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  1. King_Balrog

    Campaign Hero Backstories

    Tress is now complete, and I have taken the time to edit down a few of my longer stories to be more concise. Hope you all enjoy!
  2. King_Balrog

    Your History with IA

    Always enjoyed Star Wars, yet, never "loved" it enough to buy much merchandise. When I discovered Imperial Assault it reminded me of a beloved videogame franchise- XCOM, how could I say no or resist? I started picking up all the boxes and individual units I could find beginning in 2016 as they came, due in large part to my need to "finish" a collection. (Strangely I don't actually collect much of anything aside from dlc in videogames; I suppose I like a complete experience) My roomate at the time and I used to play skirmish with each other on boring weekends and our love for the game grew with each expansion. Sadly I didn't have too many friends who actually played boardgames back in 2016, so it was more of a setup for future fun. A enjoyed what lore there was, but, was dissapointed in the "open-experience" that left each individual hero with no pertinent backstories to speak of. After reading a post by @Stompburger who had crafted a nice protype for my future stories, I decided to put my amateur writing skills to work and craft some interesting tales that I (and hopefully others) would like to read from each heroes perspective. As the app came along my old roomate and I had more excuses to play the game and only grew more interested in the coming expansions. Fast forward to late 2018 and I am now slowly beginning to play the campaign for the first time with a group of gaming friends (old roomate included) and we are having a great time. I am still waiting on new expansions and just as bored as you guys are on those nasty months in between releases, but, am happy to have met many of you guys and to share a passion with you all for gaming. Now a day's I'm usually found haunting the forums; waiting for something interesting to happen while im at work during the weekdays. Literal picture of me and my old roomate waiting on the next expansion or announcement from FFG regarding Imperial Assault.^
  3. King_Balrog

    Merry Christmas!

    I started playing pretty recently. My question: Why do not of the main characters have back stories? I don't want to role play!
  4. King_Balrog

    Campaign Hero Backstories

    I've actually considered this very same point. Perhaps i've gotten a little carried away by trying to make the characters interesting (some are harder to write for than others); maybe I will edit these offending characters chapters for a lighter read. Sometimes less is more and i'm sure i can make the stories more concise. Thanks for the advice!
  5. King_Balrog

    Campaign Hero Backstories

    CT-1701 is completed and i'm in the process of Tress's backstory now (there is a sneak peak- if you'd like to read ahead) let me know what you think!
  6. King_Balrog

    Spectre Cell Command Cards

    Geez so angry... Maybe you need to get a hobby, like painting, to help you chill out...
  7. King_Balrog

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Again he's too expensive, but otherwise, his card is solid.
  8. King_Balrog

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Seriously. Weiss is fine as is- if they would only drop his point cost down to reasonable levels. AT-ST for 11-12? Weiss for 13-14? Not to mention this guy: 12 points?
  9. King_Balrog

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Considering how quickly massive figured get focused down, (due to line of sight/threat priority) not to mention that these same units are commonly the target of status effect anyways, more damage is a plus in my eyes; especially since there are plenty of CC's and deployment cards to mitigate this issue. All blasters get blastier.
  10. King_Balrog

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    I think it pairs well with any character who can blast. Sure you take negative status effects, but your CCs can help mitigate that.
  11. King_Balrog

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Heavy Fire looks pretty good with these guys: \
  12. King_Balrog

    Power Tokens Among Multi-figure Groups

    He's fine, but that extra point may be better used elsewhere. As you can probably guess by his small stature it dosen't take much to drop his Hp to 0 as he has no defense die. (He is useful for guaranteed damage, but the little guy is slow. Try to use him as a little assassin to defeat weakened enemies- or to attack enemies who have many defense dice. (Vader, At-St's, and etc.) He isn't currently used in the meta but that doesn't mean you cant use him for fun. Nobody thought the Ugnaughts would be a force in skirmish until the little piggies started shining.
  13. Is it sad that if you own every set and blister you've spent well over 1k, 867 euro, 750 pounds on a boardgame?
  14. King_Balrog

    Tyrants if Lothal is now in shipping status!

    Just pre-ordered my copy of TOL and all 4 blisters- they are due here in Texas on 08/23/2018. Celebrate y'all as it seems well have our hands on the new set within the month.