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  1. I love that game, but have only ever played it maybe twice. The idea of the game is great too, its unfortunate there are so many steps to learn how to play, and lackluster win conditions... 10 turns feels like a short game, but the teaching in between, makes it take 5 hours a pop. - I wish there was more of a focus on specific win conditions for each house.
  2. King_Balrog

    New Character Ideas

    IT-O Interrogator (an Elusive and tenacious unit that seeks to cripple opposing figures with status effects. Leaves behind an acid pile when unit reaches lethal damage)
  3. King_Balrog

    Imperial Assault Tiers, Anyone?

    Wouldn't Jar Jar tier be uselessly useful cards? Random effects that just so happen to help you win?
  4. King_Balrog

    New Character Ideas

    I appreciate the critiques. I personally think strain is underused in skirmish, and less useful against imperials in campaign(just converts to 1 to 1 damage) ■ Enfys Nest (Campaign) Enfys doesn't have the access to the force so I figure shed jump half as far (she has jet boots similar to Cad Bain) maybe 2-3 spaces. I think stun and damage together would be too powerful, so i think strain alone would be sufficient, specifically because it counts as a free action/ free damage(skirmish). In campaign- she would gain a different version of Privateer (probably similar, yet unique, to Hondo's ulterior motive ability (having to do with stealing crates off the board)). Instead of enemy of my enemy she would have access to the jump slam attack as an action [-->]. For the Raiders, they would function similar to death troopers but specialize in separate damage types and have access to blast. (valid critique on hp but I mostly did a 1 for 1 copy of these guys below, cloud riders have way less survivability due to their white dice- specifically if the imperial player uses them to fight the heroes.) In a 1v1 i think the deathtrooper would win 75% of the time (as he should- its like a navy seal vs a street thug)
  5. King_Balrog

    New Character Ideas

    My take on both: ■ Enfys Nest (An notorious swoop-bike pirate; talented in melee combat. Able to shrug off blasterfire and steal VP's from an opponent when they complete skirmish objectives) (her skirmish card would perform the same move you mentioned above: leap/stun/causes 2 strain (think of a shorter distance version of Ahsoka's Force Leap ability)) rCloud-Rider Raider eCloud-Rider Raider (Single units that can form into elite squads. A notorious, yet noble, band of smugglers and raiders who challenge the powers that be) (Similar to deathtroopers, access to blast which few Scum units have)
  6. King_Balrog

    Imperial Assault Tiers, Anyone?

  7. King_Balrog

    New Character Ideas

    Click the units name below to see it's stats Droideka -Elite units so you can only have 2 (while the shields are up only melee or adjacent ranged units can harm the droideka) (Droideka is squishy due to its low health, weak to melee, and movement can be risky if you don't prepare beforehand.)
  8. King_Balrog

    Character App update (image) Biv

    exactly as I envisioned Biv to be. Awesome work! Now to think of a community fix for his substandard abilities lol
  9. King_Balrog

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    whats wrong with Blaise?
  10. Hello? (sorry it's just been a little lonely around here, without any new updates lately...)
  11. King_Balrog

    Is this game worth getting in to?

    would that first part actually happen though?
  12. King_Balrog

    Is this game worth getting in to?

    A campaign with max players is 5. (but ive even seen the imperial player split his workload for a max number of 6 players) 1 (or 2) imperial players and 4 rebel players.
  13. King_Balrog

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    I'm voting no, or perhaps he'll be the very last figure they create. Either way, he will not be a combatant and will function like C3P0 in some capacity. I guess he could hurt people with force push...
  14. King_Balrog

    Custom Cards

    Just in case you haven't seen, I'm currently salivating over these 98 fanmade minis designed by Mel Miniatures. Many of these units can be seen above.
  15. King_Balrog

    Ideas for Imperial Assault terrain

    just imagine every campaign map getting one of these. You'd fill an entire closet with all your boxes of terrain haha