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  1. It seems "the Great Purge" happened just after Sabine helped lead the revolt on Mandalore with her parents and allied clans against the Empire. Barely anyone survived (the empire had access to weapons that could "get past" the Beskar. (it didn't penetrate or damage the armor itself, just the organics within) remember the pile of armor outside the Armorsmith's forge? It may have happened again...) and the remaining Mandalorians seems to have gone "into hiding." This Mandalorian remnant clan seems to have decided to uphold a new rule: no helmet removal. Maybe as a way to honor the fallen?
  2. Asmodee and Atomic Mass Games- Brand new Marvel skirmish battle game. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/285905/marvel-crisis-protocol/videos/all Game plays like IA and pieces of legion fused together. Small team battles (5v5). Cool stuff.
  3. Imperial Generals (Thrawn, Sorin, etc.) always have a Deathtrooper escort- affecting each mission's threat or spawns as necessary. Royal guards may only be spawned in if a mission necessitates it for story purposes or if Vader, the Emperor, or the Royal guard champ are present.
  4. Yeah its a shame they dumped IA before they had a chance to make a Mandalorian campaign. We would have had so much to play with. (Maybe even a "baby yoda" companion that has a force related ability) Better this than a canon breaking Jedi Master in hiding who (Probably?) never left Dagobah (except as a Force Ghost) we would have gotten everything we wanted from an Endor box except for Ewoks (be honest with yourself- do you really want those... Instead of other models...)
  5. Good luck with that one buddy. We all know the Mods love their silence...
  6. How do yall feel about these:? rScouttroopers http://www.ia-designer.gamedesignnotes.com/?N4IgLglmA2CmIC4QGUDGB7ArmABAFQCd10AHWAkAGhAwGcxEQA2K8AgQylscOLIuoAzdqkjoAdo3jVM4rowBMrWpgIBzeAgDaILSvWwAughwB1WOwDWsSdT2qNxnAGoAjFoAm7ALbtHrewMnAAUIclRYHFcQQ2p2ACMIaCgAT0QdAAoAGTCcCHEcAHdOMABKEwBJQRwUrBwAC3YAN0jxdFxYAA8oWA8arAIcWhIRSI9VfLUcMHqIWhwRSCb2MXFKHHjYDG9IgDF0VExaXoA6HABBDz7nBQvUQ45UFOn0ftUccS7cFbARS2nZvMiLIPCdWBkABLoaAeLC4ABC0HY9HI5RwVTeDWakVgy0OK16b0Gw1GALmC1EEGWq3W0HQxxw+0OtHW7HEfVqmBw3iOuCOkRmkUE0LphUmCzAv1Q-w8EAiJGI0AW7KGDkiCSSqRMWni0EwRhwWhSsGgosMZ0N+kcJlC4UirjBsRA9Qs0BmjAAzMoyL1GAAWVg-P54FJkRgCEBB6WMeJpageWCCGzHRiFEAAXyAA eScoutroopers http://www.ia-designer.gamedesignnotes.com/?N4IgLglmA2CmIC4QGUDGB7ArmABAFQCd10AHWAkAGhAwGcxEQBOK8AgQylscOLIuoAzdqkjoAdo3jVM4rowBMrWpgIBzeAgDaILSvWwAughwBqAIxaAJuwC27DYdZ7Vjkxet2HR5-rc4ABQhyVFgcc19XIxMgkLCIw2p2ACMIaCgAT0QdAAoAGWCcCHEcAHdOMABKEwBJQRwMrBwAC3YANzDxdFxYAA8oWCsGrAIcWhIRMKtVYrUcMGaIWhwRSDb2MXFKHGTYDFswgDF0VExaQYA6HABBKyHTBRvUU45UDPn0YdUccT7cDbAIgA1vNFssiLIrBdWDkABLoaBWLC4ABC0HY9HI1RwdS+LXaYVg61OG0GX1G40moKWK1EEHWm220HQ5xwx1OtG27HEQ0amBwtjOuDOYQWYUECOZpVmKzAgNQIKsEFCJGI0BWPLGURWqXSYAyJi0yWgmCMOC0GVg0Clhiu5r80UCwQIoXCIESIGasHY0AWjAAbMoyINGABWVgA4F4DJkRgCECRhWMZJqLLUKywQSwcTnRilEAAXyAA
  7. Glad our boy Biv is getting street cred out here. I like your backstory man. It takes a lot of time and a good imagination to bring these characters to life. I could see him living your way in a parallel universe to my head cannon. I also like the Zeb and Kallus vibe from your Fenn and Biv's friendship. As always you are killin it @Rikalonius.
  8. Maybe this could help: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/178769/campaign-hero-character-selector-cards
  9. Thanks friend. Always happy to hear somebody finds my efforts entertaining.
  10. Biv is a dangerous man in a 1v1. Come at me bro! He often comes through in the end when you need one of those big dangerous finale battle bosses taken out. I actually like all of them- but I am a bit biased cause I wrote backstories for each of them here in the forums (they have more meaning to me now after be better fleshed out). Biv just happens to sit on the throne; cause he reminds me of the punisher.
  11. If the way FFG's Imperial Assualt news updates were handled was a bar used to judge this company and it's products- one can NEVER tell whats going on.
  12. Here is some ideas for custom troops. These are skirmish focused but i'm sure you can find something of value here.
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