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  1. No other instance of products going undelivered in my case (though I wouldn't be surprised if it happened before). My grievances have more to do with the radio silence, lack of community outreach, and the way FFG have ghosted concerned fans regarding the discontinuation of their products.
  2. Sorry guys. Not trying to gloat, but I've been through this before with FFG. They really let me down with Imperial Assault and a few other games.
  3. Good luck finding a dedicated skirmish playerbase after all of the crap FFG has pulled. You can argue semantics all you like but Skirmish has suffered a grievous blow.
  4. Only App updates for the foreseeable future until each box set has a campaign. Skirmish is dead.
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/6/19/the-malastarian-outpost-raid/ Horde Mode Confirmed.
  6. Exactly^ When testing specifically the agility or might trait, you may deplete [Boots] to test the opposite trait instead [agility/might] (One is usually better than the other with most characters) As the example above shows: Gimli is strong but slow, Legolas is fast but weaker. Boots gives them an opportunity to be more well rounded.
  7. Guardian Aragorn with a Banner and a Sword. Burglar Beravor with a Bow. Minstrel Elena with dual daggers. Aragorn focuses on fighting all enemies, Elena on objectives and healing the team, and Beravor is a swing hitter/objective runner.
  8. Tully is all about alliances anyways according to the lore. They are not a "weak" house, but, are surrounded by potential hostile forces, thus, they marry their children off to other great houses to assist in future wars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AslPV6SB6mY
  9. I created a new playmat with an expanded area around Riverrun (divided by rivers) it is safer for both Lannister and Tully on their northern front. https://rpggeek.com/image/3687465/king-balrog03 Whether you create a Tully expansion for yourself or FFG comes through eventually with an overlay- you are welcome to use mine if you like. Just print up the map on a decent stock paper and cut it out, or, just use this battlemap instead. It is compatible with mother of dragons, but the map itself was made for a variant of Robert's Rebellion.
  10. The worst part is: many with connections to the company say that they do read the forums from time to time; they just don't care to respond. We get it when we get it, and we should be considered lucky to get anything at all. FFG is very uninterested in customer complaints, loyalty, or feedback. They want your money and then want you to shut up and await the next game/expansion; if it never happens, oh well, they couldn't be bothered... FFG is the Electronic Arts of the boardgame realm.
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