24 TIE Bomber Squadron × 3 27 Gamma Squadron 10 Black Squadron 9 Total Points 503
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